Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Pineapple pizazz!


Oh, it's a wee bit of a challenge to type with a bandaid on your finger! Yep -- I was so excited about eating my watermelon that I cut my finger. And it was a simple matter of I forgot to move my finger out of the way. Ouch!  It was a simple cut, but it bled like crazy. OK - the bandaid is off, and that feels better. 


We had a great day on Monday sewing. However, I didn't seem to make a lot of progress on those darn pineapple blocks. I was shopping for a couple of things, and that took up some time. 

However, look at my Section 5 of Long Time Gone. 

Section 5 of the Long Time Gone quilt

YES --- the nine pineapple blocks are DONE!!!!  I still have four more to make for Section 4, but I'm happy that this much has been accomplished. 

Four more pineapple blocks to make

However, before I can go any further on Section 5, I have to finish that churn dash block. It's all cut out. 

The churn dash block

It shouldn't take too long. OK -- you can stop laughing now!! I know - I gave myself the rest of the week to finish that block and assemble that section. I'm realistic! I do have one more presentation this week, but that's it for the week!! Meetings and appointments - but it's a pretty wide-open week, so I'm going to take total advantage of that. I also have some quilts to put on the long arm. I won't be sitting here idle!

Here's a quilt I made from pineapple blocks. I love this quilt, and well - you can make a pineapple quilt a thousand times and each time - totally different. 

My pineapple quilt

A block of the pineapple quilt

Some people say that paper piecing is wasteful, and it might be when you're learning to paper piece, but this is my pile of scraps after making 12 blocks. That's definitely scraps!

The scraps from paper piecing

It was getting a bit untidy in the studio as scraps were starting to appear on the floor in a wide radius from the sewing machine. I cleaned up that little cutting mat and Swiftered the floor. Yahoo!!!!

Scraps on the floor

It's my Dad's birthday today! Even though I had a chat with him yesterday, I'll give him a call later today. Actually, I'm going for a long car ride today; I might call him hands-free in the car. He's going to be 88 and still going strong. He'll be back volunteering at the museum in two weeks - shorter hours and fewer days and working on a specific project. I think he's happy about that. The restrictions are COVID-related - not my Dad's ability!

I remember my Grandpa (my dad's dad), and he was volunteering late in life. He would go to the nursing home (where he eventually lived), and he would entertain the residents with his piano playing even though he lost several fingers from his left hand.

So you see where my creativity and stubbornness and sense of giving comes from!

Good news --- I have another quilt published in a magazine. This time, it's Fons and Porter Quick + Easy Quilts - the June/July issue. You can see a picture of my quilt if you check out the link.

And yes - they misspelled my name - I sent them an e-mail. How fun is that. I haven't seen the issue yet and hope that I get my copy in the mail since everything is super slow and there's no place to buy magazines. 

The quilt commemorates my parent's 50th anniversary, and that's all I'm going to say about it at the moment until I see the quilt. 

Here's something else for you to check out - Quilt Canada 2021. This is the main show of the Canadian Quilter's Association. With the current shutdowns, they've had to take the event online. You'll be able to take tours of the quilt show, and some lectures are available. There's one on ergonomics that I think will be an excellent topic. I just need to check my availability on those days to see if I have that time free. OH -- there's also a merchant mall - so be sure to check out the vendors and see who is supporting this event and places to buy product!!! 

Even though things are not the same - we NEED to be supporting our national quilting organization! 

OK - I know that I go on and on about how much I love Zoom. But in the past, if I were attending the event in real life, I'd basically block the entire day off. Now, I just need to know if a particular time slot is open! No travel time, and I can see the quilt show on my own time. Who is going to predict our behavior once we get out of lockdown? Since I wasn't a big traveler anyway, I don't think my behavior will change a lot. Time will tell on that one. 

Besides my road trip, I think I'll be at the computer for the rest of the day. I've got homework assignments, invoices, orders, and a bunch of other stuff to take care of. Oh yeah! My favorite thing!

That's it for today - it's time to get the day started, and where's the GAZEBO weather? It's cold outside!!

No organizing tip today! I'm sure you have lots of stuff to catch up on!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Once I got the hang of the mini pineapple ruler, I enjoyed making them (paper piecing is not for me). Cheers to your final approach on finishing the blocks!!!!

    1. HA!!! I love paper piecing so I did them all that way!! Next time, I'll use the ruler!