Friday, April 16, 2021


 I was off bright and early to see the chiro yesterday morning. I love this guy (well - sort of!). He's not the kind that gets his patients in line and makes a quick adjustment, and you're gone. Oh no - I hardly get any adjustments - he's working on my tight muscles. Since he has released some of the pressure in my low back, my knee is so much better. However, he played around with my knee yesterday, and did you know how many muscles there are in your knee? And did anyone ever manipulate those muscles? Let's say it wasn't fun!

Then he worked on my low back for a wee bit. This morning, I feel like a freight train hit me. Well - it's not totally related to the chiro visit. But all is good. And now I need to do those exercises every day!! They do help, and my back and knee feel very happy once I've done them. 

Anyway-- all is good in that department, and I'm able to walk so much better. But holy - hip flexors, knee muscles - I have no idea what they are all called - they are all tight! No need to stop walking - just need to stretch a wee bit more. 

I got quite a bit done yesterday - it was a cool day, so there was no danger of sitting out in the gazebo. 

Oh, before I get to the sewing, here's my backpack. I had dug it out for the hike last weekend. Orange, of course!

My small backpack

Now who in their right mind would carry all these little shoes on their backpack? But they are so cute!! I'm not even sure where I picked them all up, but they are darn cute, and they don't weigh much, so they're staying on the backpack. 

My mini shoe collection

I managed to get my barn block done and submitted - on time! I had to laugh because when it was done, that wasn't quite the original coloring I was going to do, but you know what? I'm good with it. Once I resized the pieces for the 9" block, it was easy to assemble. 

My barn quilt block

I did some other sewing, which I'm not sharing until the weekend. Hey -- I can't spoil all the surprises! But I got two more Snail's Trail blocks done. 

Snail's Trail blocks - one

Snail's Trail blocks - two

I think that takes me to 19 of 48. Slow and steady wins the race! Here's what the design boards look like at the moment. 

The bits and pieces for the Snail's Trails

I need to empty some of the design boards as they are ALL sitting on the sewing table with a project on them. I need them because I have to work on the homework for this month. Oh well - it'll all get done - I'm not worried in the least. I need to get my homework up to date for the Long Time Gone. I'm a wee bit behind on that one as well, but the rest of the projects? I'm pretty much right on target! 

I managed to get a customer quilt done. So I need to trim that later today. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I finally dug out a bag to put these scraps in to make a pet mat. But no time to stuff it, so I just keep adding to the pile. It's amazing how quickly scraps build up! 

The scrap pile on the cutting table

I was supposed to do some writing yesterday, but I just wasn't in the mood, so I'm going to try and get to it today. But not until I have a nap!

I had to pop into the local drug store, and I browsed the magazines. Are those essential items? I had to laugh when I saw this magazine about Bob Ross. Remember good old Bob? Are you in your happy place? 

Bob Ross magazine

I went down a rabbit hole yesterday. So I've been watching The Quilt Show, and I love it. It's distracting, and I sew away and learn something at the same time. However, they go on and on about their Berninas (it's one of their sponsors - so I get it) and their Gammils (again - another sponsor). There's also Fons and Porter Love of Quilting, and they have PFAFF and APQS as a sponsor. Hey, those are my brands, so I checked it out for a bit and downloaded some shows. I need to figure out exactly how their content works. Oh god -- see! I told you that I'm addicted to TV and now look! 

I did NOT get a chance to post my fabric dyeing supplies online. I MUST do that today. I see some readers have been successful in selling stuff. Great job!!!! It's great to get this excess stuff out of our house and into someone else's who can actually use it. Hmmm - what do you want to clean this morning? I have zero energy to even think about it! It's your choice for today, but clean something!

On that note, I'd better get my act together. I'm in slow motion mode this morning, and I have lots to do! 

Have a super day!!


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