Thursday, April 15, 2021

What's the password?

 Yesterday was supposed to be a carefree day. One presentation with the rest of the day free. Well, it didn't go so well. 

I know that I need to be more relaxed about computers, but I was so frustrated that I was ready to toss my laptop in the pond! 

You see, I have a program that wouldn't open last week. I clicked, and nothing. Well, I got an error message that it couldn't open. OK - so let's try to delete and reinstall. That didn't work - I got a different error message telling me that I didn't have the authorization to delete those files. 

After trying several times, I realized it's time to call for help. I spent some time with the help team of the software and with Microsoft. Did you know that someone can access your computer using Zoom? Now you have to have everything set up to make that happen, but one of the help sessions was over Zoom. I had no idea. This is NOT a security thing to get worried about - you have to invite them to your computer, give them access, etc. They cannot just pop into your computer. 

Well, let's just say that after a couple of hours, and I learned a LOT about computer administration and admin powers, my problem is NOT fixed. I was told that I have the mouth of a trucker! (OH -- that was NOT part of the help sessions - that was me in the kitchen by myself - trying to make it work) Oh my! I finally went for a long, long walk and while I still have the problem, I felt better!

Just so you can appreciate my frustration - once I was finished with Microsoft, they set up a new admin account on my laptop. That meant everything had to be redone. Passwords had to be re-entered, etc. I ended up going back to the old admin account - it was way better. I did NOT like the support person I spoke to. Anyway, at one point, I was asked to enter my password. Hey - I've got this because they are written in a little book. Well, I was asked to REENTER the password, and it wouldn't take it. Seriously? I just entered the password, and you liked that - so why take it the second time? 

Then I tried to change the password, and of course, it doesn't like when you try to use the old ones. Needless to say, passwords and I do NOT get along. Yes - I get it that someone can get into your account, but with all these autosaves of passwords, what's the point? I know - I know - security, but I could do just fine without passwords. 

I will say that I had another issue with my desktop, and Microsoft fixed that, so it wasn't a complete bust. And the software? I also have it on my desktop, so it's not like I can't access it. I just need it on my laptop at some point. 

I have some work that needs to be done today, but no presentations—lots of sewing and prepping for the weekend homework classes. 

I didn't get a lot of sewing done yesterday, but I do have some show and tell. 

I managed to get one more Snail's Trail blocks done. Oh yes - slow progress, but it's all progress. Soon, I'll have 48 of them, and I can move onto something else for the enders and leaders. I'm a wee bit behind on the sewing for these ongoing projects, but that's OK. I'm not that far behind, and everything is cut, and that's better than I've accomplished before. 

A Snail's Trail block

The inner border got put on this project, and the second side border is together. I have to sew those on and then add the two side borders. The top and bottom borders need to be pieced together, but that shouldn't take too long. I see another finish in sight! I now have a new incentive to get those UFOs from the Dirty Dozen lists done - at least as many as possible, and I have two months to do it. Sorry - I can't share with you my motivation, but it's HUGE. When I can share - I will.  You should know by now that it has something to do with a publication - Nuff said!

The inner border on a quilt

And I've been stalling on the barn block for the sew-along at Thimbles and Things. The deadline is TODAY - this morning! There are many pieces in this block, and I was balking at the thought of cutting and sewing them all. I'm also shrinking the blocks from the original size of 18" to 9", so I had to redraft the block. That part is easy - I use EQ8, and within five minutes, I had the block done. 

My partially completed block for the barn quilt sew along

Reconstructing blocks that you see is a great way to learn how to draw in EQ8. I think I might have the club recreate this one. Well, I made great headway on the block - it's almost together. I just need about 20 minutes more, and it will be done! One more thing off the plate for this month!!!

I tell you, the walk yesterday (and I talked to my Dad for a long, long time while I walked) was very therapeutic. I can't imagine not walking. I see I'm going to need new running shoes soon, but I'll wait until the lock-down is over. 

I'm logging my miles and checking my distances every day, and I love seeing my progress on the maps. I see several other people I know are doing the virtual challenges as well and it's inspiring. Here I am on my solo virtual walk across Canada. I'm in my old stomping grounds - Montreal!!

Progress on the virtual walk across Canada

Wow -- that's so exciting and hard to believe that I've walked the equivalent of that distance from Victoria to Montreal. Now I started in January of 2020, but still. I'm on track and will be in St. John's, Newfoundland, by the end of the year!!!

So did you take pictures and put your item up for sale?? I did get the pictures taken, and I ran out of time to put them online. That's a job for today. 

I sat in the gazebo for a bit, and YES - I took a small pile of paper with me. I also took the recycling bin. Gish -- bookmarks from quilt shows in 2014. More to-do lists and just junk. I think ONE piece of paper got saved. I'm going to try and do a bit more today. Every little bit that I clean up now is stuff that won't have to be cleaned up later. But the same way that I'm focusing downstairs - I need to do that here. I have piles that I'm sure I can finish in a day, and then months later, that half-sorted pile is still sitting there. Just pick one and FINISH it. 

I have another small pile to work on today, and then there's just one small pile left, and that container that I emptied is completely dealt with, so I'm trying!!!

I'm super focused on The Quilt Show. I'm addicted to the darn thing. See why I don't watch television? It's not that I don't like it - it's that I get addicted so easily. At least I'm learning something here, and it's on my laptop so I can keep sewing and rewinding. I now hate watching anything live because I can't rewind!! Remember Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero that I mentioned was in the audience? Well, I see she's the guest on one of the shows in the 500 series!!! I guess she was famous back then as well!

Today - let's go back to the kitchen table. Is your table clear? I do have a few things on the table that I need to clear - so that's going to be an easy task today!!

I've got an appointment at 9:30 at the sports medicine clinic (chiro), so I'd better get going - I don't want to be late for that. I have to say that my knee feels so much better because of relieving the pressure in my low back. Who knew? I need to keep at those stretches - they are definitely working, and I'm not limping around as I do my walk! It's amazing!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I just recently found your blog and have really been enjoying it. Microsoft can be a pain. Sorry your computer is down. I've found that changing a Microsoft password takes ages. You need a code from your cell phone or email to verify the change. Check your junk or spam folder because they often go there or to a rarely used email account because they don't want to use the usual one for verification. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

    1. Hello Ruth!!! So glad you're enjoying the blog. Yes -- the code thing from Microsoft is a "challenge". Some days it works for me and other days no! I couldn't even get enough mental energy to tackle them yesterday. Thankfully, the computer works - just not ONE particular program. ENjoy!!!

  2. Another thing about Microsoft passwords, is if there are numbers, you have to use the numbers above the letter keys not the numbers on the keypad on the right. Picky, picky, picky!! I am sure that there are other things that I don't know about. Sometimes when a password is being picky, I go to a Word document and type it out so that I can see it and make sure that it is right. Put a space or two in front of the password, then highlight the password. Just the actual characters, no spaces in front or at the end. This is why you need spaces in front, with no spaces, the autohighlight wants to add a space at the end. Anyway, when you get the thing highlighted, copy it. Then go paste it into the field, and paste again to re-confirm. You know it is right because you saw it in print before putting it in the field. Anyway, good luck on getting things straightened out on Microsoft.