Monday, April 5, 2021


 Another glorious day even though my internet dropped twice! Once when I was prepping a presentation, and the other time I was on a Zoom call. Sigh.................   I suspect with it being Easter Sunday, many people were on Zoom, and the internet crashed because of being overloaded. Let's keep our fingers crossed that that was the reason!

I'm making progress on the homework assignments. Almost caught up, and I had better get it done today or by tomorrow at the latest. As I mentioned, we did have a sewing retreat planned for five days, and well - I want to keep up the sewing retreat - it'll just be at my house, by myself! I don't want any paperwork hanging over my head during those five days! That means I'd better stay out of the gazebo today!

But seriously, when the weather is nice, how can you NOT be outside? 

When Miss Lexi and I were out walking yesterday, I spotted these little rocks by the edge of the path. I like these simple rocks much nicer than the painted ones. Simple and hard to find. 

A JOYful message on a rock

A nice little touch to put a smile on your face! And the weather is getting warmer in the morning, so it's pure joy to walk!

Keep the FAITH

One more rock! 


And I'm happy to report that my dizziness - whatever was the cause, seems to be completely gone. How do I know? Well, I'm wearing my running shoes for the walk in the forest, and there's this big puddle in one section of the off-the-beaten-path. Yep - I walked across those logs/sticks and didn't get my shoes muddy at all. I think I'm back!!!   Yeah!!!!

Crossing the puddle on the log path

Actually, I'm back at my exercises, and boy oh boy - does it feel great to do the stretches. Just opens up the body, and while I have a long way to go - I'm doing great! I can almost get my palms flat on the floor! That's my little goal to work for! But oh my - all those muscles are pretty tight - well, I think they are tight!

The fish are out in fine form and enjoying the sun. Let's hope that the heron keeps away until the lilies grow to the surface. It's quite a mess in the pond with all the vegetation. I think we'll remove a bit more this spring, and I see the leaves are already slowly working their way to the surface—a couple more weeks. 

The vegetation in the pond

OK, so I made it to the sewing machine, and I sewed more than one seam. However, it didn't start well. The very first seam I sewed, I had to rip it out! Of course! It doesn't matter - I'm sewing! Was I sewing on the urgent stuff? Of course not! 

Ripping out a seam

I am trying to get things cleaned up, and I have a ruler that I borrowed from someone. I have a quilt for that person that I'll be quilting in the next couple of days. Wouldn't it be great if I finished using the ruler so it can go back when the quilt gets picked up? So that's my goal. We have Monday sewing today, so I hope to get that project completely cut and work on one block that needs to have a story written about it. It's good to have goals!!!!

I also finished one more customer quilt. I'm right on schedule, so that's good! OK - I'm a couple of days behind, but I should be able to get everything back on track in the next couple of days. I'm debating whether I do some quilts during the retreat? A couple of quilts to trim this morning. It's going to be a busy Monday sewing!

Customer quilt - DONE

I read quite a bit yesterday - reading in the gazebo is the best! And usually, it's quiet out there, but one of the neighbors' was having a gathering (hopefully less than 10 people), and so they were a bit noisy, but really nothing that I couldn't block out. 

OH -- here's something for you to look at today. If you like the QUILTsocial blog posts or even if you never go there, the latest issue of the QUILTsocial magazine is available for download. It's got some GREAT information in there about using your Scan and Cut to cut applique shapes. I need to get it downloaded myself. The link to download is on the right-hand side of the link - you'll have to scroll down a wee bit. 

Lots of great information. There are several bloggers for QUILTsocial, and I'm sure the others do a great job with their posts, but the information that I put on there is GREAT learning material. Loads of stuff about applique, embroidery, quilting, and of course, it's all done on one of the many Husqvarna Viking sewing and embroidery machines. Hopefully, you follow the links when I post them. It makes it easy for me to show someone how to do machine applique by pointing them to these links. And binding? Oh my - if you follow the binding links, you'll know more than me!!!

I'm trying to get my links organized on a website - someday!!

On that note, I'm out of here! A bit more paperwork to clear up before Monday sewing!!

Have a super day!!!!


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