Sunday, April 4, 2021

Deja Vu


Another super day! Although not as warm as what we had a taste of a couple of weeks ago, the weather is getting warmer. But that's OK -- before we know it, we're going to be sweltering! Best to dress for the weather and get outside! 

I had a conversation recently with someone - I dare not say who. They were complaining about how stiff they were and that a new chair was in order. OK - I get it - a new chair might in order, but did you ever think that sitting for hours on end and not getting up could also contribute to the stiffness? Factor in the age of the plaintiff and the fact that there is no stretching? Could those be factors as well? Of course not!

I'm trying to be better at how I sit. I'm a sloucher! I slouch when I stand, and it's not good. I'm trying to remember to stand up straight, but it's hard! I can't remember to take my vitamins when they are sitting in front of me. I even forgot them for weeks - well, I had forgotten they were in the cupboard beside the oatmeal. Taking a pill of any kind is so not my routine; I didn't even remember that I forgot to take them - heck, I even forgot they were in the cupboard. Not a priority in my life. But now they are sitting by my glass of water - two leftover from yesterday and two new ones today. Let's hope by the end of the day that all four are gone!

Now, if those vitamins were put into chocolate? Oh yes - I'd be overdosing! I know - back to sugar. But only a wee bit of chocolate every day. It's no big deal - I've cut sugar out in almost all other places, so I'm not worried about it. 

I got another giant customer quilt done yesterday. That's the last of the large ones for a week or so. 

Customer quilt - DONE

WAIT -- before you get to thinking I posted the wrong picture  - I did not. I had two identical quilts to do. Two different customers must have taken the same block of the month. This one just needs to be trimmed. Thankfully, the quilt for today is significantly smaller - it's lap-sized. How will I cope with such a small quilt? 

As I worked away, I watched a couple more episodes of The Quilt Show. Hey -- there's our own Daphne Greig from Canada!! Way to go, Daphne!!  Gosh -- I have a couple of quilts started with the technique she shared - stained glass. I should dig those out and get them done. They just need a wee bit of stitching. I'm actually enjoying the episodes, and I might just join The Quilt Show for a year - binge-watch all the other episodes. I've learned a ton from watching and not wanting to start a new project, but lots of great tips!!  Hm -- it's $50 US for the year. I could pay for that and watch all the shows and then decide!

Ricky Tims and Daphne Greig

I turned on the sewing machine this morning to do one seam. I sewed NOTHING yesterday. That stack of sewing is as large as ever. 

I sewed ONE seam

However, that doesn't mean that I wasn't working. I have two classes this morning, and so I was busy working on the homework for those. That's all I'm going to say about that, but oh my - wait until you see. OH -- I just realized that I was supposed to have more homework prepped for this morning. Hmmm - I could get that done quickly!

I also watched the movie "A Walk in the Woods" last night. It was a good movie - did I like the book or the movie better? I guess I was distracted by the movie at how old Robert Redford looked. How did he get so old? 

Do I still want to walk the trail? Maybe  - but perhaps not the entire trail! For the moment, I'm happy with walking the virtual trail. I'll soon be in Pennsylvania. 

No, you don't get to see the cutting table this morning or the ironing board. Both are covered with the current project, which is how it should be! I didn't have to move stuff out of the way to work, and that's what it's all about. 

Diane is still sewing quilt tops together. Gosh - she's been amazing at going through all that stuff that was sitting there. To give her something different, I had an applique project that I wanted to give her. But I had no threads for it, so off to Fabricland to get some threads. No line-up when I arrived, but there was when I left. Now here's the thing - a small store has restrictions on the number of people allowed in the store. It's posted very clearly at the door - 17, and there's a security guard to monitor it. 

I was talking to my Dad in Saskatchewan. Their local Wal-Mart was packed. My Dad heard about it from the PSW who visited my Mom (and they wonder how germs spread!) Did Wal-Mart know how many people were in the store? Probably hundreds at that time of the day (early morning). Did they care? Nope!! How can this be??? Well - -I'm to the point that I do NOT want to discuss anything related to the pandemic. Not whether I got a vaccine yet, not how silly people are about the whole thing, not speculating when it will be over. It just makes my blood boil, so I'm sticking my head in the sand. Well, that's not entirely true - I'm following protocols - I just don't want to talk about it EVER. 

All I know is that if society were hit with a real (physical) catastrophe, many would not be able to cope! Enough of that!

OH -- so we were talking about returns from the large online store the other day. I said the returns end up in the landfill. NO - I should know better. They end up at auctions!!! Seriously -- I have a friend who follows the auctions and has found some great deals. I was on looking the other day and saw tons of items - the stand that I purchased for my computer, for instance, and while I paid $40 or so (I don't remember), I saw it at the auction with one bid for $2. Tons of other things - for a buck or two. It's obscene!! I didn't see any return auctions at the moment, but there are tons of other auctions. Be very careful as, in most cases, you have to go and pick the stuff up, although some items can be shipped. It's crazy!!!

OH   -- do NOT look at the auction site - you can get dragged down into a rabbit hole. 

On that note, I see some paperwork calling my name, two girls that want to go for a walk, and well - it's time to get the day started!!! And OH MY - I'm way behind on e-mail  - again!

Have a great day!!!


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