Monday, November 22, 2021

Around the neighborhood

Phew -- -that was a crazy week last week, and the weekend wasn't much better. However, the good news is that all the writing assignments are done. OK -- that's not exactly true, there are still four to write, but they can wait a wee bit. All the homework from the weekend classes has been sent, and that's an awesome way to start the week. 

Yep -- it's another week heavy on the presentations, and five (well, technically four, since one presentation is given twice) requires some prep work, but three of them won't require much time. So it's going to be a good week. 

WAIT - there are customer quilts still waiting to be quilted, so that's where I'll focus my time! A bit more paperwork, but it's sort of under control. 

I can actually sew on some non-urgent stuff at Monday sewing today. Yeah!!! See -- it's not that I'm overly busy; I'm weak at time management. I'm way better than I used to be, but it still requires a wee bit of work. 

Anyway, the end of the year is coming, and my decluttering/organizing skills want to kick in now that there is less pressure on getting things done. Those of you who have been to my studio know several doors lead off the main sewing area. There's the stash room, the storage room where the community projects stuff sits, along with more fabric and some projects - all neatly arranged on shelving.

BUT there's also a closet. And it's filled with projects. This is what it looks like. 

A closet of projects

Yep -- we are NOT even going to guess at how many UFOs are in there. I want to empty the closet and resort things, refresh my mind as to what's there and try to find room to put all the excess stuff on the current project table away. I had visions of slowly reducing the amount of stuff on the current project table, but that didn't seem to happen. A few new things came along, and that ate up my time. 

So I hope to empty that current project table to practically nothing, and then instead of stuff piling on the cutting table, it can go on that table. When (and if) there is nothing on that table, I get to pull something out of one of the storage areas. 

Wish me luck on that! 

It truly is all about finding a solution that works for you, keeping the sewing areas tidy, and having room to work. It has taken me a LONG time, but I think I have it mostly under control, and I hope to take this week between presentations to work on getting my space back to normal. There's a LOT of tidying to do. 

So let's see some pictures from around the neighborhood. It was raining yesterday, but that didn't deter me from going for the afternoon walk. It was SOAP SALE day at Bath and Bodyworks, which is at the mall. Of course, I took a long way to get there as I needed some KM. DH thinks I've gone mad! Why would someone be obsessed with getting those steps? Well - -DUH -- I have daily mileage goals, and a little rain is nothing! I've ridden my bike in a lot worse and didn't have a cozy house to go to at the end of the ride.  

Well, part of the reason is that I plan out my day (afternoon) or whatever when I walk. What needs to be done next, and by when. It's very therapeutic and definitely puts my mind and schedule in order. I wouldn't be able to focus without doing that. 

So yes, I got soaps. And thankfully, I went at the end of the day because earlier in the day, the lineups waiting to get into the store were crazy. I had to wait less than one minute, and I was in. It was still a zoo inside, but I quickly grabbed 10 soaps, and I was out of there. 

My 10 soaps

OH -- she desperately wanted to give me one of their bags. I do NOT want your bag; I brought my own. I get it that those bags are a walking advertisement for their shop. But hey -- I'm leaving the mall immediately to walk in the dark, rainy afternoon back home - no one is going to see your bag. And besides, their bag is paper, and it would have got wet. My bag is burlap with plastic on the inside, and it's reusable and cool since it came from Stonehenge in England. I don't need or want your bag -- what would I do with it when I got home?

It's one thing to get a paper bag so we can recycle it when we get home, but if we don't add it to the recycling pile at all? That's even better!

I had to stop and take a picture of the Christmas tree in all its glory. The angle is a bit weird as the reflecting pool is in front of the tree. 

The Christmas tree at the mall

But this is pretty cool when you look up, and the sky is dark. That big ball is quite dramatic. 

The mall ball

Then I trooped home and added the ten new soaps to the soap I already had under the bathroom sink. OH -- I probably didn't need to hoard more soap, but it was ON SALE, and my friends were buying! I don't normally hoard things, and this will get used, so I'm not worried. I am NOT a hoarder. 

My hand soap stash

The other day when I was out walking, I noticed one of those municipal cameras in use. We are supposed to get one on the street close to us, but that hasn't happened yet. I wish it would come soon as there are people who drive very fast down that street (it's in front of a school) and totally blow through the STOP sign like it wasn't even there. And this is during the DAY. Sigh..................

A speed camera

It's quite a big clunky sort of thing, but hopefully, it works. People just seem to have lost all respect for the rules of the road, each other, and each other's property. It's sad. 

Here are some shenanigans that go on in our backyard. Murphy loves to pull sticks through the fence and then runs around the yard with them. This is just outside the patio door. She'd bring them if she could - she brings in enough leaves! Do you think she is trying to get this one in the house?

Sticks waiting to be snuck into the house

And Lexi? She's just a princess. "OH -- you want to talk to me? I'm not moving; come here to talk!" I swear her head could swivel 360 degrees if she tried! 

"Do you want something?" 

And here are the two of them when I'm sitting at the table. Murphy on the left, standing up straight and tall, with good posture. "MOM -- can I have some of what you're eating?" 

Murphy on the left

This is Lexi on the right, usually with her head on your lap (she's very camera shy and moves her head the moment you hold up the phone). "Ah shucks, Mom, I really deserve some of what you're having. Look how much more loving I am than my sister!"

Lexi on the right

Oh yes -- they are quite the pair. And normally, they don't lie in the same spot, rarely in the same room. But here's a rare shot of them sleeping together. Murphy conveniently pulls the quilt off the dog bed, and now Lexi can sleep on the quilt, which she adores, and Muphy gets the bed. Now that's teamwork!

The girls at rest

Yes -- they are quite the pair! And we love them both to death, and they know it and try to get away with all kinds of naughty behavior, like trying to chew through the floor of the gazebo because a rabbit has taken up residence there - again! Silly rabbit.

I had to laugh the other day as I walked in the forest. Most of the leaves are now gone and, of course, all over the path. 

The leaf-strewn path

But some poor soul was out there with a leaf blower and blew all the leaves to the sides. That was a lot of leaves to move! But it'll be safer, at least when it's wet. 

No more leaves

I will post the other part of the classes later this week. I saw and approved my class information last night from Thimbles and Things, so it will be available this week, and I'll let you all see the information there first. Oh my -- lots of projects coming up! I'll have to check on The Hobby Horse - I thought I sent the information, but I could be wrong on that. The bottom line is to get yourself on both newsletter lists, and you'll get the information there. 

The UFO Club is almost full, so if you were waffling - well, I wouldn't. I know some people read my blog 24 hours after it is posted, so by the time they see that information today, the UFO Club will be full. There were lots of signups for the other ones, and while there will be a limit, those classes can handle a lot more people in them. 

Well, I'm off to spin class this morning. I don't think I'm going to have to scrape the windshield, so that is good, and I can't wait for the steam room. But that's a reward for AFTER I sweat out the 30 K on the bike. 

TWO reminders -- I'm doing a Facebook live with QUILTsocial on Friday at 2 PM. Be sure to come and say hi -- it's all about stabilizers and, well, some other cool things. I'll be posting the QUILTsocail links this week. 

Secondly, there's a VIRTUAL RETREAT this coming weekend. Saturday night and all day Sunday. I'll be posting the Zoom links this week as well. 

I'm out of here and can't wait to get the "relaxed" day started. Monday sewing and ONE presentation. That's positively a super fun day!

Have a great day!


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