Saturday, November 27, 2021

Found it!

I did it -- I survived the crazy month of November. OK -- so I know that November isn't over yet, and I still have things to do, but the worst of the month is over, and I can sort of coast along now! It was loads of work, but I learned a ton of stuff, and always great to stay in touch with everyone via Zoom. 

I said goodbye to three different groups this past week, and after being with them for four or six weeks, you feel connected to them! Thanks to everyone who attended the classes, and I hope to see you in another class. 

I'm also saying goodbye to the last of the sew-along groups this morning. We've been meeting once a month over this past year, and yes -- it feels sad to say goodbye! Hopefully, we'll all find ways to stay connected, whether that's through a new class on Zoom or the Virtual Retreat. 

I was at the gym a couple of weeks ago, and there was this woman in front of me getting her paperwork checked. When things started to reopen, we could put our information on file and just show our membership card and get our temperature taken. Now, we have to show our paperwork every time we go, plus our membership, but no temperature. 

This woman, who I recognized (more on that in a second), turned to me and said, "can they not keep this information on file? I go to an UPSCALE gym -- much more upscale than this one, and they keep the information on file." I responded that the other gym was in violation of the government mandate. 

What I should have said is this "OH -- that upscale spin gym that had major outbreaks of COVID because they weren't following protocols?" 

I've seen this woman many times before in my spin classes but haven't seen her in a while because of the lockdowns. She pulls her hair back so tight and never cracks a smile. She doesn't look friendly! 

Not that we're going to split hairs, but my not-so-upscale gym, as her upscale spin gym, now has resorts that you can go to. And they are building communities where you can live. Now, if that isn't upscale? Well, I digress. Some people have a glass half full, and some are half empty. 

I can only imagine how much it would cost to visit one of their resorts. But it might be fun to check it out. Does that mean that one has to work out the entire time? 

I noticed that she is now coming regularly to the spin class. But I have no direct contact with her, so I don't really care. 

Yesterday was a GREAT day. No, it was a FABULOUS day. Why? I found something that was "missing" for a long, long time. Technically, it wasn't lost - I just didn't know where it was. 

I had a few minutes between presentations, and I decided to make a bit of progress in that closet of projects in Studio B. Let's tackle that top shelf and see what's in all those boxes. Hmm -- UFOs in all the pizza boxes, so they stayed on the shelf. Then I decided to open the floral box in the middle. This is filled with my Quiltmaker's Gifts quilt blocks, but I'll look and relish in those finished blocks. 

Working on the top shelf in the closet

WHAT????  It's not my Quiltmaker's Gift project at all. Those blocks are in the floral box on the next shelf down on the right. NO -- this was the MISSING box of hexies!!!!  I was searching for the plastic box that I found inside. I forgot that I put it inside another box with a few extra things. OH MY GOSH -- I was so excited!!!!  Let me say that I did a little jig between all the crap on the floor!! This is EXCITING!! I found fabric, a hand punch for making small hexagons from paper, and many other exciting stuff. 

The box of hexie supplies!!!

This is the plastic box that I was looking for, and inside were smaller plastic containers, each containing more supplies for the hexies. 

The plastic box -- just as I remembered it!

Hexies, already glued in place and ready to sew, along with some fabric cut to make more and needle and thread. 

Hexies ready to sew

Let's not forget the glue supply. 

Glue to make hexies

And one more box filled with hexagons made and ready to sew. 

More prepared hexies

And there was another grouping of hexies. These were a slightly different size. Hmmm - now to refresh my brain on what I was going to make with all these. There's a picture of what I want to make with the small ones, but this package? I don't remember. 

More prepared hexies

Now that would be a great project to do while watching The Great British Bake Off. If I were inclined to watch more episodes. OK -- I'm watching the second season. I don't care!! DH thinks that I have lost my rocker until I told him that it was making me feel like baking something. He asked, "for who." I said,  "US," and well, now he's waiting. What will I bake?? Oh god -- what did I do by saying that? He's like a dog with a  bone. He won't let it go, and he does like sweets. 

Studio B is in pretty bad shape, as I've mentioned. So when I tried to find my stool yesterday to hang up a quilt, it was "lost." Then I looked down low, and there it was with a basket of fabric sitting on top and part of a tote bag. 

The lost stool

And now back to that closet. The top shelf is done, and I've done Tetris packing. I think I could squeeze a couple more flatter projects on top of the boxes. Yes -- I know the boxes are not labeled. I should do that, but the idea is to squeeze things into that closet to empty the current projects table. I will make it happen! 

Starting to reorganize the closet

As you can see, there are NOT a lot of boxes on some of the other shelves, and that becomes a challenge to store things properly. So I went to the storage area under the stairs and pulled out some empty boxes and baskets, and my goal is to group items and get them neatly on the shelf to have room to add more to the closet. I'd rather have things put away neatly than jumbled like this was. Jumbled means a HUGE waste of space. 

I know I'm going to find more of this in those containers. I opened up this tin to find ONE piece of fabric and a whole lot of beads. For what? No pattern, no indication of what it was to become. So this stuff will get added to the supplies. One empty box that I can fill with something else and more space on the shelf. 

Beads and fabric for what?

I also found a bundle of fabric that was just sitting there. There were 5 or 6 fabrics from one collection. Why were they there? No idea, but I'm looking for fabrics for my projects for next year and this one might just work for one of the quilts!! Eureka!!! 

I can only imagine what other treasures I'm going to find in this closet or stuff that was "set aside" and never touched. Oh yes -- we are going to be super organized, and then I may go back and label boxes and write lists. I know -- you're saying - "do that now." But well, I might. I'll see how it goes. 

And just before another presentation yesterday (I have four presentations), I decided it was time to get my SONOS speaker reconnected to my phone, so I could use it. My account wouldn't come up, and I couldn't remember how to do that. It's a big complicated story -- DH and I both have individual accounts, and his account was defaulting on my phone. I was going to call support but remembered it was Black Friday, and I wasn't likely going to get an answer. 

So when the pressure was on, I ended up deleting the app, changing my password, and VOILA -- I was back in business. I'm all connected to Spotify and even added songs to my Spotify playlists. 

My SONOS speaker back working

I positively shine at technology when I want something. OK -- so it doesn't always work, but I'm getting much better. 

Finally, after a long day and the last presentation, I decided to watch an episode of The Great British Bake Off. I didn't get to finish it as I was too tired and couldn't stay awake. But I didn't need any show to entertain me. I had the girls. 

I swear they are trying to be a comedy act or something. Lexi is lying quietly on the mat, and then Murphy comes along and taunts her. 

Let the entertainment begin

I don't think Lexi got up quick enough because Murphy grabbed the blankets and pulled them clear across the room! 

"Get up, lazy Lexi! I want to play!"

I got up and moved them back at least twice. I know -- who has whom trained? They kept taunting each other and play biting and growling, and having a glorious time. The little comedians. What was hysterical was the moment I got up to go to bed, the two of them moved into the family room where DH was watching TV so they could now entertain him. They are just so darn cute together!!!!

I'm watching you!

OK -- so I had to snap this picture. They are going gangbusters on rebuilding the roof of that house. This side of the roof has all the shingles. The other side has plywood but no shingles. That was FAST, and they have even started to replace some of the brick along the side. 
Fast rebuild!

One last thing today, and it's about tea! Notice what happens when I put the hot water in and let the herbal tea steep? All the color and flavor go to the bottom of the cup. Once I take the teabag out, I just give it a stir, and it gets dispersed and stays that way. But why does all the stuff originally fall to the bottom?? 

My steeped tea

OH --- I just wanted to say that I'm learning tons of stuff by watching The Great British Bake Off. I never knew that letting the bread rise was called proving. And all the history about British baking. It's totally fascinating!!!

I screwed up!! And I'm so sorry for that. If anyone was trying to find the Facebook Live link yesterday for QUILTsocial, it wasn't there. They did the LIVE via Zoom. You had to sign up to get the link. ACK!!!! I didn't know that, and well -- next time, I'll know, and I'll provide you with the proper link. 

However, if you want to watch the show, here are the links on Youtube and Facebook. Check it out -- I'm talking about the stabilizers and how I mended my clothes using machine embroidery. I'm also looking for something specific to repair, and well -- you have to watch the video to see what it is. 




Don't forget that TODAY (well, tonight) is the first part of the Virtual Retreat. I'm super excited, and I may spend part of the time tidying up so I can actually sew!!!

Saturday, November 27 from 6 PM -- whenever!

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, November 28 from 10 AM to 8 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 872 4663 5892 Passcode: 440473

One last thing -- good grief -- I had so much to tell today. I wasn't going to buy anything on Black Friday, but I ended buying ONE thing. I purchased my next Virtual walking Challenge. The Great Wall of China! It's about 3,600 KM or something like that, and it was 30% off. Yeah!!!! I have enough codes now with my long walks to last for a couple of years. But I voted for that one, so I felt compelled to buy it!!!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!! Oh my gosh -- it's going to be stupendous, although it'll be challenging to beat yesterday!!!



  1. Oh I am so drooling over that green/purple star fabric! Love me some brights and stars 😃 I used up nearly all I had last year.

    I always thought I was "proofing" my yeast. But then, I'm not British so what do I know.

    Happy Saturday. I'm off to watch your presentation 😃

    1. Elle--- OH yes --- you are also right. I wasn't sure what tense to use. But they also used PROOFING the yeast and PROVING the dough. Perhaps they are used the same? Now I must check that!

  2. Well poop. The video has no sound.

    1. Yes poop -- there was a new link that got sent to me later in the day!

  3. Neither of the links to your video work. :(