Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Can you tell me WHY?

The first order of the day was to try and clear that UPS package that was stuck. And to figure out why this keeps happening? 

I called customer support, and immediately, the customer service rep pushed me through to International shipments, not like last time, where they tried to fix it, and we lost several days because of that. I wasn't going to let them get away with it this time, as I prepared to grill them if they were the right person! I knew better! I patiently waited on the phone and finally got in touch with someone at the International ships. At least, now I knew what was missing and how to ask the appropriate questions. Yes -- the commercial invoice is missing. 

These reps are so quick - they give you a phone number and immediately want to push you on - and I was saying, "wait - WAIT - WAIT!"  I'm still writing the darn thing down -- No -- I didn't let them get away with anything yesterday, but I wasn't satisfied when I was done the call!

So the international rep tells me that yes - the commercial invoice is missing. OK -- so why is that when I filled out the paperwork online? Yes -- I filled out the commercial invoice online. I even created a dummy shipment to explain to him what I had done. Then he asks - Did I print out three copies of the paperwork and include it in the label? No -- I didn't because all I could print was the label. 

Well, that's the problem -- you need to physically print and include THREE copies of the commercial invoice. Now I get that, but so far, all the invoices I've seen do not have a scanning code on them, and if the three copies of the commercial invoice are in the sealed label, how do they know? They seem to know that it's physically not there - but how? 

I tried to get the guy to explain that to me. Does an employee sit there and slice open all the labels to see if the three copies are included? I think not! Is there a scanning code on the paperwork that is generated online? There has to be! But here's the thing -- I've never done this in the past! I've always relied on the online paperwork, and there seemed to be no issues. 

That call took almost 50 minutes, and I didn't get a good answer about how they track that information. And no idea if I know how to resolve it in the future. I will have to watch when I print the label to see if there's a spot to print the commercial invoice. To generate the invoice, I would have had to pay for my dummy shipment yesterday, and I didn't need to know that badly at that moment. 

What drives me crazy is why do I need a commercial invoice for this SAMPLE which will be returned, and no one is exchanging any money for the goods? Can you tell me why??? 

All of the scanning and shipment stuff happens overnight, so I get my e-mail in the morning. I see that the status has changed. 

This is an improvement from yesterday, so I can only hope that the package will get cleared tonight. They tell me it takes 24 - 48 hours to match up the paperwork with the package. So do I call again today to confirm? Or do I waste another day and wait until tomorrow? That's the dilemma about that message!

On the other hand, I had an interesting Zoom session last night. I'm doing a series on the mySewnet embroidery software in French. The first session is always a bit confusing because it's where we explain how all the technology works together -- the WiFi-enabled sewing machine, the embroidery software, the apps on the phone, the mySewnet embroidery library, and Project Creator. All those things can be linked together, and they can talk to each other. And depending on what level of paid or unpaid subscription you have, some things are unlocked, and others are not. 

The question last night was very similar to my UPS question -- why can't I do this? And they swore they had heard someone else say the opposite of what I was saying - of course, on Youtube. So I had to explain, in French, exactly why what she wanted to do was not possible at the level she was willing to pay. Phew!!!  I did it!!  Yes -- I still stumble over some of the verb tenses and some of the words, but I'm getting there and so much more comfortable than I was! Yeah me!!!! I did feel very accomplished when that presentation was done!

Yes -- it's all about making things easier!! I have five more presentations this week - two in French and three in English. I swear that every other one is a different brand or language, so I have to switch out the sewing machines and change the language between each one! I rejigged the film area a wee bit to make that an easier process. Plus, I'm getting faster at the switching!

I'm not sure what I did yesterday as I don't have a lot to show for it! I spent time at the computer, and I did a lot of serging that I'll share with you in a bit. 

But where does the day go? A mystery to me! OH -- I did two presentations, which take at least 1½ hours for each, never mind the setup -- switching languages and machines and all that entails. 

Here's a couple of photos from the neighborhood. There is a row of this kind of tree on the next street, and they are the only ones that go red like this. With the sun shining on it yesterday morning, it was glorious!!


Fall colors

And let's not forget the comedian in our house. That would be Murphy. She is very comfortable zipping around the pond and loves to play in that area. To my knowledge, she has never accidentally fallen in the pond. I try to keep her entertained by playing ball a little bit each day. It's not as much fun as the weather gets colder. Well, not as much fun for me, although I don't mind the cold. I usually throw the ball into those bushes behind her, and she has to search for the ball. 

The little devil - there are times (many) when she intentionally drops the ball into the pond. Then she proceeds to sit on the rock and gives a little bark - "MOM - help me. The ball is in the pond. I'm not allowed in the pond, so you have to get the ball!" And she knows, I'll get it. So who has trained whom? 

MOM - the balls fell in the pond! Help!

I see I have other business with UPS. I have a package coming from the US - stuff for the long arm that I couldn't get in Canada, and I see that I have to pay. I suspect that is the HST. So I need to fix that this morning so it can seamlessly come across the border. OK -- so that is paid. I love how easy it is to pay for things online. 

It was brokerage fees, not HST. And in addition to paying the brokerage fee, there is a flat Government fee of $10 - what is that all about? I swear -- if someone can take a flat fee - they will. And what are we going to say? NO - I don't want to pay that? The joys of shipping across country borders - I do it only when necessary!

OH -- I have something quilt-related for you!! Check out the latest issue of QUILTsocial online. It's filled with a lot of my work and some great tutorials for machine embroidery. BE sure to look at it online, or you can download it and save it!! And best of all - it's FREE. You have to see the postcard that I created for Heather when she moved up north. It's on the cover!!!

Well, it's Wednesday, and I'm off to spin class this morning! It's going to be a BUSY day!!! Several appointments are booked, both online and in-person (MIL - physio and I'm the designated driver today) and one presentation tonight.

Have a super day!!!


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