Sunday, November 28, 2021

Labels are important

OH DRAT!!!  I should have checked that the links I posted yesterday actually worked. There was an issue with the sound, and so that video was replaced. 

Here are the NEW links.  Just tested, and at least the Facebook one works. So sorry for that!!!!

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As usual, I tried to cram too much into the day! In addition to the last class for two of the sew-alongs of this past year, I signed up for a Kimberbell class that I could participate in virtually. 

I'll be sharing the show and tell from the sew-alongs this coming week. I'm so excited as so many tops were completed, and it was fun to get to know more people. 

The minute I was finished with those classes, I was back on Zoom to rejoin the Kimberbell group. I had signed on for a half-hour BEFORE my sew-alongs. 

We received the kit a few days before the class, and technically, I think we were supposed to have all the fabrics prepped and have chosen our thread colors. I did NOT do that, so I did spend a bit of time running around to get that done. 

I found this tray in that project closet, and it was perfect for gathering supplies. 

A project tray!

That tray would be a perfect project to embellish with collage. I might have to do that over the holidays. I've been dying to do some collage, and this will be perfect. 

We got a nametag, which I didn't think I would need since my name was on my Zoom screen! And we got a button -- I think Kimberbell offers these kinds of classes often, and for each one, you'll get a "badge of honor" to display on your lanyard!

My name tag

I hung it up with my other nametags from previous shows and classes. I know -- why does one keep all that, but it's fun to look back at all the badges. They are all together and neatly organized. That's good enough for me at this moment. At some point, I can harvest the clips and the ribbons off the lanyards to make something. 

Nametag collection

We had three projects to do, and I missed the first one but arrived just as they were starting the second one - perfect timing. 

It's a small case, I believe, for eyeglasses. If you've ever done a Kimberbell embroidery, they use lots of different materials, like glitter, vinyl, felt, leather, etc. So it's always a challenge to see how those other materials work in embroidery mode. I didn't have any issues - well, I did in one spot and realized I did NOT have an embroidery needle in the machine. Once the needle was changed - zero issues. That was when going through many layers of materials. 

Using vinyl and glitter for the embroidery project

It was actually quite fun to embroidery with a group. We do it with sewing; why not embroidery? The machines are a bit noisier, so a large group isn't recommended. But the mic on my laptop isn't super great, so it worked out perfectly. Can you see my "class" on the computer in the back? There were some students in-person at K & A Quilt Shop, and some of us were on Zoom. It worked really well. 

Following my class on Zoom

And then we had to cut out the excess leather. Oh boy -- cutting the inside was a bit unnerving as you did NOT want to cut the layers below. Task accomplished with no errors. 

Trimming the leather from the inside

Then it was time to insert the zipper. That was super easy with the embroidery machine. And I love the Kimberbell instructions as they are pretty straightforward. Although several people ignored the sizes of the fabric pieces, they needed to pick from the kit, and well, it all worked out in the end.

Getting ready to stitch the zipper in place

The last step was to add the back and the lining. I've turned mine partially inside out. I need to do a bit of hand stitching, and then I can turn it completely inside out, and I hope to do that today during the Virtual Retreat. It's super cute. 

Stitching the backing on

Then we moved on to the third project - an APRON. How appropriate!! There was a LOT of stitching in the embroidery design for the pocket, with lots of appliques. My sewing space was a MESS. 

A bit of a messy workspace

And at one point, I was playing thread chicken. I lost by about 20 stitches! But I just added another white, and I was good to go. 

Thread chicken and I lost

I didn't quite get the pocket finished before I needed to go for my walk. So I literally just shut the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 90 down. It'll restart in the same position as I left it last night! 

Oh, and here's a valuable lesson. I was trying to finish the embroidery during the Virtual Retreat, but that wouldn't happen. Too much chatter and not enough focus. At one point, I had removed the hoop from the embroidery arm to clip some threads. Then I started the next color BEFORE reattaching the hoop. And YIKES -- It started to stitch right at the edge of the leather piece. I caught it before it could make a huge mess. 

I'm not sure why the embroidery machine didn't catch that - but I did. And so it's all repaired, and no one will know that happened. 

When some of the colors took a bit of time, I puttered around Studio B - tidying up. Another advantage of being home to do the class. Not a minute went to waste. 

This is a bag of quilt tops that I got back from Diane. I think there were two more quilt tops in there and some larger yardage pieces that will be good for backings. 

More quilt tops from Diane for community projects

I had been looking for another project, and I had found half of it, but not the actual blocks. Shoot -- what could I have done with them? 

Then yesterday, as I was looking for quick things to tidy up, I spotted this box that had got pulled from the project shelf that resides in Studio B. OH MY GOD -- there were my missing blocks. 

Another mystery uncovered inside this box

It came right from that empty space on the shelf, and the rest of the project is in another box, also on that shelf. The box was mislabeled - well, the label had NOT been changed from the previous project in the box. So let's just say that labeling is IMPORTANT. OK -- I might just label those boxes in the closet because NOTHING would be lost if the boxes were labeled correctly. 

The project shelf in Studio B

I didn't seem to be into sewing last night at the Virtual Retreat. I wonder why with everything that went on that day. However, I'm happy to report that I got the binding made for my Urbanologie quilt, as well as the backing. And it got moved to the "to be quilted" pile. Yeah!!!!  

Backing, binding, and the quilt top for Urbanologie

So let's do the tally, and when I say DONE - it means it's in the "to be quilted" pile. 

Schoolgirl Sampler - DONE
Urbanologie - DONE
Tula Pink Sampler - needs a border, binding, and backing
Bonnie & Camille Bee Quilt -- needs a border, binding, and backing
Long Time Gone - needs a border, binding, and backing
All in a Row Quilt - needs a border, binding, and backing
All in a Row Quilt -- there are two other partially completed quilt tops

So that's pretty darn good for me to have all those sew-alongs in this current state. They are almost complete, and I'm pretty sure that I can get them all done before the end of the year. That'll be a first for me. 

I'm pretty proud of myself.  I'm going to get a couple of page-turning audiobooks and a couple of quiet days by myself, and I'll be done!! Plus, I hope to get a couple more projects done before the end of the year.!

OK -- so an update on the tea situation. It's pretty weird because yesterday, the tea didn't need to be stirred. No doubt, some mysterious chemical thing! 

My cup of tea yesterday - no stirring required

Don't forget that it's Virtual Retreat all day. It's chilly outside today with a bit of snow on the ground. Actually, it's snowing now. A perfect day to stay inside and sew. The retreat starts at 10 AM and goes until whenever. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 872 4663 5892 Passcode: 440473

I stayed on the call until about 9:30 last night. Then I couldn't get to sleep! I should have got up and joined them, but I didn't. 

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Have a super day!!!


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