Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Bonnie and Camille Show and Tell

Gosh -- it's almost time for the final reveal, and I haven't shared the last set of blocks with you for Bonnie and Camille! 

I love these ongoing groups, and I've learned so much from all the people in them, and I've met a whole lot of new friends! The new classes should be coming out soon - I'm a little pressed for time this week, as I have a mini-retreat to attend! 

However, that didn't stop me from watching a silly reality show yesterday. I was reading the local paper, and one of the contestants for the show is from my town, so I had to track it down to watch. What is it? The Great Canadian Baking Show! I'm not even fond of baking! Good grief -- it's like I'm trying to self-sabotage myself.

I watched the first two episodes of the current season (Season Five). OK -- I have never heard of the hosts nor the judges, but since baking isn't my thing, that's to be expected. However, the creations the contestants made? OH MY GOSH!!!  They are amazing. It's evident that they know what challenges they will make since all the ingredients are available to them, they have a plan and obviously the know-how. But I would be a deer in the headlights!! Some of the challenges they know what they will make ahead of time; in the technical challenge, they do not!

Every once in a while, I go down a rabbit hole like that! It's great fun, and who will be the all-time best baker? I can't wait to find out! 

The Bonnie and Camille Bee Quilt has been interesting. It's essentially a sampler quilt with a lot of variety of blocks and a LOT of seams. 

There are four sections to the quilt, and we've been working our way around the quilt as I usually do. It makes no sense to work on the blocks as they appear in the book, nor does it make sense to work on one section at a time. Nope -- I make my own agenda! It keeps the students guessing!

This is Bev's section two. 


Cathy is a little bit behind, but those blocks look fantastic!


Here's the bottom half of Donna's quilt. 


Heidi is doing a smashing job with that very limited color palette. That's a fascinating exercise to use only three solid colors and background!


Kathi has her bottom section together as well 


Next up is Karen. Gosh -- I can't wait to see the quilts entirely together with the borders on! 


Liz is a little bit behind. I'm confident that she'll get the top together for our next class. No pressure!


Lucy is using different colors of the SAME fabric line (a blender, so the print is the same). That's an exciting concept. See why I love these classes? I get to learn so much from the choices that others use. 


Here is Margaret's Section two. She used several different backgrounds in her quilt. 


Here is the bottom half of Marilyn's quilt. 


Shoot -- I seem to be missing Sheila's quilt.

This is Zildi's quilt with one block missing. 


So that's all pretty exciting! I think all of the tops will be done for the final reveal, which will be exciting! So many great fabric choices and a super way to learn! 

Here's a couple of photos from my Virtual Challenges. I check them every day and love to see the mileage count down! But I'm fascinated by Google maps. It's incredible how much of the globe has been mapped. I will say that the areas in southern California are not as well mapped, but that doesn't mean you can't move your little avatar guy around to see what's out there. There are NOT a lot of roads through the mountains in southern California; hence they are not mapped.  And then, you can rotate the view, advance bit by bit by clicking on the screen. Oh yes -- you can see almost anything and everything in the world on Google Maps. I was visiting the Grand Canyon this morning. Just because!!!

I'm mapping three different walks right now. The terrain of each is so diverse that I thought I'd share them with you. 

This Trailhead is on the Pacific Crest Trail that runs from The US/Mexico border to the US/Canada border. While I"m not quite to this Trailhead, it was easy to open up Google Maps to see the Trailhead. 

A trailhead on the Pacific Crest Trail

And this is the terrain at the moment. Mountains and desert!

The terrain in Southern California

Then we pop to the cross Canada walk that I'm doing with three other people. Can you guess where we are?? Yep -- we're in Saskatchewan with those flatlands, the wide-open sky, and granaries!! This is very close to where I grew up!


And my final spot is in Newfoundland, about 400 KM from St. John's. Lots of trees. 


Well, if you have kids, this would make the most fantastic geography lesson for them. Pick a province and map out a Virtual Walk. Have them check the map - look at the businesses and museums or other features marked on Google Maps. I love it!!! It can really be quite fascinating.

And if it encourages your kids to get out and walk - that's even better. I see my neighbors put their high school kids in the car to drive them about 1 KM to school EVERY DAY!! And not to be catty, but those kids NEED to walk! 

Speaking of which, I'll be heading off to spin class shortly. Oh - I can hardly wait! Actually, my favorite part is the ten minutes in the steam room at the end! 

Have a super day!!!!


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