Tuesday, November 2, 2021


Have you ever wondered how "easy" life would be if we didn't have challenges? Now I should explain that there are two kinds of challenges -- those that we intentionally dive into - like my virtual challenges and, of course, quilt challenges. And then there are those that we don't want to come into our lives. 

Like this....................

Yes -- I got an e-mail in the middle of the night about the latest UPS box I sent. Are you kidding me? I double and triple-checked that all the paperwork was complete. And now the darn parcel is held up again. I like UPS, but this is getting ridiculous. Let's see how quickly this can be cleared since I know how their system works (or not!). 

That was NOT a good way to start the morning. 

And how about the folks that own this house. When I walked past yesterday, it looked like they had removed more brick from the side. Seriously? I would never want to live there. Not sure if you can see the sag in the roof, but it's close to the peak and runs right down the roof parallel to the eave. All that will need to be replaced. It's going to take forever to get it fixed! 

A house under repair

We were chatting about the movie theatre at Monday sewing, and someone asked when the theatre would open in the mall. I took a walk by -- it's getting closer, but it looks like they still have a lot of work to do. They're working on the entrance, and all the outside needs to be closed in. 

Construction on the movie theatre entrance

Oh great -- I see in that photo that some idiot has left their garbage. Seriously?? How hard is it for people to take that home? I just wonder what goes through their mind. It's OK to keep their car clean, but not the parking lot? Who are these people? 

And there's a HUGE space near the building that isn't complete. What will go there? 
A huge space not finished

While I was searching the internet to find a new opening date for the theatre, which I didn't find, I found a picture of the comfy chairs in the new VIP theatre that we went to the other day. 

The seating in the VIP theatre

Let's just say that they are very comfy recliners. I think they should keep the reservation system. That way, if the chairs get damaged, they can track who sat in them. I ran across an article about some of those recliners getting damaged in Vancouver. Again - why? 

I had to move my sewing machine yesterday, and OH MY -- look at all the lint underneath! It's all cleared up!

Lint under the sewing machine

OK -- so let's talk about the fun side of a challenge. A fun challenge is to push yourself to do something you never thought was possible. How hard you want to push is your choice! Somewhere along the line, I got the motivation to push myself. Like cranking out at least 30 KM in the spin class or walking at least 11.5 KM every day. Is it easy? No - some days are harder than others.  But in the end, it's the satisfaction that I didn't let a bad mood or laziness win! That's hard to explain, but I get a lot of satisfaction from that. 

Then there are quilt challenges. Those are super fun and are NOT physical at all. I've participated in many quilt challenges over the years. Some have been more successful than others, but I learned a lot doing each of them. 

  • They are small, so it's not a lot of wasted time or material if you go down a rabbit hole. 
  • They allow you total freedom of expression (within limits of the challenge). 
  • They allow you to try new techniques. 
  • They push you to learn something new!
  • You can keep quiet that you're working on a challenge, so only you know about it if it doesn't work out. 
  • Be PROUD that you took a dive into making a challenge. 
  • Quilting is a hobby, so it should be fun, but pushing yourself a wee bit is also fun!
  • Don't overthink the technique or the way you'll depict the theme. Sometimes - simple is best!

I LOVE working on a quilt challenge. The new ideas that pop in your head, then figuring out how to transfer that idea into reality are exciting and give you something to mull over. Trying new techniques, goofing up on fabric choices, and having enough time to switch them out (always YES!). But I would say that where I am today in the quilt world was greatly helped by participating in challenges. 

Do I want to win? A ribbon would be nice, but that's not my goal. Finishing the challenge makes me a winner. 

There are tons of challenges around -- they can be as simple as those colored backgrounds that I worked on in the summer, and while I haven't forgotten them, I haven't had a chance to get back to them. But there are also guild challenges or challenges from other companies. 

The most important thing is to READ the instructions, note the sizes, what fabrics you can or cannot use, and the DATES. Write down those dates!!!

If you want to go BIG, there's the Cherrywood Challenge. This year's theme is Grafitti, and there's a bundle of fabric that you have to buy (this challenge is NOT cheap). I will get my bundle next weekend. I haven't done any research on graffiti yet, but I'll be starting soon so I can mull ideas around in my head.

There are four challenges hosted by the Canadian Quilter's Association. One is the Trendtex challenge and the colors this year are gorgeous! 

There's a guild challenge, a youth challenge, and an individual challenge. The individual challenge uses black and white fabrics. 

So I'm in for THREE challenges -- the individual challenge, the Trendtex, and the Cherrywood challenge. 

I need to review the requirements, check the dates and start thinking. And it's important to not leave any of this to the last minute! 

I will have the rest of my class information by FRIDAY of this week, so I'll be able to post everything over the weekend. Sometimes things are beyond my control! 

I'm happy to report that I got some machine embroidery and serging done yesterday! Progress was made at the sewing machine, but I can't share the work with you as it's all for classes or blog posts, or presentations. But soon, I can start to share with you. Let's just say that I"m a happy camper, and I've got so much room to work that it's dizzying!!! 

Have a super day!!!!


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