Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Not to be critical..................

Well, I had a first yesterday, and I got a chuckle out of it! I've presented to hundreds of people over Zoom over the last year and a half. There have been issues - mostly where and how to use the mic and the camera. Yesterday was a first, though! 

Last night, I had a person arrive on the call right when it opened. I always open one-half hour early so people can get connected and ask questions, etc. This person starts out, "I don't want to be critical, but ...." and you think - OK -- where is this going? It appears that "I" control how things appear on her screen, and could I please move the pictures of the people on her screen. I couldn't even let her get the entire sentence out of her mouth before I said that SHE had control of how her screen appeared, not me! OH -- then she pipes up again, "I don't want to be critical, but......" and proceeded to tell me something else about my presentation from last week that I could do better! 

After all, she's a teacher, and she knows! Yeesh -- if she were my teacher, I'd be miserable. She did NOT exhibit good teacher habits, but I don't want to be critical! So I did a lovely little song and dance, explaining that I've been a quilting teacher for over 20 years. And yes -- I'll try to do better next time, but I know that I covered what she was talking about! Anyway, others came on the call, and I quickly whisked the conversation to other topics. I wonder what she will find to be "not be critical" about next week? 

I had a good chuckle over it and moved on! 

I have to give a HUGE thank you to my Monday sewing group. Without them, this would NOT have happened. 

The net step for the feather blocks

All of the four curved sections are now TOGETHER. I was flagging at the end - I wanted to leave them, but I had nothing else to work on. Well, I did, but I also really wanted these sections done. So I confess that I whined a little bit, then sucked it up and continued with the curved piecing. I cut the long skinny pieces that fit in the center of the feather block. 

Now everything is ready for the final assembly stage! There is still a lot of work for these blocks, but the worst part is done. Yippee!!!! That means there is a HUGE possibility that this quilt will get done for the final class, which I believe is next week.

I think that's the last big job of any of the ongoing quilts that need to be wrapped up before the end of the year, so that was a HUGE hurdle. That stack of prepped sewing stuff that's been sitting on the sewing table for MONTHS is rapidly diminishing, and what the heck will I sew on once it's gone? OH -- there is a bunch of new stuff coming, and I still have all those projects on the project table to deal with. But I might have to take some time and prep some stuff. 

Someone came to pick up their quilt yesterday and had two quilt tops that she no longer wanted. Thanks to Sharon for the donation! These are added to the pile of community quilt tops that need to be quilted! 

Two more community quilt projects were donated!

And the excellent news of the day? Look -- the package has been delivered and only one day late! I know it actually arrived as the office sent me a note as well! 

The package has arrived!

I'm making significant progress on my Virtual Challenges, and I have 415 KM to get to Signal Hill in St. John's to complete my cross Canada walk. That's super exciting! I had scheduled to finish on December 31, but I'll be finished early, barring any injuries! Walking has definitely become a habit, and I'm always plotting how to work it into any day! Oh, boy -- who would have thought that would happen? 

I've been busy writing, and all is going well there - just slightly behind, but I hope to get more done today. I have two presentations today. I just realized that Tuesday is software day! One is in French, and the other is in English! But I'm getting great at switching the versions out, so that's not an issue! Did I mention that I love the software? I was so afraid of it in the past, but now I've come to love it, and I have barely scratched the surface of it!

I hope that everyone is taking advantage of the absolutely stunning weather we are having right now. I went out for a walk, then remembered I needed to go to the grocery store - no bananas in the house! I cut the first walk short, did some writing, and then popped out again to the grocery store. It's one of those days where I saw people in shorts and sandals, and I saw people in down jackets with mitts and hats. Yep -- I don't know what those people will wear when the weather gets cold. I swear some people dress for the DATE, not the weather! 

On that note, I'm out of here! A busy day is ahead, and the girls are getting impatient! 

Have a super day!!!


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