Saturday, November 20, 2021

TULA Pink show and tell

 I'm not sure how I managed to get through yesterday, but I did. While I wish I had an extra day to get 100% prepped for today, I'm as prepared as I'll ever be, and it's going to be OK! 

We had our FINAL class last night for the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink. 

I was determined to get my quilt top finished. Everything on the cutting table got put on the floor (in an orderly fashion), so I had space. It's great to have some SPACE to work in, and I must get that cutting table back in order. However, there is ZERO time this coming week. It's the final brutal work week of the year. I won't even tell you how many hours I'm scheduled to be on Zoom. And don't forget that next weekend is the Virtual Retreat, so the week will end well. 

Adding the final border to my Tula Pink quilt

I'm going to share the finished (or almost finished) quilts or quilt tops with you. A few people are still working on their tops, and hopefully, one day, we'll get to see them. 

Barb made the Gridlock version, and that gradation of color is pretty spectacular! She used white for the sashing and border. I know that she struggled a lot at the beginning, and then all of a sudden, she was on a roll! I'm so glad she persevered. 

Barb's quilt

And how fun is that polka dot fabric for the backing!
The polka dot setting

Carol's quilt is done! Well, it's quilted, and she is working on the binding. It's a great feeling to get the quilt done for the show n tell. OK -- since that has never happened for me, I'm guessing it's a great feeling. She also did the Gridlock quilt, graduated her colors through the rainbow, and used black and white fabric. A very cool effect. 

Carol's quilt

Dede loves black and white! So she started with black and white for the blocks. She decided to add some color in her sashing and is moving through the rainbow colors. I know for sure that we will see this quilt top completed sometime soon! It's going to be stunning when it's done.

Dede's quilt

Grace chose a completely different setting from those in the book. I love the setting and the way the blocks bloom out from the center. Her quilt is at the long arm quilters at the moment, so she'll be completely done soon! Notice how she did rounds of color instead of rows. 

Grace's quilt

Lynn also made the Gridlock pattern, and WOW -- those colors are gorgeous. It's a shame we didn't get to see the quilts in person because I know these pictures do NOT do justice to the colors. Interestingly, Lynn constructed her quilt row by row rather than work in the various colors. It doesn't matter - it worked, and the end quilt is stunning. OH -- Notice that she used a much narrower sashing than was called for in the pattern. 

Lynn's quilt

Maryke has completed her block in a graduated color scheme. And the colors look amazing! 


BUT - she's not done. As you can see, she added a frame to each block. A small sashing will be used to separate the blocks. I'm pretty sure that we'll see this one finished sometime soon as well. 

The sashing for Maryke's blocks

Monica made a different pattern - I believe it's called Slider. Her blocks were also black and white, and she chose pink for the sashing. It turned out amazing! It sort of makes me want to make another one, but NO -- there is no time for that. 

Monica's quilt

Here are the fabrics for the backing and the binding. 

Backing and binding for Monica's quilt

Extra blocks went into making a pillowcase to match the quilt. Awesome idea!

Pillowcase for Monica's quilt

Once Morgan gets a deadline, she is driven. So close, and should she go to bed or continue sewing? Here's her completed quilt top! We don't need to tell you what time she went to bed. But I LOVE the coloring in it - the way the blocks create a wave pattern. The grey sashing is effective as setting off the blocks. 

Morgan's quilt

And we got a chuckle out of this next photo because this is her backing and binding. The SAME backing fabric as Monica has chosen. Let's just say that there is a LOT of Tula Pink fabric in some of these quilts. While Monica has to make bias binding with her striped fabric, Morgan's striped fabric is already on the diagonal. Super easy! 

Morgan's backing and binding

This is Sharon's quilt. It's been quilted. She even has the binding on it - it's been washed and put away! WOW. This is the Cityline setting from the book. I love the black and white with the pops of color randomly thrown in. 

Sharon's quilt

It's a giant quilt, and here's a better picture of it. 

Sharon's quilt hot off the long arm

Vicki surprised us all with her quilt, which she is calling sunset. WOW  - that is spectacular. Those colors are so rich. The big question was - add sashing or not. After much discussion, I think the consensus was NO sashing - just sew it together. 

Vicki's quilt

And the last quilt belongs to Wendy, who also did the Gridlock setting, but only used two colors. OK -- I will confess that this quilt will fool you. Look very close - do you see what I see? The blocks in the upper right half are green, while the blocks in the lower left are purple, and there are blocks down the center diagonal that are both. The sashing colors are opposite to the block colors. 

Wendy's quilt

It's almost like an optical illusion. The transition is so smooth that you don't see the change at all. That took some serious planning, and I know Wendy had trouble searching for fabric during the lockdown. 

Wow -- isn't that super impressive?? I'm so thrilled with the results. It's incredible that everyone used the same blocks but came up with totally different quilts. This is one of the most compelling reasons to participate in one of these sew-along classes. 

OH wait -- I forgot to show my quilt. I also used the gridlock setting, and those colors are vibrant! The binding will be black. 

My quilt

And here's the backing for my quilt. 

Lynn -- get yourself to the store for some chocolate! That's an inside joke because of the picture of the Mini Egg chocolate that I posted yesterday on the blog, and then I showed the M&M fabric for the quilt baking!

My backing fabric

I still have to make the backing and the binding, but I should quickly get that done during Monday sewing. 

Well, those are super spectacular quilts, and I thank everyone who came to the class and worked through all 100 blocks. Hopefully, the handful of other quilts still in progress will get finished one day. 

I know - I've been saying this for weeks, but it has to happen NOW, or it'll be too late!  I hope to put the new quilt-a-longs for 2022 and the instructions for the signup on the blog on Monday morning. 

I'm on Zoom for most of today, and then I have one more writing assignment to work on tomorrow, along with a couple more Zoom sessions. 

Then the crazy week begins all over again! I can hardly wait!

We didn't get to see one of the quilts last night because the person doesn't have room on their phone for more pictures. AHA -- I know how to fix that. If anyone needs a tutorial for transferring photos off their phone - I know how to do that. Perhaps we need a Zoom class on that!! 

On that note, it's time to get the day started. 

Have a super day!!!


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