Saturday, October 21, 2023

Just keep walking!

Another amazing day! How can it not be amazing when surrounded by great people and products!

I don't have time to take videos, nor do I think it's appropriate for me, but I know someone who did a pretty good overview, and I sort of photobombed them in the process. This video is 30 minutes long. I think I show up around the 20-minute mark. But have a look because it gives you a good overview of what's happening. 

I was out bright and early yesterday to get in my walk. The grounds are quite beautiful, and the temperature has definitely warmed up! I see that it's already 21 this morning. That means it'll be hot and steamy. 

I snapped this picture of part of the grounds - you can see the steam (I'm sure it's not steam) rising from the water. Just Googled it -- it's called steam fog!

Beautiful grounds

But this time, I made it all the way to the end of the gated community. I noticed that the last little part, which ends at a street, does NOT have a sidewalk, so I walked on the road to get to the very end. I'm guessing that is so the casual person walking by (as if!) wouldn't be tempted to walk in here. 

The map of the gated community

There are loads of side streets, but I'm wondering how well-lit they are, and I'm not sure they have sidewalks, so I'm perfectly happy to do what I'm doing. It works for me. I've met a few people along the way (in the dark!), but only a few. I guess more will come out (if they even walk here) during the day. 

Let's say I've had my share of woes with this room. I got back from the walk and was going to have a quick shower when I realized this was what the shower looked like. 

The tap is wonky

The water would flow from the tap, but the lever on the end wouldn't allow me to convert from the tub to the shower. Oh well -- a quick sponge bath, and I was ready to go. They have fixed it, but I never thought to check that the little lever works. I assume they fixed that when they attached the spout to the wall. 

They will be very happy to see the end of me, and I don't think I have EVER had to complain to the front desk in any previous hotel. This one takes the cake! I believe it needs an uplift!

And the other crazy thing about the bathroom is the taps on the sink. When I turn on the hot water, the cold water tap leaks. Seriously??? 

The tap is leaking!

I spent half of the day in a Kimberbell class, and oh my -- what fun we had quilting in the hoop on some cute projects. You know that anything that Kimberbell does is cute!!! They made a small zippered pouch. 

And in another class, they made fascinators using the serger! It was so much fun to be in both. 

I'm in more classes today. I'm one of the assistants, so I don't get to do the projects. But I have the instructions, so I can make the projects later. 

I'm going to be tired today. I was pretty wound up, so I didn't get as much sleep as I would like, but it had nothing to do with the noise! 

I'll be off shortly for my walk. I did NOT have to go out for a walk last night as we had to move a few things around and let's just say that I hit my goal doing that. I was happy as I was tired and in bed early. That's probably why I'm awake early.

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Okay…I confess to having a little machine envy. Oh who am I kidding….more like a lot!