Thursday, October 5, 2023

On the road again!

CRUD -- the internet wasn't working this morning! I'm now late!

My blister feels better today since I popped it, but it'll take some time for all the dead skin (ICK) to disappear. I hope at some point that it'll completely heal. I just don't understand the mechanics of feet and why that poor little toe continues to be crushed even when there's lots of room. Now, there is a bunion on that foot and it's quite possible that the bunion is causing the crushing, in which case, there is nothing I can do to prevent it. Poor little toe! 

So we had an interesting day at Embellish in Coburg. The drive was great -- no need to take the toll highway to escape the city and it took about 1½ hours, not the two that I first anticipated. That was a good thing because by the time I left the house, I was late! 

But I swear some of the risks people take on the highway would blow your mind. Well, if you drive on the highway, you already know. My car has the cruise control set to keep a safe distance from the car in front. How many people don't respect that? I know -- sometimes, I have to cut into the traffic in order to change lanes, but I saw people in the left-most lane, drive completely to the right (across four or five lanes) of traffic and then immediately swing back into the left-most lane, just to pass a car. I swear if they have those alerts in their car, they must be constantly beeping. 

It's bad when cars do it, it's terrifying when a motorcycle does it. There are a few times when I've been in the left most lane while passing a truck. I had one guy on my tail, but not for long and then I was able to move over. Then he proceeds to cut immediately in front of me - Why? Is he mad or stupid? Oh -- I don't even need to answer that question. 

The drive home was equally traffic free, although I did run into a couple of construction areas where we had to slow down as the traffic merged into one lane. Those lane closures were marked well in advance that one could have taken the collector lanes to bypass, but all in all, it didn't slow the traffic down much. 

Then as I was getting closer to home, I wasn't sure if the entrance ramp to the highway past my house was open. But it was, although the single lane seemed pretty narrow. I rounded the corner and thought Armageddon had arrived. On the neighboring highway, I swear that every piece of road paving equipment had been commandeered. It was a sea of lights and looked like total chaos. Obviously no time for pictures, but it looked like a horrible traffic accident with all the flashing lights. I wonder how long that project is going on? 

I made it home by 11:30 PM, which made for a long day, but it was a good day. I love visiting a new store - well, new to me. So if you are in the Coburg neighborhood, check out Embellish. They are part of the 401 Quilt Run which involves 13 stores along the 401 corridor. The Cobourg store is the furthest west and runs all the way to the Quebec border. A great trip for the month of October and the quilt that you collect blocks for is gorgeous! I believe you have to buy the kits for the blocks. 

There are no pictures today -- hard to take pictures and drive or do a presentation! The two groups left with plenty of inspiration and ideas on what to create next! 

Here's a strange observation. Did Ireland have a big SALE sign on it this year? I know so many people who have gone or are going to Ireland this year. I wonder how that happened? I've never been, but I'd go to Wales or England before, simply because of family ties. 

If anyone is interested, there is a short documentary film starring a quilter. Her name is Marilyn Farquhar (she used to live in the Waterloo area) and is an award winning quilter. The documentary is about her brother who was killed by the RCMP and her healing journey through her quilts. It'll be at the London (Ontario) film festival on October 22nd and I believe it will also be at the Abbotsford Film Festival. Oops -- that already happened at the end of August. 

Remember it's my week on QUILTsocial, and there's a great project to make. I need to make a couple more of them and by the end of next week! Today it's all about gathering fabric, so be sure to get yours out and follow along. 

OK -- the dogs are walked -- that's a huge job these days, but almost 10,000 steps so that helps with the daily totals. 

Sorry --- Grammarly isn't working because of the internet, so give me some space with errors! 

Have a super day!!!


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