Sunday, October 1, 2023

Thrift store finds

Wow -- back in the saddle this morning. I have two presentations to prepare; of course, nothing was done last night! 

But there is good news - my two sample suitcases were sitting in the hall waiting to be unpacked. I was missing some samples, and the store where I was sure they had disappeared had checked and could not find them. I could not find them in my suitcases. Guess what? When I unpacked -- there they were! How that happened, I've no idea. I need to pack my suitcases in the future to know where everything is. 

Shoot -- I thought it would be fun to take a day trip to find those samples, and now I don't have to! 

The presentations are now mostly done! 

OK -- so I was a slug again yesterday! I think I needed those two days of downtime to get myself back in the swing of things, and also, if I do not have an imminent deadline, then I don't do much! Hence, I need to have my schedule packed because I'm happy to be in the gazebo and do nothing. 

Between napping and reading, I finished that book yesterday, and I downloaded another. Sigh............. However, I now have a great system. As much as I hate Goodreads (only because of who owns them), it's a handy tool. Whenever I find a book I want to read or an author series I'm reading, I mark the book as "want to read." There are currently close to 500 books on my list. Since I read about 50 books in a year -- well, you do the math! It's ridiculous! 

So when it's time to find a new book to read, I pop over to Goodreads and find a book. Then, go to Libby to see if it's available in audio or ebook format. Then I download as appropriate, and I'm good to go. When the book is read, I return to Goodreads and mark the book as "read." It works for me!

Now that the little guy is with us, many photo ops exist. I probably wouldn't take so many, but his mother insists she gets lots of pictures daily! 

I couldn't help but take this one. 

Big dog - little dog

But Murphy is like a bull in a china shop and practically crushed the little guy. Thankfully, I was helping them pose for this shot. I doubt they would ever sleep together. As a matter of fact, Murphy is pretty miffed at the whole thing. She used to sleep upstairs on the floor but hasn't been up there for two nights, as Little Bear is a bed hog, and he has to sleep as close to you as he possibly can get. Then you realize you are sleeping on the edge of the bed to not crush him! Murphy will have none of that!

Bear is so cute because he snuggles under the covers when he's cold. When he gets hot, he comes out. None of our girls are bed sleepers, so we never get to see that. 

And then he was digging in Murphy's toy box as he likes to play with toys, and there was ZERO room to bring anything back for him except the necessities. 


I see on my virtual challenge that the "bleeding" has stopped. I'm back up to my 10+ KM a day and only 4% behind. I have to walk at least 12.5 KM for the duration of the challenge to meet the deadline! No more slacking off! But now, with three dogs to walk, that shouldn't be a problem. I've been taking Bear and Murphy at the same time, but that is NOT working. So each will get their own walk. The problem is that all of them want to go first! 

I walked down to the thrift store yesterday to check out stuff. I made my usual rounds in the store and spotted a few interesting things. When I got to the basket section, I had to laugh. I saw this label on one of those storage cubes. I'm guessing they meant "babies," as in baby dolls? Let's hope! 

A storage box for babies?

I spotted this jigsaw puzzle, and as much as I do NOT need another puzzle, I "had" to buy this one since it represents my "home" town. 

Jigsaw puzzle from the thrift store

I'll make it up, and then it'll be given to someone in our quilting group. I do not need to keep these, and once a puzzle is done -- it's gone! I have about 30 puzzles, and keeping in mind that I do about 2 a year, if we do the math -- well, you get my point! However, I could do more than 2 a year if I retire completely. Maybe I need more? Don't worry; I'm not retiring yet! 

I also spotted this, which I do not need either, but I opened it up and saw the color (very dark) of the letter tiles, and well, it came home with me as well. 

Old Scrabble game

I mean, how many of these games does one need? 

My Scrabble game stash

But I LOVE those letters, and now I have lots!!!!

Remember a few weeks ago when I said the leaves are not changing? Well, look what is happening. Those leaves have gone yellow very quickly. I haven't had time to pay attention in the forest since I'm busy with multiple dogs, but I'll try to get a picture this morning. The leaves are not turning as fast. 

Fall is on the way

Speaking of Virtual Challenges, I got this medal in the mail while I was away. Hmm - I can't seem to open the two little doors to see inside. I'll try to figure it out later. I don't need all these medals -- I'm happy with just walking, although it will take me a bit of time to get back in the swing. Before, it was a necessity, and now I have to remind myself. 

My latest medal

There is never a dull moment in our house with three dogs. I came downstairs this morning to find this. Lexi slept outside last night because she's a princess and, well -- likes to sleep under the shed. Murphy had her choice of the entire couch or the large dog bed, but no, she slept curled up in the smallest bed. Now, why is that? 

MOM -- this bed is the cuddliest!

We had much to talk about at the Virtual Retreat last night. It seems like a long time since I had a chance to catch up with friends! And there was so much to catch up on! I will say that I sat, talked, and did nothing else while on the call! That's OK -- hopefully, I'll be a bit more productive today, even if it's nothing more than putting away the samples. Although I still need to finish unpacking. Hopefully, I can get that all done because I need to repack. 

I'll be in Cobourg on Wednesday (October 4) at Embellish this time. I have two events (one in the afternoon and one in the evening) --- PFAFF Accessories and More! I've got loads of stuff to share on what you can do with the PFAFF accessories! 

Remember that starting at Noon today is the Virtual Retreat! It's always so much fun; we learn so much from each other!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

And now I'm off to finish those presentations and walk the dogs!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. The big dog, little dog picture is adorable! I bet his mama is really missing the little cutie 🥰