Sunday, October 22, 2023

Mystery solved

Someone mentioned they had machine envy! Oh yes --- this new Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 3 is the most amazing sewing/embroidery machine EVER!! Yes -- it comes with a hefty price point -- I will not lie. But if you love machine embroidery or sewing, having a fantastic tool makes it easier to do many things. Most could be done by a smaller machine -- no question. But a better tool makes an easier job. 

For those thinking about a larger embroidery machine, I bet you could get your hands on the DESIGNER EPIC 2 for an excellent price since many people have traded their EPIC 2 for the EPIC 3. It is hard to switch brands, so that might not be your thing. Anyway -- enough about that. 

The last day of the convention was another great day, even though we had to pack up MANY machines at the end of the day. So for anyone who has envy about my job -- don't be! While it's fun, it's not for the faint of heart when it comes to the end. 

The machines not only had to be "taken apart" (foot pedal off, unplugged, etc), but then they had to be put into the boxes, and these machines are heavy. So -- we did have hired help for that. Let's just say that if I were in charge, I'd do things a wee bit differently. I'll provide feedback on that for the next convention. Nothing terrible happened, but the more hands, the quicker the job, and that's all I will say there. 

I will say that I had another incident with my room. Of course, I did. When I returned from walking, I couldn't enter my room AGAIN! This time, the light was flashing yellow. So, back down to the front desk. 

OH --- I just went to load the pictures, and they changed the interface!!!! You know me and change -- I don't like change! Oh well -- I'll get over it! 

Here's the thing with the lobby. This is the view from my room, as this hotel has an open atrium. The elevators are in the opposite corner of the hotel from my room. I almost felt like shouting over the railing since the lobby is on the left-hand side where that white flooring is. But I didn't -- it's all about gathering steps!

The lobby

Anyway -- this is the room from hell! Thankfully, it's not 666, but if you add the 7 and 5 - it could be 666 in disguise!

My room

Here's the thing. I had the "do not disturb" on my door, and it wouldn't open. So, no one is allowed to come in. When I returned to my room to wait for the engineer, the sign was on the inside of the door, and it worked fine. Seriously? Did the guy come that quick? (I doubt it!). 

The only thing I can imagine happened is that I was on the wrong floor? I'm on the top floor, so I can't see how I would make that mistake. 

I returned to my room and just got out of the shower, and there was a knock on the door. ACK!!!! There's no robe -- what to grab? OH - a towel! And at the door was the engineer to fix my door. The poor guy was so embarrassed. Hey -- you can't see anything -- I'm covered! 

The good news is that the door worked fine when I returned to the room late at night. 

However, when I had the "sawing" incident in my room, I heard someone had to move rooms. That person just sat at my table at lunchtime, so I got the scoop. Apparently, the toilet in his room wasn't working. I'm not sure what that means -- I didn't go into details. But he said it looked like it had been worked on before as it had scratch marks. 

So, the maintenance men were there at 11:30 PM to fix his toilet. And they made a huge amount of noise doing it. As mentioned, Jamie had to move rooms, and they returned to try fixing it again! 

Will I complain? You bet -- just wait until I get the feedback survey! I'm going to have fun with that one. Plus, I'll write a letter because this has been the room from hell! 

I'm off for one last walk through the gated community. Breakfast is a bit later this morning, so there's no rush, but I must get out. And I will confess that with all the walking in the convention hall, I didn't need to go for a walk last night. 

I am grateful I'm in good shape. I will say one thing --- just because a person appears thin or small to you does not mean they do not have weight issues. I have been conscious of it my entire life, and I work hard to stay that way. People need baths with Epsom salts to ease tired muscles. I can't remember the last time I had a bath. I hate taking a bath and wouldn't dream of it unless it was the last thing on earth, and even then -- I'd pass. Keep yourself in good shape; I won't go further than that. 

I'm not younger than these people, and yes, I have knee issues, as we all know, but I do not want to become an invalid before my time. My mobility is essential to me, and I make sure it's on the priority list - even when I travel for events like this!

I've walked almost 82 KM (according to my Fitbit) since Monday, and that's normal for me!!! No moss grows under my wheels. But you can't be me! I've been active for over 40+ years, and it's part of my DNA and daily routine. Do what you can do for you!

It's a travel day that will be rather long, with several hours in various airports, but that's OK. The girls and the boy will be happy to see me tonight. I think they have been somewhat "neglected" by DH. 

Have a super day!!1


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  1. The best thing I did for myself was get my knee replacements! Limping around was the pits. And when the first one was fully functional, the pain started in #2. I didn't wait 3 years the 2nd time, I got that puppy replaced! I was 2years out from that one in July. I can happily walk 10miles in total comfort. I'm 62 and a happy girl! Do what we can.....yes ma'am! I do not take my health for granted and choose not to waste my ability.