Friday, October 13, 2023

STOP - when you turn on a red light

I had a bit of a traumatic walk in the morning. I was approaching a busy intersection, which we don't cross. This corner seems to come with a lot of drama, having been there when an accident happened, found a disoriented skunk, and yesterday - well, yesterday was bad. 

I was approaching the intersection with Murphy when I heard an impact. OH! I glanced around. OMG --- a car has hit a young person on a bicycle. 

I would not be a good witness as I heard the impact, but I did not see anything as my eyes were elsewhere at the time. Where -- I have no idea - probably watching Murphy and anticipating her next move. 

I do not know which direction the cyclist was going, but I did check that they had the right of way, meaning the pedestrian light was on! The man in the car threw open his door and was on his phone as he checked the person lying on the payment. That person got up and hobbled to the side of the street. Another person stopped her car to assist and then drove on. 

I was concerned the guy going to leave without contacting anyone. As I stood on the street corner, a man beside me, who was totally engrossed in the scene. He may have seen what happened as he was waiting for the light to change. 

He got to the scene of the accident, and I moved along. I was NOT going to take Murphy across that street and to the scene if I didn't have to. 

Next thing, the fire truck and ambulance arrived. I can only hope the cyclist was OK. 

I hope the driver is traumatized for the rest of his life! And for his being in a hurry -- he didn't get to where he wanted to go on time! Two seconds would have made a huge difference! 

And for the sake of EVERYONE, PLEASE -- stop and LOOK when you are turning right on a red light. I don't know how many times I've nearly been whacked at an intersection by someone turning right. Not bothering to look both ways, not bothering to stop, and, in some instances, not even bothering to slow down!

I also think that someone on one of the e-scooters will get whacked. They go very fast, and drivers are not prepared for that. The bottom line -- it doesn't matter if you are in a car, on a bike or scooter, or walking -- TRUST NO ONE and keep your eyes OPEN. Stop texting or whatever on your phone. 

I almost think we should BAN the ability to turn right on a red!

I don't have much time this morning - shoot --- I worked so hard yesterday to have quilt pictures to share with you! I forgot I have an appointment at the gym. Well, I remembered, I just thought it was at 7:30, but it's at 7 AM. I'm trying to take the stretching seriously, and there's a free 1/2 session on stretching. 

I see they are changing the roof line of that second part of the Loblaw's store. I wonder what is going on here? There are so many retail/commercial buildings for rent, yet they keep building more or renovating existing ones because of downsizing. You'd think the industry could be more economical and use existing buildings more! 

Getting a new roof

This is the area surrounding the library. Nearly all the pavement has been ripped up and is being carted away. I always wonder why the machine gets on top of the pile? A construction worker was standing there, and I was tempted to ask him, but I didn't!

Digging up concrete

So there will be loads to check out on the daily walks! I did some calculations yesterday and am about 45 km behind on my challenge. Yikes -- I really slacked off in September. No worries -- I have 60 days to make that up, and if I do at least 1 KM each day -- I'll be right on time at the end!

And one more thing I need to figure out. Something is beeping in our house. It beeps about every two hours. I haven't timed it yet. I thought it was the batteries in the front door lock, as I was getting a low battery warning. Nope -- I changed them, and it is still beeping. Not the fire alarm because the beeping is too gentle. Not carbon monoxide. What else do we have that is beeping? 

On that note, I'm out of here, and all the quilt stuff has to wait for tomorrow. Let's say that I had a VERY productive day. And it's amazing what a show and tell deadline can do to you - when you have the time. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Could the beeping be the backup battery in the smoke or carbon monoxide detector? If so, it needs a new battery.