Saturday, October 29, 2011

What would you do???????

So what happens to the time some days?   You wake up and before you know it - it is time for bed. And you wonder "what did I do today?"  Yep - that happens. Maybe that is why I blog - so I can keep track of myself. Lord knows that if I don't write it down - it is gone. What have I done since I blogged last??   I don't know, but I do know what I did yesterday!!!!!

It was a Pampered Sit n Sew day. And there were only three people. Yeah!!!!!   That means that it was a very relaxed day and boy I needed that as the last Sit n Sew was VERY hectic.

I am happy to report that Sparky AKA the Big Black Dog is back to her normal self!!!!!  Maybe I mentioned that. So while I appreciate NOT being able to sleep in, she can be a pain as we get her back into her routine. "I need to be fed and NOW would be a good time!"  She is VERY insistent. Oh someone is at the door - "I MUST bark like crazy so my owner knows they are there - even if my owner is standing right at the door". Drives the man of the house CRAZY!!!!!

Sparky and Sammy had a visitor yesterday.

Hello BIG black dog!!!!!!
This is Tucker. He is a Dashchund - a mini - only weighs seven pounds and despite the fact that he is only four months, he was VERY well behaved. He ran around, but NOT like Kaylee. The toybox is too big for him to get into!!!!   Sammy pretty much left Tucker alone and so did Sparky. I don't think Tucker was impressed. It was very hard to get good pictures - he does move a LOT. But so CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!   He is welcome anytime at our house!!!!    Hmmm - I wonder if we could get to babysit??????

Linda (AS USUAL) is working on a project that I want to work on. It never fails - I feel like I am one step (make that about TEN steps)behind her.

This is called Spider Web. It is paper pieced and a great way to use up scraps. She has made good progress so far and I am sure it won't be long before she is done!!!!!!

Speaking of Linda and her SCRAP quilts - here is another one. Many of us made or are still making this quilt. That was several years ago - probably more years ago than I want to admit to. Anyway - we had done a black/white exchange and those strips were perfect for this quilt. The blocks have been done for AGES. Once I got something off the wall last night - I put this up. There is one row missing because I didn't have enough space (got to get that last panel of flannel up!)

Black/White Scrap

Ruth was working on her Elm Creek blocks. She is making great progress with them!!!   I think she has surprised herself because when she started this project back in January, I don't think she even thought it possible to do what she is doing! Way to go Ruth!!!!!

And Liz was working on some elongated diamond blocks which I did NOT get a picture of, but she is in a nine patch exchange and actually working AHEAD!!!!!!

9-Patches (done way before they need to be) - what a concept!!!!

I managed to get a bit of cutting and sewing done. After they left - then I kicked into high gear. OK - not until after dinner. And what did I get done?????   I got NOT one, but TWO of Gail's cancer quilts done. Well the tops.

Cancer quilt No 1

Cancer quilt No 2

I still have fabric left over to make four, possibly five?????? more of these. If I got off my butt and got them out of the way - then I can empty that basket. I think I am trying to get things done - simply because it is tidier!!!!   Doesn't matter - just get them done!!!!!

And that list I made a while ago????   Well - I am keeping somewhat to the list - but as Linda said - the design wall is my list now!!!!  

I also got one border on this quilt - oh yes - after I finished assembling it. And I think the wall was still warm when the black/white one went up!!!!!

One border on - one more to go. Then backing and binding and ready for quilting.

This past Thursday night was guild night and our tinners were due!!!!  Now what is tinners??   Each participant chooses a theme. You make a block to get the project started, find a cool container to put it in (or not), add a diary and some fat quarters. The organizer (NOT ME!!) has determined the rotation order.

I will tell you about my tin another day, but I am VERY happy with it. EXCEPT for one thing - I forgot to take a picture of the stupid thing once I got it finished. CRAP!!!!!!   And then when I placed it on the table with the others, I was blown away by the creativity of the others with their tins. (Yes - even though I had TWO cameras with me - I forgot to take a picture - I'll get it next month) Can't wait to see all the blocks!!!   There were enough people that we have TWO groups of eight. So while I did NOT take a picture of my tin - here is a picture of my block. Can you guess my theme?????

Tinner block

And NO the theme is NOT self-portrait!!! Nice try though. Guess again.......

Not witches, but Halloween. Come to think of it - I still do NOT have my tinners project back from last year. Note to self - e-mail Lisa!!!!

One of the topics of conversation yesterday (oh yes - I love the conversations we have during these sew days). We cover everything and anything. So much FUN!!!!!!  Anyway - the topic was "what would you if you won $50 million?)    I have thought about this a lot (NO - I did NOT win $50 million - but I did win $20 when I took my lotto tickets in yesterday!). Hmmmm - would I call up a quilt store and say "I will have ONE of everything", would I buy a retreat house and move there permanently?, would I buy a quilt store and have FUN FUN FUN with the customers, would I build a quilt gallery/working studio?     I thought very long and hard about this and decided that NOPE - none of the above would really make me happy BUT what would make me ecstatic would be to have a PERSONAL ASSISTANT!!!!!   Oh yeah - someone fun, someone who would work hard and smart, someone who could take all these crappy little jobs off my plate - like the errands I did all day Thursday (yes - I remembered what I did that day). That would make me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!

Al those years I struggled in an office and now many years later, I realize that paper pushing is NOT my thing.

Well since I did NOT win the lottery and there is no personal assistant, I have some e-mails to send and other paperwork to attend to. Best get started and get it over with!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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