Saturday, June 28, 2014


If you have ever been to my studio - you know that it is never tidy. I may clear off some work surfaces for guests to work, but the moment they are gone - WHOOSH - I wave my magic wand and EVERY SURFACE is covered.   I have a couple of intense projects going on at the moment and trying to finish up a couple of others and the studio - well have a look.....................

There is a quilt to be trimmed, fabric to be put away and those hour glass blocks to be trimmed
A quilt backing to be made and OH MY - there are those hour glass blocks again.   I need a container for them as they seem to get shifted from surface to surface. Not an effective use of time!!!!!
It is not enough that the work surfaces are FULL, but I have moved a couple more surfaces into the area (for picture taking purposes) and now I am dodging those.   Chairs have been called into duty - holding more quilts to be trimmed, empty boxes.  There are THREE sewing machines up and all are being used - depending on the project, thread colour and foot.   All the while, I am taking pictures and have to get everything straight (trying to write three weeks of blogs and my own)!!!!   Oh boy - what fun!!!!   Seriously - I am having a ball and so happy with my projects.  
Sorry - cannot share the projects with you yet. But watch QUILTsocial this coming week and you will get to see some of what I have been working on. I even got M excited about this new project and one of them is for her!

When I wasn't going crazy with my new projects, I was back on the long-arm. The girls are very funny and have their little routines. And the routines change depending on who is in the house.  If I am here by myself, they will come downstairs to keep me company. If someone else is in the house - they usually stick with the other person.    

This is Sammy's favourite sleeping spot.   She can adjust the temperature of her spot by moving up or down a step.  Especially on a humid day - you can feel the change in temperature step by step.  Boy - she looks totally bored.   But she is happy to be able to watch me, she can run to the front door if she is needed there. She is the CENTER of the universe. 

Sparky on the other hand wants to be part of the action. She likes me to notice her and how can I not when she is laying on the floor right where I need to walk!!!!!!!!!!   

However - I did get the customer quilt done!

Went to load the next customer quilt and had to make the backing.  But it is done and loaded and ready to be quilted this afternoon.

If you followed the QUILTsocial blog, you would know that I test drove the Husqvarna Viking H|Class 100Q sewing machine.   Then I was lucky enough to take it to the retreat for five days.   Well - I just had to BUY one.  It really is a super machine.    Check out QUILTsocial on Monday morning to see WHY I bought it.   This purchase shocked me as I am a bit of a sewing machine snob and have had access to a machine with lots of bells and whistles for the last 16 years.  But check out the QUILTsocial blog on Monday to see my rationale.

My new sewing machine

I was at Ruti's the other day. OK - so I am at Ruti's almost EVERY  day.  That is what happens when you have a super quilt/yarn store just minutes away.  Susan has been making me feel very guilty - she walks everywhere around here and I don't.  I got my townie bike out and rode to Ruti's for knit club yesterday.   I MUST MUST MUST make myself a bag to put in my handlebar basket.  Oh - I just LOVE that bike.
It's like going from a racing car (my road bike where you are hunched over) to driving a big truck where you are sitting up straight and can see everything!!!!!   I am sure a few heads have turned in the neighbourhood as I zip by as we tend to see a lot of older men riding their bikes around here. They ride slow - I ride fast (well faster!) And Ruthi was laughing because I have a CUP HOLDER on my bike.  She wanted to know how I could ride and drink coffee.  No - it is for going to Tim's and bringing the tea home!!!!!

When I was paying for my Stonehenge O Canada III fabric, I saw this skein of yarn by the cash. The colour caught my eye. Then I read the label and well, one thing led to another and YEP - I had to buy the darn skein, but NOT before I checked to make sure that ONE was enough to make something.   Hey - I'm no dummy, although we thought if you put the skein into a pretty clear vase - it would make a beautiful center piece. A great way to "hide" yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have a few things to prepare before my class this morning.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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