Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Living on the edge!

It's hard work to be self-motivating!  Yikes!  And there's so much to be done, it's a bit overwhelming to even know where to start. 

Here's a couple of things that I haven't done! Once that studio got cleaned up, I have NOT pulled stuff back out just so I could see it. I have made lists of stuff to do, I know where most things are and I'm keeping it that way and you know what? It's actually not a bad thing. I'm working on a couple of things at the same time and I'm OK with that, but I also have loads of room to lay things out and actually work on them without being cramped. I like that!

OH - I guess that's the only thing I haven't done. I'm making lists - I have The Task Master and I have my "other to-do" list which seems to get longer and longer. I hate those lists as I have several I've discovered from before. The goal is to actually do some of the things on the list.  I'll be working on that. I cleared a number of things already this morning. 

Although there was one thing that I purchased not that long ago and do you think I could find it? I hadn't had a chance to officially put it away. But during the relaxing process of quilting on the long-arm, I remembered where I had stashed the items in my haste to tidy up that studio. And yep - it was exactly where I thought it could be!

And I need to take a picture of my computer set-up. I'm working on TWO computers at the same time. The newest one was set up with my old e-mail address that was history a while back. I never changed that account since I wasn't really using the computer. Well, now I want to migrate everything over to the new computer. That old log-in wouldn't let me get on Facebook which surprisingly governs a whole lot of things that you do on your computer.  At last and all by myself, I was able to make that change and now I can actually use Facebook which means I can now use several other software, including Scrabble on the new computer. AHA - mission accomplished. 

All that remains (I hope) is to throw all the files from the laptop onto the new external hard disk that I have and then to install my photo editor and EQ8 onto the new computer and I think I can say goodbye to the laptop. Wow - that would be awesome and as expected, the more that I use the keyboard, the looser it becomes and I'm not making nearly as many mistakes. 

I did have a wee bit of a panic attack after switching that account as when I opened Outlook to get to my e-mail, there was NOTHING in there. ACK! But slowly everything loaded back into the account and I'm good to go. I have to repopulate the auto-fill for e-mail addresses, but that will only happen by sending e-mails so you may get an e-mail from me - just to say hello! In fact, I'm trying to fill in the auto-fill!

As M says - I'm techno mom! I have lots of technology, I just may not be good at it. But I'm going to give it a good try to get everything just as I want it to be!  And do you know how many times our home phone rings in a day?  TONS - I don't answer that phone as 99% of the calls are telemarketers. So if you call my home phone, leave a message and I'll get it. But never expect me to answer!

And now let's check out what happened on Monday. There was a wee bit of show and tell. Annadele brought in a tree skirt that she had made years ago. It's classic as it's still very much in style and very heavily embellished with all kinds of stitches and fancy fabrics. Looks awesome!

Classic tree skirt

Joyce was working on the binding for this mystery quilt that I designed years ago! I love her choice of fabrics. They are gorgeous. And that border print sure brings everything all together.

Mystery quilt - DONE

I decided to take a project from the UFO pile. It's been sitting around forever! It involved a LOT of buttonhole applique and I found this spool of thread with the project. I might as well use it up - I did have more with me. Isn't this sounding like that embroidery project from the weekend?

I didn't happen to have a cone stand with me, so I plopped it on the spool holder. That was awkward, but it worked. I just had to be careful that it didn't fly off.

Using up threads!
And what was I working on?  This gorgeous silhouette from years ago!!  I managed to get all the buttonhole stitching done on Monday. It took almost the entire day, but then I did spend a lot of time chatting.

The top is completely DONE!

Lots of buttonhole applique
Haven't lost my touch although perhaps my eyesight isn't as good as it once was? Yikes - that's not good news. Anyway, the finished project is just fine so I'm not going to worry about it.

And the binding and the backing are also finished. That's the good news. The bad news - there is ONE more top that requires the buttonhole stitching! I'm saving that for next Monday! I'm not having any issues settling into this new routine!

One top is ready for quilting

I'll show you the second top next week. But once that is done, there's one UFO done!  And I'm working on another one and I'll share that with you tomorrow. Perhaps I'll get it done today? Not sure as I have a number of things to do - of course I do!

I would say the hardest adjustment is my tea! I really can't justify starting the car and driving to Tim's to get a tea when I have tons of tea in the house. So - I'm not going to Tim's. I'll survive! It's just different that's all!

On that note, I had better make that commute and get to work!

Have a super day!!


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