Monday, December 4, 2017

Motivational Monday

Yikes - the end of the year is drawing to a close and I was reviewing my list of those UFOs for this year - hm - we need some intervention here. I'll show you in a minute. 

I mentioned that last week, Ronda and I had a sew day. I had taken my good iron in for servicing. I know - who takes their iron in for servicing? The iron is at least 10 years old, it's made by Reliable and YES - they do service them. Granted, these irons aren't cheap and I love mine. Ronda also has one and hers was having a wee problem with steam so I had taken them both in for servicing. 

On our sew day, I had dug out my old Maytag cordless iron and while it works OK, there are times when it needs a rest so I dug out yet another iron that I have. This one is also from Reliable. And while I love it, it shuts off and in order to restart it, you have to unplug it. Needless to say, they don't make this iron anymore. My luck - this will the iron that just won't die! It's not that bad and would be perfect for a sewing day when a lot of people are here. Hm - I might just do that. 

Back up Reliable iron
 I should ask the service guy if there is something they can switch off to make it stop doing that. Needing to be unplugged to restart that is.

Speaking of sewing days, I have the list and I'll be sending the invitation out once I refind the list. With the little SNAFU last week, I've put that list in a special spot and while I'm sorting through papers, I haven't found that one yet. BUT I will.

What have I been working on? Well on Friday with Ronda, I managed to get figure out how to sew those blocks together that I've been working on forever. You know - it was a UFO from way back in March. I wasn't even sure how many blocks there were or what I was going to do with them. That's how long ago I started this.

After several tried on the design wall, this is what I came up with.

Quilt made with half log cabin blocks
I like it, but boy - you sure do NOT see those little gold points that I spend hours putting on. I'll show you a close-up another day. When Ronda was here, I thought I was missing one block, but nope - all 120 block s were done. Yeah, and it's almost completely together now. And then I was going to add a border, but NO - this is already 60 by 72 so it doesn't need borders. But there are TWO quilts using this fabric - the other ones needs a border and then I'll make backings and bindings with the leftover fabric.

So here is my list of UFOs for the year. I thought it was time to get a move on. Isn't that silly of me to wait?

List of UFOs for the year
 Actually, there was one of the items that I'm not even sure what project I'm talking about, but I think I know which one. Nothing is crossed off. That's not good so I reviewed the list and highlighted the ones that are done. OH - that's not good. Only two are finished.

Only two items are finished
 However, the good news is that there are about three or four more that are almost completed and that will be the focus of my work over the next couple of weeks. And I'm working on one more today at the sewing group. I can get most of these done if I focus and I now have the time for that. Then it's off to make a new list for 2018.

One of the projects on the list (I think it's on the list) will NOT get done this year. It was an embroidery project. Look at how intense those folds are - it's been in my project bag forever!

Half completed embroidery block
 The problem was that the blue wash away pen I used to mark the lines was disappearing and it had become very difficult to see the lines to do the stitching.

Can't see the lines made with the blue wash away pen
 There was even a piece of embroidery floss attached to the piece

Embroidery floss still attached
 It's time for action on this! I had had a couple of pieces already marked with the blue wash away pen and I had washed those marks out, but I didn't want to wash out these ones with the piece half finished. Enough of that nonsense. I tossed it in the sink. GASP!  I did throw a bit of Synthrapol in with it to prevent any bleeding from that red thread. Nothing happened except the blue lines are now gone and I have to remark the unstitched parts.

Washing out the blue wash away pen
Of course, I had helpers who said they would stand guard and not let any squirrels or other varmin come close to my piece while it dried outside.

Standing guard over Mom's embroidery

I also worked on another magazine quilt. It's on the long arm and I hope to quilt it tonight. I'm waffling between an overall pattern or custom quilting.

On that note, I'm off to spin class. Haven't been in months - will I even remember what to do?

Have a super day!!!


I'm off to sewing!!!!   I'm off to sewing for the entire day!!!!

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