Saturday, June 12, 2021

Best dressed

 OH -- Patti sent me the "story" behind the saying, "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" I love it. Here it is in her words if you don't know it. 

In the olden days, when you were buying a horse from someone, you checked the condition of the horse’s teeth and gums – no teeth, not healthy, bad purchase.  However if someone was gifting you a horse, it was considered poor etiquette to check the healthiness of the horse (by looking him in the mouth) prior to accepting the “gift”.

AHA -- that makes perfect sense. Thanks, Patti!!

And Elle suggested a quick way to long arm TWO quilts at once. This would work for the Community Project quilts, NOT a customer quilt. Sew two backings together, load one batting, and zip - two for the price of one. Well, maybe the work of one. 

I'll see how things progress. 

Let's get to the exciting part of the day! I finished my presentation at 3:10, more or less. We went a little bit over time with a couple of questions. I don't care - I LOVE questions. Then I grabbed a book that had to be returned to the library. I put on my walking shoes, and I walked to the patio. DH had already left, and he was seated at the tables set up in the parking lot. No lines. Yeah!!! I got to the library and asked him to order me a beer, and it arrived on the table at the same time I arrived at the restaurant. 

Now I could have a beer at home, but that beer? Well, it was the best one I've had in a long time. Yeah!!! Here's to a better summer all around. 

Beer and nachos on the patio

I got the magazine quilt off - at least, I hope it was the courier who picked it off my porch. But yikes - look at those prices. 

If you really want to get it there in a hurry - you can. But look at the price. Ah, no, thank you. 


This is the next cheapest price and the RECOMMENDED option. Well, that gets it there on Wednesday. 

The next cheapest

And this gets it there on Thursday - I'll save some cash and send it the cheapest. And UPS has been pretty darn good. When they say the end of the day on Thursday, they mean that. Once in a while, it's arrived early the next morning. But I think we can all live with that. 

The most economical if you're not in a hurry

Well, speaking of shipping and ordering things, I realized that I hadn't heard boo about my shoes. And next thing I know, they carried at the door. After our patio time (we had an early dinner of nachos and chocolate mouse cake and beer, and I was stuffed!), we got back home, and I opened the package. Oh yes - I walked home - I needed to to help offset all those calories. 

This is my first time buying shoes online, and they are PERFECT. I love the color - they are NOT white. They fit like a glove, and I love them!! YES - I'm now going to order two more pairs. 

My new running shoes

There's only one small problem. The security tag is still attached to one of the shoes. It was probably shipped from a local store. So I'm going to find out what store has more of these shoes and go there to get them and then have them remove the tag. 

The security tag is still attached

So now my feet are going to be best dressed!!!

But wait - look at this. It's so stinking adorable. And look at that shirt!!! It's ME in my BEST DRESSED outfit—an orange plaid shirt. 

My best-dressed penguin!

OH MY GOD -- isn't that just the cutest, and look at the detail. A little plaid bowtie and look at the pocket. Double-stitched and all!!!!  It's precious!!!!

Look at the detail

Remember the penguin quilt I quilted the other week? Well, that's where this came from, and I love her note on the back - because I ONLY NEED ONE!!! Yep - that's true!!!   HEY SHELLY -- thanks so much - I love it. 

I only need ONE

It's a cushion cover, so I need to swap out another cushion or check if I have a cushion form that works for this size. And then I can use it every day when I sit and read. 

And I love her little tag in the back. I LOVE these little tags, and I use them on my quilts all the time. My source is ikaprint, but I'm sure there are loads of other places to buy them. You customize the message you want on them. 

Look at the label!

I have to share this photo with you. I found this when I randomly placed the little yellow Google Map guy yesterday. Right at the trailhead for the Appalachian Trail. I love that the sign reads Georgia (the southernmost tip of the trail is in Georgia) and Maine; the northern tip ends in Maine!!

A trailhead marker for the Appalachian Trail

How cool is that!!!  I'm nearly at 75% of this trail. It's been super interesting to walk, and I've learned a lot about the surrounding area. 

We have another HUGE adventure coming up starting on July 1. It involves a 10,000 KM walk, and there are three of us on the team. We have one year to complete that goal. I'll share more of that as we start on July 1. I'm super excited about it. 

OK -- I've run out of time. I have ONE meeting today, and then I'm FREE the rest of the weekend. Lots to do, but no running to a schedule. I LOVE IT!!!

Oh, and here's one last post on QUILTsocial. Something very cool I did with selvages. Check it out. 

Have a super day ---


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