Monday, January 17, 2022

Snowed in!

The best-laid plans get thwarted by the weather! So we have NOT had a significant snowstorm all winter, and I've been quite happy to stay tucked in my house and not go anywhere - well, nowhere really to go, so the weather didn't matter. Then the DAY that I wanted to go somewhere and had planned to go somewhere, we got a massive snowstorm! 

OK -- I was tempted to venture out, and then common sense prevailed. Why should I go out NOW in rush hour traffic when I can wait a couple of hours, sew with my friends on Zoom, and then venture out. It is supposed to stop snowing around noon. Just being a reasonable person! And even though my sewing machine is packed, it's not like I don't have another one to sew on. 

This is what it looks like out the front window right now. 

A winter wonderland

It's settled -- we wait until noonish to leave! And that'll give me time to walk the girls properly and shovel the driveway! Yippeee!!! But sheesh -- the timing couldn't have been worse!

OH my -- I was a busy little bee sending out homework follow-up and registration e-mails yesterday. All in anticipation of leaving early today. I still have lots to do and lots of writing to do this week, but it's all under control, and after this week, I think I actually get a wee break before it starts all over again!

It's incredible how popular online classes have been. I've been swamped with e-mails for sign-ups. Now for those that can't get enough of the ongoing courses, or you could call them a sew-along, I have two starting on January 29, and there is still room to sign-up. 

Here's the first one -- Among the Stars Again. It's a beautiful quilt - not too big. You can check out the details here and register for the class.   It's not a super complicated quilt, so it's going to be an excellent class for someone relatively new to quilting, and you will learn a ton of stuff. And if you're more experienced, then it's an opportunity to try out a new colorway! 

Pattern for Among the Stars Again

The other one is called Wonderful Wonderland. Super cute little animals, and while it's not very big, we're going to mess around with the size and make it a bit larger (if you want). Check out the link and get signed up. This also starts on January 29. 

Pattern for Wonderful Woodland

For those that want a bit more hand-holding as they learn free motion quilting, here's just the thing for you. Every second month, I give you basic instructions on assembling a table runner. Then we discuss different ways of quilting (free motion, walking foot, ruler work, etc.). We'll meet in two months and discuss what has happened - issues that arose and so on. It will be a super inspirational class as we view how the others have quilted their project. Here's the link to check out all that information. This one starts in February. 

Easy table runners to learn the quilting process

We had so much fun in UFO Club yesterday. It's fantastic to see how spurred on everyone is, and I have to laugh at some of those old projects that are now done or getting done!!

Here are some of the projects we saw yesterday. 

You've seen my Enchanted Autumn, which was on my 2018 UFO list but started in 2015. While it's technically not completely done, it's in the "to be quilted" pile, and I'm good with that. 

Enchanted Autumn

I've also decided to move all the photos of my finished projects into one folder so I'll be able to have a slideshow of everything I complete this year at the end of the year. 

Cheryl quilted this project called Science Fair. She quilted it with stitch in the ditch and straight line quilting on her domestic sewing machine. It's hard to tell in the picture, but she also used TWO different binding fabrics to match the colors along the edges. And if that wasn't enough, the top and bottom are not straight edges because of the hexagons. But it's DONE!!! Way to go, Cheryl!

Science Fair quilt

Colleen has prepped her next two blocks for hand applique. Wait until you see the finished quilt - it's going to be stunning. I think she has five blocks left to applique. Slow and steady -- it will get done!!!

Two applique blocks for Fleur

Dede is working on her Tula Pink - the 100 modern block sampler. I LOVE what she has done with the blocks. Black and white for the blocks and then added the pop of color as a frame. She's more than half done!!!!

Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks Sampler quilt

Diane had a LOT of machine applique to do with this one. There are four dog heads on the ends of each snail's trail block, with a dog paw in the center. All done and ready to be quilted. 

Diane's dog quilt

Elaine got her snowball quilt made with William Morris fabrics done! Well, the quilt top is done, and it looks fantastic. That's a LOT of flying geese in that border. 

Snowball quilt made with William Morris fabric

Since I'm in BOTH groups, I've decided to do two projects each month. Yep -- call me crazy!! I was going to quilt a quilt, but with the issue of those custom quilts, that wasn't possible this month, so I grabbed a small project from my UFO list of 2021. It's a small project bag. 

My completed project bag

Well, that wasn't its original intent. It was made to store the fabric license plates from the Row by Row Experience, and it was to have handles and velcro along the inside to keep it closed. 

Here's what the inside looks like. I did NOT put the velcro on, nor the handles. The pockets are made with mesh, and while I really like the concept, it's pretty flat, and when you fold it like a book, it's not going to hold a lot before it bulges out. It would be better if there was more room between the pockets (in the middle where you see the light blue) to act as a spine and accommodate thicker stuff. 

The inside of the project bag

I didn't put the handles or the closure on, but I think I might put an elastic loop and a button just to keep it closed. I'll test it out and see what else needs to be done with it. But it's done as far as I'm concerned. 

OK -- that's it for today. This morning, the girls are beside themselves. There is a rabbit under the gazebo, which I saw run under the deck while they are off in another direction. They are NOT very astute when it comes to catching rabbits, but they've been entertaining themselves for over an hour out there. And should one of them get stuck under the deck? Well -- get stuck where the boards are already unscrewed, please!!!

And on that note, hopefully, I'm blogging from a different location tomorrow!!!

Have a super day!


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  1. Well…I’m not sure if it was wise to sign up for yet another class, but I did. I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t force myself to continue practicing the free-motion quilting, anything I learn in you Th&Th classes might go by the wayside, so I signed up for your table runners with HH.