Thursday, January 6, 2022

Tidy up time -- more decluttering

 It's so hard to know what is open and what is not. Yep -- we're back in semi lockdown. The gym is closed, but the spa at the gym is open. I have a massage booked for later this afternoon, and I cannot wait! Side door, please! 

Then I went to the library yesterday to pick up a couple of books and DRAT -- the library is closed, and we have to make appointments to pick up books. So back home and figured out how to book an appointment. Usually, it's easy because there's a link in the text, but in this case, I had to find it on the website. And I even booked an appointment to pick up DH's book at the same time. 

Then I realized I booked the SAME time as my massage this afternoon, so I'll have to go later. DUH!! There are days when my brain just doesn't function well!

I'm making good progress on that admin stuff, but I NEED to get the distribution list out for the Timely Techniques. So if you've signed up, you have NOT missed anything -- I just haven't had time to do it. But I believe the UFO Club is organized, as is Green Tea. A couple more, and then I'll be clear! PHEW!!

Not that I want to add to your stash, but I found two things that I no longer want and am happy to part with them. The first is a KIT made with this book - Bear in the Woods by Quilt in a Day. 

Bear in the Woods book

This is the pattern -- it's a wallhanging about 36" square. 

Pattern for the kit

OK -- here's a picture of the fabrics in the kit. They are all labeled, so no need to worry about what goes where. 

Fabrics for the kit

The price is $20 for the book and the fabric. Not that I am encouraging any of you to buy something else or to start a new project, but it's up for grabs. And I would prefer not to ship it - that's extra. And don't buy it to put in your stash -- buy it because you WANT to make it. 

Here's my little stash of irons, which doesn't include my travel irons. Yes -- that is plural. Actually, just remembering, there is another iron and an ironing pad upstairs, and I should bring them down, so absolutely everything is together. 

Extra irons

This is the cabinet beneath the cutting table. Yep -- I've been through that, and it's all sorted. The top shelf is fusible products, the middle shelf is mostly freezer paper and a bit of overflow of the ironing stuff. And the bottom shelf is all ironing/pressing supplies. 

Inside one cabinet of the cutting table

That seems a bit excessive, but there are pressing sheets, parchment paper, Best Press, etc. 

A shelf of pressing supplies

And this is what my ironing board in Studio B looks like this morning. All that stuff is from the current project that I'm sewing - you'll see later. It's perfectly OK to keep the current project out -- you just don't want FIVE current projects! 

My ironing surface this morning

I LOVE my Wi-Fi-enabled sewing machine. That's the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2. There is a blog attached to my mySewnet account, and from time to time, I get notifications of stuff on the blog. It could be ideas, patterns, embroidery designs - whatever. 

The blog on my sewing machine

The most recent post was about making a banner using one of the built-in tools on the EPIC 2. Hmmm -- I never thought of using the letters that way, but it's very cool. 

Using letters from the EPIC 2 to make a banner

This is what I had to remove from the cutting table to cut that big piece of fabric. Most of this is now put away. And really, I do NOT have a problem with leaving stuff on the cutting table -- just don't use it to STORE stuff and try to put everything away as quickly as you can, unless you need it! 

Stuff from the cutting table to put away

I really need to move these quilts in Studio U. It is NOT good for them to be sitting in that sunlight. Hopefully, today, I can find a home for some of them, or at the bare minimum, cover them with something, so they don't get damaged or faded by the sun. 

Quilts in Studio U

Oh -- I found one more thing that I don't need as I have a new one. This is a binder to put your sewing machine feet in. 

A binder for sewing machine feet

There's even a preprinted list of the different kinds of feet. 

Labels for the sewing machine feet

It is branded Husqvarna Viking. If your feet are all over, this is a great place to store them. $10 for that. 

The outside of the presser foot binder

Are you convinced that we each have a twin or a clone? I swear that Michelle is my clone, or I'm her clone! We both love orange, we both ride bikes, and I've just recently hooked her on the Virtual Challenges. She drives only Toyotas! And most projects that she mentions, I'm working on the same project. The other day, she mentioned O Tannebaum, and yep -- I have some of that quilt done. I had to dig it out to take a picture to share with her. I have 13 of 25 blocks done! It's on my UFO list. 

My O Tannebaum quilt project

And how do you make a Husky happy? Put them outside in the snow! She insisted on going out - actually, it wasn't a snowy day, but we had snow on the ground. She went out to her favorite spot in the sunshine and curled up like happy as a clam. I love it - she has her paw on the rock! Just a cool Husky having fun! Oh, Lexi -- we love you!


So yesterday was an exciting day. That's why I love what I do -- no -- I don't like the amount of time required for admin, but this is the worst time of year getting everything set up for the classes. However, there are no two days alike! I'm getting ready to quilt a custom quilt. As a rule, I don't do custom quilting, but I decided to accept this challenge, and I'm getting well paid, so I don't mind. But the math required? Oh boy --- it was a bit of a challenge - to figure out the pattern, figure out the software, and well -- the test samples went pretty well. Lots of learning in this one, and it's pretty simple! 

I've made a new sample this morning and will wait to hear what they say. I LOVE it, and the actual quilting shouldn't take that long, but all the prework? Oh yes -- that's time-consuming but fun!

On that note, I'm out of here. I hope to have pictures of your cutting tables tomorrow. And if you've done work on your sewing station, ironing board, or cutting mat, send them along., and I'd be happy to post them. We get so many great ideas from seeing what others have done. 

Remember that the key is to find a home for the stuff you do not currently need. It might be good to have four baskets or boxes -- one to give away, one to sell, one for garbage, and one to keep. Once you have those boxes filled, you must deal with the contents. If it's to give away, put it in the car and drive it to the donation place. If it's garbage - that's easy. If you want to sell it, list it on one of the social platforms and get rid of it. And if you are going to keep it -- FIND A HOME for it. 

This will NOT happen overnight -- it's a LONG process, but try to keep at it every day. If you need to set a timer, then set a timer! I have a carload of stuff to drop off at the donation center, but I need to fix three things before. You'll see. I hope to get those done today, and then I can drop the stuff off. 

Have a super day!!!


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