Sunday, January 30, 2022

Using up the fabric stash for community project quilts

Wow --- I'm running out of time, and I've just started to write this morning. 

What a fun time we had at the Virtual Retreat last night. When I left at 9 PM, quite a few were still on the call. I was tired and had to get to bed. Then I slept in a wee bit this morning and still had to prepare the last presentation for this morning, so I was a wee bit behind. However, ALL is good. 

I started two new sew-alongs yesterday, so that's pretty exciting. I'll share those with you later this week. And we had a great discussion on Good Sewing Habits. Some of the discussion was scripted (from my notes), and a lot of it answered the attendees' questions! It was great fun. 

That lecture was through the Hobby Horse, so if you missed it, you want to make sure you are on their newsletter as that is where the Zoom link was. The next one is March 26, and the topic is tools. I'll demo the proper way to use a seam ripper and use the stiletto instead of pins. I'm going to show you how to get the most out of your rulers and chat about some specialty rulers. So get on their mailing list as the link is published in the newsletter the day before the lecture. 

And if you are struggling with choosing quilting designs, I will host a lecture/demo (with the Hobby Horse) on February 26. We are making small table runners, and then we'll have a good chat about how to quilt them. The quilting is the most critical part of the lesson - the table runner is secondary. I'll cover ruler work, free motion, and walking foot designs. It should be loads of fun. Check it out at The Hobby Horse

I'm not even going to apologize for all the dog pictures lately. They are such a huge part of our daily life - well, sometimes, they take over. HA - sometimes -- ALL the time. 

It was a glorious sunny day, and I walked into the living room to see all THREE of them enjoying the sun. Can you spot all three???

Dogs enjoying the sun

And then, at one point, Little Bear was on the sofa with DH. He's a snuggler, to be sure!

Just hanging out with grampa

But from time to time, he needs to go outside for his business. And he's a good dog IF you make sure to put him out. He knows that he has to do it outside, but if no one lets him out? Well, that's another story. And you have to watch him because sometimes, he tried to get back in without doing the business, and I shoo him back. He knows! 

Outside for some business

And M stayed at a friend's last night, so the little guy was a bit lost. Where's my MOM???? I took him upstairs, and this is where I found him. 

DON'T LEAVE without ME

After the classes, I got some work done. Barely! I got two pet mats finished. 

Two pet mats - DONE

And in an effort to clean up some stuff that had been lying around forever, I used up some upholstery samples and made the covers for NINE more pet mats. I think I'm good for a while. 

The covers for NINE more pet mats

While the cutting table is not too messy, extra stuff still needs to be put away. It looks much better than this, but I still have things on it. Mainly from the sew-along, so that's easy enough to put away. 

The cutting table is getting clean

I trimmed and put away more of the hourglass units. Yep, I will have to start sewing those together as the boxes are getting very full. 

More trimmed hourglass blocks

Diane needed some more fabric to finish off some community projects, so I dug through the fabric bins to see what I could find. And I found something for ALL her needs. 

A project for Diane to sew

So FOUR projects are waiting for her when she needs more sewing. 

More community projects to be sewn

And can you tell me why quilts are magnets to animals? I put this quilt on the floor, and Lexi was all over it like it belonged to her! I shooed her away so I could get my picture. Silly girl!!! Of course, Murphy wasn't far behind. 

Quilts are PET magnets

Here's a stab in the dark! Does anyone have the 11th pattern of this quilt? It's The Village Mystery Block of the Month by Pearl Louise Design. I'm asking for a friend -- she has the entire pattern MINUS part 11. So if you have it -- send me a note, and we'll see what we can come up with. 

I love that while we are all starting new projects, we are also digging out those old UFOs and getting them done. 

I'm going to try and play catch-up this coming week. I have ONE class this coming weekend. It will be interesting -- it's a two-hour, HANDS-ON class for free motion. The class is on Zoom, and it's very full. The rest of the weekend will be mine! What a concept! But it's all good, which means I'll be able to start working on all the homework for February. 

If you get a chance to stop by the Virtual Retreat today, it would be awesome to see you. It starts a wee bit later because of our Out of the Box class this morning. I bet they are all quaking to see what "fun" assignment I have cooked up for them! 

Virtual Retreat  - Sunday, January 30  STARTS at 11:30 AM EST. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

Have a super day!!!!


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