Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back onto the saddle yet again!!!!   This time, Anna and I battled the winds and managed 71K. No kidding those winds were pretty strong! The clouds were threatening and then it started to rain and then it poured for FIVE minutes only. I was worried - did not want to ride the last 20 K in a pouring rain. But that rain was enough to thoroughly soak our shoes and our clothes. As I was pedaling, I could FEEL the water just pouring in one of my shoes!!!  Then the sun came out and our clothes dried, but NOT the shoes. They are currently stuffed with newspaper to dry out. I am sure they are dry by now. But a great ride - as much as I complain about the winds, that is EXCELLENT hill training.

Even though I was tired, I did manage to get some work done.
9-Patch and plain squares - DONE!!!!
I got this top finished. This was just a "bunch" of 9-patches and plain squares. We were supposed to exchange BRIGHTS although some of these are a far cry from bright. But I just went ahead and used all the pieces up.

The top, the backing and the binding!

All I had left of the border fabric. How is that to clean something up!!!   The scraps went in the bright box!

Mommy - I know I am NOT supposed to lie on the quilts, so I will just TEST the  CORNER!!!!  I LUV you MOMMY!!!!

Oh those silly dogs!!!!!

Well - I MUST get out and ride more and eat MUCH better because all this cycling is sapping my energy. A daily nap or two is a MUST.

Well - off to Altitude Simulation Training -

Have a great day!!!!!


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  1. Beautiful! I love the brights! Not to mention the dog is pretty cute too!