Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life on a JET STREAM!!!!!

There are a lot of climbers on Mount Everest right now waiting for a window in the weather in order to make an attempt at the summit. The window of opportunity is very small and only appears in May and sometimes in September. Apparently there is a JET STREAM that crosses the peak of the mountain - 200KM winds no less and often you will see Mount Everest with a plume of snow blowing off the peak. During the window - the jet stream calms down!

I am following a couple of teams who are attempting the summit RIGHT NOW. And why am I telling you this?????

Well my life lately feels like I am living at the top of Mount Everest in that JET STREAM. Where is the time going?????   I seem to be getting NOTHING done and EVERYTHING is due. I mean - there are moments when I want to curl up and forget everything. I must dig deep - I must FOCUS. I must GET SOMETHING done. Something that I can cross of the list.

Thank goodness there is a long weekend coming - I will need it to catch up.

While I am acclimitizing very nicely to the Altitude Simulation Training, it is VERY time consuming. Travel time to the appointment is 1 hour (well 1/2 hour there and 1/2 hour back) and the training itself is ONE hour. So TWO hours of my day is GONE. Yes - I know - you are thinking - let it go. Cause it is seriously messing up my blog time!!!!!   But I will stick with it and see what happens. I think I will need to do a bit more research and then see what kind of results I get. I met someone I know at the center and he has been doing it for a year (not every day) and he thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!

The bottom line is that I have already gone as high with the altitude as they go (15,000 feet). And up to level four on the bike. The only thing remaining is to keep upping the levels of the bike. It is quite satisfying to know that my cardio and strength is as good as it is!!!!

And then let me tell you about the rest of my afternoon today.

I am attempting to sew - Marian and Kaylee are here. So while it was a bit chaotic, it wasn't too bad. However when they left - things went steadily downhill. Why you ask????   Well it went like this.....

Sew a couple of seams
Phone rings
Sew ONE seam
Sparky wants out
Sew a PART of one seam
Sparky wants in
Sew one seam
Dogs are barking
Sew a part of one seam
Phone rings
Sew one seam
Someone here to give me estimate on new roof
Sew one seam
Talk to guy about the roof
Sew one seam
Phone rings
Sew one seam
Sammy wants out
Sew one seam
Sammy wants in
Sew one seam
M gets home from school

Well - you get the picture. Honestly - I need to sew in a BUBBLE - where there are NO PHONES, NO DOGS and NO ROOFS that need replacing!!!!!!   And life has been like that for the last couple of weeks.

You know there has to be blame somewhere for part of the problem and this HONOUR goes to Ronda who suggested that I read The Enemy (Jack Reacher) by Lee Child. Well I could not put it down and so that wasted a bit of time.

On that note - I will try to be more timely in the blog updates.

Have a great day!!!!!


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