Monday, May 9, 2011

Mystery and Mystique

The retreat was definitely filled with LOTS of mystery and mystique.

After cramming the car full of sewing supplies (mine in the trunk) and Mary's in the back seat - the bike strapped on the back and we were off. We chatted all the way there and in NO TIME (well it seemed like no time) we had arrived. So nice to walk into the EMPTY house and see it fill up with all our goodies.

My STUFF - well part of it. It seemed that both Mary and myself kept adding just ONE MORE PROJECT

It was nice to see everyone together. Although we all keep in touch, we rarely are all together at the same time. So lots to catch up on.

Now we did go to the retreat to sew, BUT..........  a lot of other things happened........

The field trip out back to find a small yellow violet that Mary got excited about. 
A fridge CRAMMED with food

Lots of eating all that food (we were VERY HEALTHY in our meal choices). They hate me for nagging, but they just like to bug me. I think they are all appreciative of the better food choices!!!!

Geocaching - in a cemetery!!!!!

Geocaching by the river - AT NIGHT!!!!!

Lots of chatter!!!!

Reading magazines
Flo CRUSHED by the bag of GIANT marshmallows found on one of the many trips to the small general store!!!!

Those marshmallows are HUGE - a meal by itself!!!

Lots of relaxing

More relaxing!!!

Relaxing in the sun!!!!

There was some running happening and I went out twice on my bike. 35K and 45K. Did I mention that there are a LOT of hills in that area. Holy cow and with a head wind - well the mountains will be NO CHALLENGE to me. OK - let's face it since I have not been out much - I was knackered after those rides!!!!  Oh and let's not forget the trips to the quilt stores and did you know they DELIVER - in case you get back and those who did NOT go shopping want more of what you bought!!!!   Excellent service!!!

I know - you are asking yourself - did anyone get any work done?????   Well - yes they did.....

Sharron - quilting

The dining room people!

The kitchen people!!!!!
 In case anyone was keeping score - the Dining Room people did WAY MORE than the kitchen people!!!!

Lynn busy tracing a pattern

Linda - adding BLING!!!!!

I know you see these people at their machines, but did they actually produce anything?????   Well here is the problem. We are working on a round robin and it is secret!!!  While we can see the other quilts - we are NOT allowed to see our own. So NO PICTURES!!!!!   And most of the seven quilts were worked on during the retreat. I CANNOT post any of the pictures!!!!   DRAT, and from what I saw at the retreat - I really really really want to see what mine looks like because the rest of them are AMAZING. And yes - I know you are asking how could they work on each other's project when that person is there????   Well I was away on my bike a lot, there were shopping trips, people sleeping in and outright BANNING them from one room or the other!!!!!

I spent a LOT of time working on a project. Do you want to see???  NO WAIT - it is a mystery quilt and I am under STRICT orders - NO PICTURES until the reveal in the fall. DRAT!!!!!!!!   Can't I post anything?????   Oh Marian was working on a quilt. WAIT - that is a challenge and not to be revealed until later this month. OK - isn't anyone working on something that isn't a SECRET???????

Linda and her Christmas Tree quilt. There are lights to go on the border

Mary's City Quilt (contemporary quilt)

Mary  - lap quilt

Flo - table runner and placemats

Linda - quilted and bound this cute little wall hanging

Pauline - finished piecing this gorgeous quilt from orientals!!

And me????  I made SEVENTEEN blocks like this. Yep - that's it!!!!   (Well besides that mystery which took a LOT of time)

And now back to reality. Yikes - I was really liking that retreat thing!!!!!

And I started my high altitude training this morning. Essentially you wear a mask (that crushes your face!) and you control the oxygen content of the air you breath. While you do this - you are riding a stationery bike and every once in a while, they check the level of oxygen in your blood. Eight minutes breathing oxygen depleted air and then two minutes of regular air. Did this for 38 minutes. The first time they checked my oxygen levels, he decreased the amount of oxygen in the air. Came back later and decreased it AGAIN!!!!

After I was done, he said I must have some level of fitness for them to decrease the oxygen so quickly. I think tomorrow will be a different story!!!!   It was easy, but because it was still early in the morning, I was tired. And through it all - I listened to my audio book - appropriately enough a story based in Tibet!!!!   Where oxygen levels are considerably lower than here!!!

Oh yes - I have to tell you about a first at the retreat - I was EXHAUSTED. Must have been a combination of the cycling and the release of the quilt show. I could NOT stay awake. Thank god - no one thought to take a picture!!!!!   Anyway - had a good catch up of sleep. And ladies - who STOLE my pink Sponge Bob PJs???  Must get my sleuthing abilities out and found the culprit!!!!

And speaking of sleep - I see it is time for bed!!!   Yep - no time in the mornings this week to blog.

Have a great day!!!!!


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful, fun time! Except for the high altitude training bit!