Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a bunch of stuff!!!

Got some odd pictures that have been kicking around and I have a few minutes so here goes ....

This is for Lynn M. I caught this fellow when I was down by the Humber River the day I volunteered for the marathon.

The next picture is for Marian. I captured this one downtown Toronto. Yes - Toronto now has the BIXI bike.  These are right down town - many many stations. I figured she could teach Kaylee to sit in the basket and she could go for a ride from time to time when she is down town!!!!

Got another customer quilt done. Yeah!!!

And this is lunch from yesterday. OK - so Margo was eating!!!  It was very YUMMY!!! - Quizno Sub. My first time and I enjoyed it.

One thing I learned (but I never do it until I have no choice) is that I should reboot my computer from time to time. I keep opening windows to the internet and will have MANY open at the same time. The photo editor is open and often contains MANY pictures. All of that takes up memory BIG TIME and then the system just doesn't want to work properly. Then I have to close everything. So I MUST make an effort that ONCE A WEEK - I close it down - reboot and I should have no problem in the future. Hmmmmmmm - better plan that in a schedule cause I will never remember.

Got a busy day planned tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!


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