Monday, May 23, 2011

A little something for everyone!!!

My goodness time flies when you are having FUN!!!!

Friday night was Sit n Sew at Cockadoodle Quilts. As usual - GOOD FOOD, great fun with the girls and lots of laughs. AND I got a lot of work done. Unfortunately I can NOT show you any of it. I managed to get the current round robin completed - Sharron's. And since that is a secret project - can't show you. Carol arrived around 10:30 PM to pick it up. OK - so a tad too close for comfort on the timing. I have TWO rounds left to go. Then I managed to get a LOT done of my Border Creek Mystery hosted by Cockadoodle, but again can NOT show you that as it is a secret until the reveal - only because others might be working on it and do not want to spoil it. It looks awesome -- just have a couple of borders to put on.

Saturday was Christmas Club - I will post those pictures later - I have a crazy busy day and not enough time to do justice to them. And I still have Elm Creek to do.  I was very tired after a late night on Friday night (Carol talks way too much!!!) and a hard day on the bike - more in a second. Bottom line - I needed a nap!

As for the bike - I bought a new seat for my road bike. Now I know - you are thinking I bought some fancy gel seat. NOPE - back to the basics for me. I LOVE the OLD FASHIONED leather seats by BROOKS. Sure not an old fashioned price!!!!!   That seat cost MORE than a basic bike!!!!!!!

Brooks Leather Seat for LADIES
 There is only one problem with these seats. They require a break in period. Could be anywhere up to 1,000 KM. And yes you can put a conditioner on them to soften the leather, but they are hard as a ROCK.

NEW Brooks saddle
 This is what it looks like new (OK - so there is 115 K) on this one.

OLD Brooks saddle
And this is what they look like after several thousand Ks. Do you see the indentations????   Those are where your sit bones sit on the seat. This is the seat on my touring bike. And so comfortable. Even with the seat not broken in, it is still way more comfortable than the other one I had on my bike which I left at the store.

Anyway - Anna and I went out on Friday morning - road 51 K. It was a tough ride for me. I was over dressed and no place to put my extra clothes when I got hot, lots of hills (I am NOT a good hill climber), and the new seat. Anna with her new bike was way ahead for most of the ride. Then I went right to the gym and worked out with Alwin. Oh yeah - a sucker for punishment for sure.

Back out on the bike yesterday for another 66 K (yes we count EVERY KM). The road was flatter, I was properly dressed and I managed those 66K in the same time as the 51K the previous time. NOT a lot of women out on the road on their bikes. Although I saw a lot of cyclists - only one or two women. A bit of rain, but nothing to get up tight about. I always say - I don't mind to ride in the rain, but DO NOT want to start in the rain. I hope the rain gods are listening!!!!!

Then home and have a quick shower and then Ronda was here with lunch and her sewing machine. Good thing because I probably would have had a nap!!!!  Anyway - I am almost finished something, but will show you when I am completely done. But I managed to get that last block for The Patchwork Sampler DONE!!!!!

Crow's Feet - #47

All 51 blocks are DONE. And now to figure out a time to sew it together. Lots and lots of projects where the blocks are done, but not sewn together. Yes - I will just have to pick a project and get to work on it. If I ever get the time.

I also managed to get some gardening done. Those darn thistles. Got out my trusty shovel and got rid of half of them. Now to deal with the other half. And it would be nice to get some flowers planted. Hmmmm - maybe I can sleep walk and do that!!!!

So I have this great GPS for my bike - measures just about everything including calories expended. It is just an estimate based on speed, altitude gain, weight of rider, etc. etc. Do you know in three hours - it told me I had expended just over 2000 calories!!!!!  I mean how cool is that and the best part - I was NOT even tired when I got back. I for sure could have gone for a longer distance, but did not have the time. And my legs today - nothing. I think that is part of all the training, including the high altitude training. My speed was definitely up from previous years on the same terrain and there was wind. Anyway - got to try and get another 885 KM on that saddle before the Ride to Conquer Cancer (June 11 and 12). Oh boy - that is going to be tough!!!!

On that note - Anna is on her way here and I need to be ready to get out for another 60 + KM.

Have a great day!!!!


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