Friday, May 27, 2011

That was CRAZY!!!!!

Oh boy - looks and sounds like a CRAZY person blogged yesterday. Well that was a good test for the upcoming summer. Of course - I have NO intentions of blogging while riding my bike so we should be OK, but if you have ever tried typing on an iPad screen while in a car - let's say it's not easy!!!!

What a whirlwind day - I was EXHAUSTED when I got home.

The day started with taking M to the clinic because she needed blood work. This requires fasting - well getting her to fast for 12 hours was an ordeal all in its self. Ever notice that when you WANT a teenager to eat, they won't and when you tell them they CANNOT eat, they are ravenous. Yes - the top 10 reasons why computers are like teenagers - well I see I only got as far as 4 yesterday, but I think we all get the message. Then we arrived at the clinic and some poor fellow had collapsed while waiting in the line. Yes - I was concerned for him, but at the same time, I was on a TIGHT schedule and one of the nurses was tending to the man. However we managed to get through the line and finished right on schedule. OK - a few minutes late. No TIME to get to the bank - which wasn't an issue, but I OWE a LOT of money today!!!!

Drop M off at school and head off to our meeting rendezvous. AHA!!!   I was NOT the last person to arrive and I was certain I would be. As I mentioned yesterday Kaylee and I were safely tucked away in the back seat of Marian's van.

Miss K and ME. While I look happy, Miss K looks a tad apprehensive. Am I stuck with HER all day?????  But she changed her mind and we had loads of fun!!

If you are a dog - the following will demonstrate how many ways there are to sleep in the back seat of a van. 
The old head on the lap pose - very comfortable. 

The head on the leg pose - comfortable
The head on the blanket on the leg pose - more comfortable
The lean the head on the lap pose - not bad
The scrunch your head in the armrest pose - not so comfortable

The let your body FALL into the most bizarre position and no place to rest your head pose- not so good and definitely NOT PRETTY
|Add a little play time - that lady let me BITE her hand!!!   Well not really - we were just playing. 

Oh stop it - no more pictures please!!!!!!

We made decent time to London where the Canadian Quilter's Association (CQA) was hosting their show.

I have a quilt to get finished this morning and I will tell you all about the quilts in a bit, but if you are thinking of going - you SHOULD go. And if you go - then you MUST go visit the Quilts of the Netherlands. They are STUNNING - between you and me - I think we enjoyed the Netherlands quilts more than the CQA quilts. Different show - different venue. I'll give you all the details in a bit - but MAKE PLANS to go - both are worth it and can be done in a day.

Quilt Canada 2011

Quilts of the Netherlands

Have a great day!!!


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