Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life is NOT FAIR!!!!!

We have all had bad days. Come on - we may not admit it, but they are there. You know the kind of days - you wallow in self pity, think the world is against you, no time to get things done - your sewing or whatever.

But when I look at my life - so far I have NOTHING to complain about. Well I can complain to myself!

It seems that almost everywhere I turn around I hear of someone who is stricken somehow with cancer. Now this is NOT the toll of death that it used to be. I won't mention any names, but one lady recently underwent surgery for her THIRD bout of cancer. She has the most sunny disposition you could imagine. I love her to death and even though she is going through a lot of crap, she always manages to put a smile on my face!!!!  Someone else waiting for surgery for cancer has now been diagnosed with cancer in another spot - surgery postponed and into chemo. The list goes on and on.....   and listening to some of the stories from Marian who drives cancer patients to their appointments - well I am EXHAUSTED just listening to their stories - never mind having to live through what they do.

Personally I am so lucky in that my entire family seems to be pretty healthy. Knock on wood!!!!

And have you noticed that our pets seem to be falling prey to this same disease????  Just heard about little Zoey who was under two (I think). Sadly little Zoey did not make it. She was such a cute little dog. And Cowboy and others.

What the hell is going on??????????

All I can say is STOP WASTING your life. You MUST make each day count. DO NOT WAIT to do those things that you want to do. Take a trip, tell someone that you love them, write a book or whatever it is. Life is unfair and it may be your turn tomorrow!!!!

Anyway - enough of that. Let's dig through the pictures and see if we can find something a bit more cheery to talk about. Oh yes - my training this morning got pushed back so that is good - I can blog!!!!

I am UNABLE to show you what I am working on - yes - those darn round robins again!!!!!!   However here is some show n tell from the last week.......

Diane - what she made with the 5" dark charms that Monday Motivators exchanged . The top is NOT done yet. I LOVE THIS. The colours are gorgeous - a restricted palette was used. Monochromatic - brown, black, red, blue, green and purple.

Diane - what she made with SOME of the black/white strips that Monday Motivators exchanged. This is similar to the one that Mary made at the retreat a couple of weeks ago. Difference - Diane added red for some of the sashes. 
Margo - a very scrappy GORGEOUS quilt that she is making for herself - FOR ONCE!!!!
Lois - this quilt is the block of the month at the Mississauga Guild. I believe they had 48 people signed up and Lois is DONE. Quilted, bound and I bet there was a label on the back. This project was based on a book which was based on  "Little House on the Prairie"
Pat - same quilt. Notice how different they are, yet they are the same. Look at the flying geese on the right hand side of the quilt.

The pattern that was used. 
Judy's table cloth (not finished). Very cute - would also be nice as a wall hanging and then she could go wild with the embellishments. 
Mary and her project for last month. I think she is going to add additional borders to it. I believe we saw Linda's last month or the month before. 
Marian spent a LOT of time working on this ENORMOUS block. Oh let me rephrase - she spent an ENORMOUS amount of time working on this TEENY TINY block. She fussed, she measured, she double checked and then she cut. Then she recut. She was going to use a ruler, then she was going to use another ruler. I finally convinced her to just plunge in with a regular ruler and see how PERFECT that little block is. One down and 21 to go!!!!!

And in a moment of MADNESS - she asked me if I wanted the cut off pieces to make half square triangles. CUTE!!!!!

You know that all my fish died this past winter and I was lucky enough to find TWO people who had fish they want to get rid of. Judy brought me FOUR fish the other day. |As we were putting the fish in the pond - I had to run for the camera. Although it is hard to see - this reminded me of the final scenes of Finding Nemo!!!!   Yep - there we were with fish in a plastic bag in the water!!!!

Fish in their plastic bag in the water in their plastic bag.

Fish getting used to their new home.

 As we were emptying the fish into the pond - we think one of them is PREGNANT. She had a BIG belly that I don't think was bloating!!!!   Will have to keep an eye on her, although they have found the bottom of the pond with all the weeds and they are quite happy to hide down there. Not interested in coming up for feeding at this point. They are probably in SHOCK.

You know - I feel very calm and very relaxed now that I have got all this down on paper!!!!  Maybe that is my release - too much pent up in my head and my brain feels like it is on Everest!!!!

For those of you who are interested - check out this web site.

This is a fellow who is making a bid for the summit probably tomorrow (our time). He has a tracking device and if you click on the full screen of this web site and go to SATELLITE image - you can "see" his progress to the top. It is pretty neat. Also check out the TERRAIN image - you get a better idea of where the top of Everest is.

Alan's quest for summit of Mount Everest

I had my Vector cereal for breakfast - honestly - how can they think we are happy with just one box!!!!   Yet - those little boxes are laden with calories - mostly sugar I am sure.

Well time to get my butt in gear and see if I can get something done before I head out for my training.

Have a great day!!!!


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