Sunday, May 1, 2011


We had a lot of visitors yesterday (hope to see more of you all today!!!) and it was so much fun to visit with everyone. Wow - and I did get some time at the end of the day to actually look at the quilts. This is a TALENTED group. There is such a variety of work - again - I am really proud to say that I am a member of the Brampton Quilter's Guild.

Show time - 10 -4 (Sunday - May 1)
Jim Archdekin Rec Center
292 Conestoga Blvd
Brampton (Heartlake area)

The show opens today at 10 AM (lots of door prizes available). There is a mini-quilt raffle (and ladies - the quilts today are as nice or nicer than those from yesterday!!!! and NO I did not win anything!!! - got to buy MORE tickets today!)

The vendors all had wonderful things for sale. I did put a bit of a dent in my little cash stash!!!  The members boutique has great magazines, books, LISA's jangly bracelets - ooops - I forgot to take a picture of them. I'll do that today. Quilts, luggage tags, and many other goodies - you must come to see!!!!   And bring MONEY!!!

The challenge is great fun to see what each person did with the same fabric, community projects has a great display of their work, plus what is being shipped to Japan and in honour of that display we had a number of guests in attendance.

I will NOT get the names right, but the two gentlemen in the front are from the Team Canada Kendo group. The coach on the left and one of the team members on the right. Blanca holding court with her family members in the back!

They were the most wonderful people to chat with and I learned a lot about the uniform they wear and the "sword" (I think that is what it is called). 

Being a martial art - there is a lot of ceremony and respect in the sport. It was intriguing to listen to them chat. And in turn - they learned a thing or two about quilting. Blanca made a quilt as a fund raiser from the cloths (I will get the name) that they wear under their helmet. 

In full uniform. It is quite imposing with the wire mesh mask and thickly padded shoulder guards.

And will you look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?????   I can't imagine which of them instigated this little "scarf" incident. You see when they read that I would be the one wearing the orange scarf - they thought they would have a little fun with it!!!!   Oh yes - my friends!!!!   Never a dull moment to say the least. And did you note the BLACK CLOTHING!!!!!   The little buggers!!!!!   Marian NEVER wears black!!!!!  or yes - and that is Carol on the left!

Anyway - there is lots and lots to see at the show. It closes today at 4 PM. Make sure you get a chance to get out and see it. Bring your camera!!!!!

I recently bought a new camera which I am trying out this weekend. And I just found out that the camera has a REMOTE CONTROL for taking pictures. How cool is that. 

Camera remote control

No more setting the self timer and running like mad to get in the picture!!!!   It works up to 5 meters away. Hmmmm - got to find some good use for that!  

Well on that note - I must don that ORANGE SCARF and head out to the show. Got to take lots of pictures and lots of notes today for future shows. 

Have a great day!!!!!


PS - Started to sew that One-Block Wonder together today and crap - I had to rip out most of what I had sewn (just one row). I think I managed to turn every piece around and upside down. I guess I wasn't quite awake yet!!!!!

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