Saturday, April 30, 2011

I need TIGHTER jeans!!!

No - this is NOT about a rapid weight loss - nor is it about a slow weight loss. Last night when I was getting ready to leave the quilt show I COULD NOT find my keys. Normally I carry them in my jacket pocket. Nothing!!  A pat down. Nothing!!!!  I searched through my bag. Nothing!!!!  I searched my pants pockets. Nothing!!!  I ran to the car to see if I had accidentally locked them inside. Nothing!!!!!  Back inside and researched my bag. Nothing!!!!  Then I searched my pants pockets again and can you believe the stupid car keys were there all along. We are not talking ONE key, but THREE car keys so they are not small. How that happened I have no idea, but I was thinking I might just have to sleep at the arena and deal with my keys the next day!!! I guess I was just tired.

The Brampton Quilt Show looks AWESOME. It is amazing to see the work of the guild members. We would look at pieces trying to guess who had done what. WOW - there are a LOT of surprises. This is NOT the traditional guild that we used to be. There are some INCREDIBLE art pieces, PHENOMENAL hand work on large quilts. The pieces range from postcards to king sized quilts and everything in between. There are quilts with bling, quilts from classes, pieced quilts, vintage quilts that have been finished. There are bags, jackets, pillows and well you will just have to COME SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Not to mention that the girls spent a good part of the day setting up the members boutique - there is a LOT of stuff for sale - books, magazines, PRE-CUT squares, bags, quilts, bracelets, lanyards, luggage tags, place mats - so much - it is incredible where all the stuff came from!!!!!

The community projects have an AWESOME display. The amount of work that the guild generates for the community projects blows me away. There are cuddle quilts, memory quilts, pet mats, large quilts and lap quilts and probably much more that I have forgotten. The crew has set up a beautiful display.

There is also a display of the quilts that the guild is donating to Japan. Along with that are two beautiful Japanese quilts and the Japanese flag (correctly displayed - thanks to - I've forgotten his name- for helping us out there). And there will be some Japanese Samurai warriors in attendance today (great for photo ops???) and tomorrow we have geisha girls/women and the Team Canada Kendo team.

Six wonderful vendors (several are NOT local). Hey - wherever they are from - shopping is always a GOOD thing. Got to add to that stash room!!!!!  (I've already made a trip to the bank!!!)

The block challenge display is so CREATIVE. They did a fabulous job of displaying the TROPICAL theme blocks. And how are you going to choose your favourite amongst those on display - they are ALL GORGEOUS and very well done.

And let's not forget the challenge quilts. Hard to believe that all these quilts were made with the same fabric AND with the same theme (You've come a long way baby). And YES - you have to vote for your favourite.

The tea room ladies have been busy getting some fabulous food ready for your enjoyment.

And you MUST pick your favourite item in our SIX categories - large, lap/crib, wall hangings, clothing, miniature and other.

If you haven't purchased raffle tickets - there are two GORGEOUS quilts up for grabs. Better buy more than ONE ticket.  

And there are over 40 mini quilts ( 20+ different ones each day!!!!!) for you to purchase tickets on. Better come BOTH days.

There are TONS of door prizes.

WOW - I'm exhausted just thinking about all this. Just a word of caution - we are in an arena - so bring a sweater or jacket - it WILL BE cool.

Set up went very well and I am NOT posting any pictures. Oh no - you will have to COME to the show to see all the wonderful work. I am very proud to say that I belong to this guild. But as I was watching the show go up and checking out the work - a question came to mind. Am I a traditional quilter or well what am I????

I love the art quilts and I would love to do them (but I NEVER had time so I don't even know if I like doing them or if I am good at doing them). I love PIECING and don't want to give that up - well spend less time. All the more reason to get off my butt and do the things that I WANT to do.

CHECK OUT THE SHOW and come say HI!!!!!!    (yep - that's me in the orange scarf!!!)

The show is located at
Jim Archdekin Rec Center
292 Conestoga Blvd

(Heartlake area)

Admission is $6.00

Have a great day!!!!  


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