Friday, April 22, 2011


Yes - even though I am getting my act together, I still have a few things that NEED to be done and for various reasons I have been putting them off.

Why do we procrastinate???   Well sometimes - BUT VERY rarely is it lack of time. I mean I got that red/white quilt top together and that took a lot of time. Often times there is something attached to that job that we don't want to face. Sometimes I think we just like to sabotage ourselves. Let's see how much stress I can put on myself. Oh yeah - I'm definitely in that category.

The monkey on my back????   Yes - it is those tie quilts!!!!   You know that number 1 and number 2 were delivered. Yeah for small miracles!!!   Number three has been quilted a while ago and just needed the binding hand stitched down. And number four - well it needed some work!  I am happy to report that I have the binding ALMOST stitched down on Number 3. I got a audio book to listen to and I made excellent progress last night.

Oh did I tell you my incentive????   Well it appears that SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless) decided to enter these two tie quilts into the upcoming quilt show in Brampton (April 30 - May 1). First the customer was consulted and he was promised delivery of the two quilts in May after the show. Hmmmmmmm - what does that mean????  Well the darn quilts have to be finished!!!!   Oh my god!!!!   NO MORE PROCRASTINATION allowed - the clock is rapidly ticking.

OK - so here is why I was procrastinating on that last tie quilt. The design on all of them is different to accommodate the various sizes of tie and to not make them all the same. As the last tie quilt was being constructed you can imagine that the amount of fabric left was getting slim. I had 104 ties to make four BIG quilts.

After making the center of the quilt, I decided that I needed to make some scrappy borders for the last one. And this is what I had to work with.

Scraps of ties to make a border

See what I mean. How do you create something out of nothing????    I was DREADING this task, but could not put it off any longer. 

The center part was done (the center blocks and the first border with the big squares). I managed to get the black border on and got enough of the scrappy border created that I could sew TWO sides on. Just TWO more scrappy borders to make - 130" of scrappy border to be exact!!!!!     Here is what it looks like at this point in time. 

Tie Quilt Number Four
Now when I was working on it (around 5:30 PM last night), I realized that I had NOT purchased additional fabric for the last outside border. DRAT and Ruti's is closed!!!!!!   You are kidding me because I had hoped to get it quilted over the weekend. An emergency call to Diane who works at Ruti's (that where the fabric came from and that fabric was used in the other quilts). Diane lives close to me, so I ran over a sample of the fabric - yes she thinks they still have it at the store. I can't get to Ruti's on Saturday (and today is Good Friday) so Diane is going to shop for me and I can pick the fabric up on Saturday night. I am such a DOLT for leaving this to the last minute. Well it isn't the last minute, but getting close!!!!!   I did get the flannel backing washed yesterday and will try to sew that up and get loaded on the machine.

As for the state of the other pieces I have entered in the show (there are SIXTEEN in total): some are completely done, some need labels (pins work well for emergency situations like this!!!), some need sleeves (again pins work wonders), a few need binding stitched down and one needs the binding sewn on and of course the tie quilt. Well it will be an interesting week to say the least. And I have CUSTOMER QUILTS that need to be quilted.

OK - after the crisis of the show is over - NO ONE is allowed to talk to me until I get a bit of back log caught up. Just kidding - while I am very good at managing stuff (well most of it), I am still NOT good at managing my time. That will come next - got to schedule time for things and STICK to the schedule.

Yesterday was our day to work on the Farm Fresh quilt.

Farm Fresh by Buggy Barn
This is a really nice - funky quilt. There are 6 of us working on it. I did not get everyone's pictures, but here is where we are to date.
Mine - Bloom block is complete, the two daisies - glued down - not stitched

Linda - two blocks complete. I LOVE the purple flowers

Marian (always has to do something different). She is changing up the pattern. These pieces are almost ready to be stitched and guess what she "stole" from me to do the stitching.....

"stolen" thread
 Boy she is lucky to have a friend like me - well stocked!!!!   Of course I do have several patterns of hers and they have been here forever. Well she has made them and I know she won't make them again!!!!  And she does give good advice - well most times!!!!

Linda's Christmas Trees

Linda has gotten the center of her Christmas Tree quilt together. She ripped all the paper off yesterday. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt. Yes - it is on my list of things to do.

Then Marian and I were off to visit with Lisa. Lisa just had major surgery and we figured she would need some cheering up. Before we went to her house - we made a quick stop at Tim's. I know you are asking - did I give in??????   I DID NOT!!!!!   I sat in the restaurant - had my soup and an apple juice!!!!!   A milestone to say the least. Yes - I really do not crave the stuff - but I miss the "habit".

However - look what we saw on the counter. I love it!!!!!  How cool is that!!!!

Roll up the Rim to win BUTTON

Then off to Lisa's house with her coffee. She is looking pretty good for just getting out of the hospital. Way to go Lisa!!!   But DO NOT over do it. Anyway - she took us on a tour of her studio!  I LOVE this room.

Lisa's fabric stash (all nicely organized in bins)

Same group of containers - but look at the neatly labelled pizza boxes!!!!

This is where the FUN stuff is kept.
Yes - her sewing/cutting table was a disaster, but Rome wasn't built in a day. I think this is a fun, funky room and Marian and I wanted to dive in start playing!!!!  Hey Lisa - I'd get rid of the TV so you would have more space!!!!!  Just invite me over and I'll help you get the rest of that stuff sorted and in a home. Once it is in a home - you will have no problem keeping it neat and tidy!!!!!   And I am so JEALOUS - she as TWO beautiful windows for lots of natural light. I am stuck in the basement. But I'm not complaining - I do love my space.

Well speaking of diving in and playing - Lisa has been busy - look at this beautiful box of stuff.......

Quilter's eye candy!!!!  - Do you know what these are????
Fabric beads

And who says Lisa is NOT organized - this looks very organized if you ask me!!!!

And what is she going to do with all those beads?????   I think you had better come to the Brampton Quilt Show to see. Some pretty cool stuff.

Speaking of studios - Lisa's studio reminds a bit of Manuela Marshall. I posted a picture of her studio a couple of weeks ago - here it is again.

Manuela Marshall studio

Manuela Marshall studio

Don't you think they look similar.

Oh yes - and someone LOVED my basket that Manuela had made. Remember.....

Hand coiled basket - Manuela Marshall
I JUST love this basket. It sits on my cutting table and I put my scraps in it. When it was full (that DID NOT) take long. I took the scraps and hung them in the trees in the back yard. Some in a small basket and some in an onion skin bag. Hopefully the birds will find the scraps and use them for their nests!!!!  Of course - the birds may prefer some of the new fibre (wicking fabric) so it doesn't stay wet!!!!

Anyway - check out Manuel's blog -

I got my pond cleaned FINALLY, but it needs repairs. I knew that - it's a long story and I won't go into it, but I knew this was going to happen. I believe the crew is coming early next week so then I should be able to get up and get my fish to restock the pond. Right after the quilt show.

Filling the pond

And yikes - tomorrow is the $10 class at Hobby Horse. I do not think I posted the pictures of what the girls did last time. I am slipping!!!!

Christmas Heart Light

Christmas Heart Light

Christmas Heart Light
I promise to be more up-to-date with that.

And here is show n tell from Monday Motivators. I already posted a picture of one of Robyn's birds, but look at this guy (well HER name is Blossom), but we all thought it needs to be Pierre or Jacques!!!!   He looks so FRENCH with his ACORN CAP beret (I gathered up a bunch for her from "my" forest)

Pierre - I MEAN BLOSSOM!!!!


I mean - are these NOT adorable!!!!!!    I am trying to decide on a colour scheme and going to get Robyn to make me one or two or three.........    Anyway - they are for sale and if anyone is interested - I can hook you up with Robyn. She is creating an Etsy site, but I don't think it is up yet.

I have a sick puppy. Well not exactly a puppy and not exactly sick, but poor Sparky has a severe limp. She is quite sore and I am not able to see what exactly is wrong. Did she sprain her foot??  Does she had a cut (I don't think so). Anyway - she is not in good shape. Going to watch it a day or two and see what happens.

On that note - I am off to a CRAZY weekend - stay tuned to hear all about that!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


DON'T FORGET - The Brampton Quilt Show - April 30 - May 1 (for more details - check out their blog)

Brampton Quilt Show

and if you haven't voted for the studios yet - check out this site. Remember my studio is number THREE in the BEST STASH category. Voting closes April 25!!!!

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