Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Homework catchup!!!

I am going to go through all the on-going classes I am teaching so if you are NOT in those classes bear with me.

First - let me tell you about my day yesterday. Started off EXHAUSTED!!!!  Thank goodness I left the in store retreat early so I could get to bed at my regular time or I would have been wiped for DAYS!!!

I ended up going to Marian's house (with my two girls). I know - you are thinking "she has SO MUCH to do before the show - how can she afford an "off" day".  Well - I took binding and I managed to get the binding on one quilt and the sleeve sewn down. When I got home, I tossed this quilt in the washer to get rid of the blue marks on it. As it is lying on the floor getting the final dry - guess who walks on it????  Oh yes - THE FUZZY DOG!!!!    But at least her feet were dry so no damage done!

After dinner, I fired up the audio book and managed to get ONE MORE binding done!!!   TWO in ONE DAY. That must be a record for me!!!!   So I DO NOT lower your opinion of me - I won't tell you how much still has to be done. Let's just say that today and tomorrow will be jam packed!

I think once the show is over, I am going to take two days (well I hope it doesn't take more than two days) and get labels on all my quilts and there are pins in some places on sleeves - wouldn't it be nice to say that all are complete????   Yes - for those who run through and finish everything - GOOD ON YOU - it just didn't happen here, but I am getting better - so time to get up to date.

Then there is another local quilt show in October - I better get my act together and get that stuff done NOW!!!!
Yes - let's make lists - but after the show.

And NO - I will not post the pictures of the quilts I finished binding. You MUST attend the show in order to see them!!

OK - here is the homework assignments.

Christmas Heart Light

This month we are making SIX variable star blocks. Page 11

Christmas Heart Light - 6 Variable Star Blocks 

Each block consists of SIXTEEN half square triangles - four are used in the center, eight in the star points and four for the outermost corners. So it makes sense to make the four in the center one colour configuration, the star points another and the outermost corners yet another.

The starting squares are cut 3", trimmed to 2 1/2" and finished in the block at 2".
Pressing plan for the Variable Star Block
Pressing plan for the block center (note - TWO are pressed to the light and TWO are pressed to the dark)
Pressing plan for the star points - 4 are pressed to the light and 4 are pressed to the dark

Pressing plan for the star points - 2 are pressed to the light and 2 are pressed to the dark

 I think it is easier to make this block by making FOUR 4 patches - spin the seams, then join the FOUR 4 patches to make the block and spin the seams as you go.

Just watch how you position the HST - with those seams either to the light or dark.

Then applique the heart (if you want in the center of the block)

Nancy's homeowrk


Dragon Star

We are working on Bag #3 and Bag #4. The colouring of both bags is IDENTICAL and creates the spiky star points in the middle sides and corners of the quilt (NOT THE CENTER) - I hope that makes sense because we have already done the spikes in the center.

The process is IDENTICAL to bag #2 - just change the colours if you wish. The background used is THE background.

I recommend you do Bag #4 first. While the pieces are basically the same, the foundation is a tad smaller and easier to manage.

This is how you will cut the templates (NOTE these pictures are from the first set - so don't use the numbers as a reference!!!!!)

Lay out the TWO strips of fabric. Fold them at the fold line so you have half of the strip wrong sides together. You can cut through the two strips at the same time (basically cutting through FOUR layers of fabric)

Once you cut a rectangle (I just laid the template on the strip and added a smidgen more - remember the larger templates go on the wider strips, the narrower on the narrow strips.
You might want to lay out all the templates on the strips BEFORE you cut to make sure you have enough.
Then cut diagonally through all four layers. 
Same process as above, but with a skinny template.

Same process as above, but with a skinny template. 

Once you stack all 8 shapes on top of each other - you will note that they are in pairs - basically a right and left (because your strips were wrong sides together when you cut). You can separate them at this point. Your templates have a left and a right - use the appropriate ones for the appropriate foundation piece.

If you are confused - contact me!!!!

NOTE: On Bag #4 - I found that I had to extend the sewing line NUMBER TWO right into the seam allowance or it would not work. I don't know if this was an error on the pattern or my brain wasn't working properly.


Welcome to the North Pole

Ah - some easy home work.

Here are the two blocks we are working on......

Welcome to the North Pole - homework blocks
Welcome to the North Pole AND the Marble Shop

NOTE - I DO NOT have the snow on my blocks yet. Watch the North Pole block - some of the shapes are behind the snow and some are in front. I fused the top part of all the pieces (leaving the trunks of the trees and the elves' feet loose). Once the pieces are stitched down that are behind the snow - I will add the snow and then fuse the trunks, feet down.

Other than that - have fun!!!!!!


Elm Creek Quilters

I will be posting a separate tutorial on the flying geese units and the half square triangle units, although I think you are all pros at them by now.

Ooops - ran out of time - I will post the Elm Creek info tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!!


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