Friday, April 29, 2011


Yes it is the day BEFORE the quilt show. What am I doing????   GOD - I am STILL SEWING!!!!!!  Will I EVER LEARN?????   So when I was having all that fun on the weekend - I guess I should have been sewing my quilt show stuff!!!!  

With the exception of one binding that will not quite be hand stitched down and paper labels, I think everything got done. NOTE TO SELF - take time in the next month and get labels on everything, bindings complete - blah blah blah BEFORE I start something new.

We had a great speaker at the guild last night - Karen W. who spoke about copyright. Holy smokes - basically you can't make anything! - well unless it is for personal use. I knew that, but when it is highlighted - it sure makes you think. I think some of it is carried to extreme (no rolling your eyes Karen), but I do think credit should be given to the designer, the quilter, the inspiration or whatever, unless it is COMPLETELY YOUR WORK or COMPLETELY PUBLIC DOMAIN.  That is one of the "fun" things about making labels - I am usually running around the house trying to find the source of inspiration or the derived source (that is a NEW term to me) or the actual pattern. Hmmmm - I guess with all those bindings, backings and tops - I had better insert a note about the pattern, etc because sometimes - well you no longer have the magazine or pattern that was used. OK - so that will be a task after the show and after my retreat. Thanks Karen - I am sure I won't conform to all the rules and regulations, but I will make an honest effort to get my stuff in order.

And I have a reprieve. There are a few things that I was planning on doing/making for this show, but alas they did NOT get done. However, the other guild I belong to is having a show in October. NOTE TO SELF: GET THOSE THINGS DONE - then they can be out of the house, off the lists, etc. etc.

It is interesting how people deal with the copyright issue. During our show n tell, one person got up and PROUDLY announced that she photocopied the pattern from a magazine for the quilt she was showing. When asked if the quilt had a label - she muttered something like "why would I do that??"    I mean - really. What are these people thinking! Well I won't go into a diatribe on that issue, but labels are fun - because they can tell the story of the quilt when the maker is not around.

And I have to say that yesterday I had another RUN AROUND day. Got the last quilt quilted (I know!!!! and yes it is the LAST TIE QUILT). I have so much going on - I can't even enjoy that feeling. Then off to Marian's (with both of my girls - they want to go with me in the car now!!!) and had lunch with some of the Monday girls. Then some of the applique girls showed up (ooops - Marian needs a secretary) so the hand sewing ladies stayed upstairs and the machine sewing ladies stayed in the basement. Marian was running up and down the stairs - pretty funny. I bet she was exhausted last night. Then back home to get my kid, then off to the bank where we learned a whole lot about compromised cards and bank fraud. I won't go into details - so as to NOT give anyone ideas!!!!!   Then pick up another kid and drop them off somewhere else. I am a TAXI SERVICE!!!!!   Well if I could have reclaimed those couple of wasted hours - I could have had this binding on!

On that note - I am back to the sewing machine - I have ONE BINDING left to sew on, but because of the nature of the "quilt" (two layers of fleece quilted together), I am sewing both sides of the binding down by machine. And then a bit of hand stitching on one more quilt and I'm ready!!!!!!

The Royal Wedding???   No - I had no desire to watch in on TV. Good grief - hours and hours in front of the TV watching a bunch of people arrive at the Abbey and all the pomp and circumstance????   I'll watch the highlights on YouTube. OH MY GOD - I am a changed person to say the least because this time last year - I would have been glued to the TV. And still NO hot chocolate. And NO desire either!!!!   Now what other vices do I need to get rid of?????  Just want to get rid of some weight - how do I do that easily????

Hope to see you all at our show tomorrow or Sunday.

Have a great day!!!


(sorry - no photos today. I did NOT take any pictures yesterday. How did that happen?????)

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