Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday!!!!

In the world of dates and events - yesterday was in fact Good Friday. But is was also a GOOD FRIDAY. First off - no working. Yeah - well I did lots, but no official working. And lunch with friends, dinner with friends and LOTS and LOTS of sewing. Oh yes and LOTS of FUN!!!!!!!

Can you believe it - I finished that crazy tie border!!!   I am so thrilled. This was sitting on my back burner for way too long. The quilt looks pretty decent too. Except can you see what happened???   Just so you can understand better - I was using the sew n flip method to put the tie pieces on a backing. Then I measured out one border. No problem - went to measure the second and look.......

The black is the foundation - I was short 1 1/2" INCHES!!!!!   Back to the scraps to eek out a few more inches. 

See what I mean - some parts were heavily pieced. 

The end result

All in all - I think it will be just fine. I have one more black border to put on to make it the right size and hopefully Diane can find that at Ruti's this morning for me. Then the binding, backing and off to be quilted and bound ASAP. Labels will have to wait until next week.

Caroline stayed overnight - that is a common occurrence in our house. It seems that these two are inseparable. Because now M is at her house. Caroline has been working out and let's just say that her legs were a tad tender as she tried to negotiate her way down the stairs yesterday.

Caroline hobbling down the stairs
 And yes - I know that BIG wall just screams - put a quilt here. But because it is curved - well I have thought of many things, but acted on NONE.

Off to Marian's house for lunch. DH was playing golf so Caroline went in his place!!!!  Sammy came with us (she adores M and hates to be away from her). I don't think Sammy realized that we were going to Kaylee's house, but once they got through their little routine - they were fine!  OK - so they ran around like idiots, but what else is new.

Although Kaylee likes our house - she is NOT allowed on the sofa so she loves when there are new people to JUMP on ON the sofa.

Sammy - not sure what to make of all this. She is NOT allowed on the sofa at home, but hey - this is neat!!!!!

Kaylee's tongue was hanging a lot more than that, but this was all I could catch on film (stick???)
Buffet lunch - yummy!!!!!  

Hunting for easter eggs

Let me just JUMP up to get those eggs

The loot (hmmmmm - I was told by a certain someone that they were TOO OLD for easter egg hunt)

Then Marian showed us a new sign that they had bought and it just called for a family photo. Need I say any more!!!!!!   Honestly - this looks like an out take from some whacked out TV sit-com!!!!   But they are a FAMILY - no doubt about that!

Family Picture - Take one

Family Picture - Take Two
Oh hell - it doesn't get better than this!!!!!

Sammy and M - on the way home.

Then it was off to Cockadoodle for a fun-filled weekend of sewing. More on that later - I see I have run out of time.

Have a great day!!!!


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