Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Beginnings

WELCOME to my new BLOG!!!!   New address, but STILL the same CRAZY antics of quilting, cycling and of course dogs!

 Oh my goodness - there is a LOT of stuff that I can add to the site - gadgets and all kinds of goodies. But I do not have time for that at this point. Just wanted to see how this will look and add a picture or two and then see it goes. Bear with me as I make the switch and get things laid out as I would like. If there is something you would like to see on the blog design - can't read the font or whatever - let me know. I can DO ANYTHING on this one. But probably the same thing - too many choices and nothing will change!!!!

Now let's go for loading a picture and see how that works.

This is the Mexican Star quilt. Remember I told you I had found the perfect backing - well see what I mean????  And the binding is done - it is ready to be quilted, but that will come later.

Now let's try a link - here is the link to the Neilson Park Creative Centre


You can check out the show details, but it was worth the visit. The vendors were only there on the weekend, but the show itself is well worth it. Quilts, rug hooking and weaving.

Now that I have spent a LOT of time this morning on the blogs - I must run and get something done.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!


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