Monday, April 11, 2011


Dear Mom

I was an ANGEL all DAY!!!!!   But when THAT MAN came home - I terrorized the house!!!!   I think I have overstayed my welcome - good thing I am going home today!!!!

But first I have to tell all that has been happening. So much.

On Saturday THAT LADY had to teach a class. It was called One Block Wonder and it was held at Cockadoodle Quilts. THAT MAN was away and so was the girl. So the three of us got to stay all by ourselves UNSUPERVISED and we were the best dogs in the whole world.

Elaine's - do you think she likes bright colours?
The first thing that lady did when she arrived at the class was put her blocks on the design wall.

Angie's Fabric
Angie's blocks - she made ONE solid cube

Cathy's fabric
Cathy's blocks

Chrystal's fabric
Chrystal's quilt - take one

Chrystal's quilt - take two - notice that she put the dark blocks on the outside

Donna's fabric
Donna's blocks

Gail's fabric
Gail's blocks

Gillian's fabric
Gillian's blocks

Joanne's blocks - no shot of the original fabric - she didn't keep one and  had cut it all up. She wasn't taking the class, but had dug out this UFO. 

Shirley's blocks - I forgot to get a shot of her fabric. And she made one cube (not for this project)

Well that is it for today. I am COMING HOME and that lady will just have to post all the CUTE pictures that she took of me and all the pictures of the Pampered Sit n Sew. It was a BUSY day. Come back tomorrow and see all that. 


Love Kaylee!!!!!!


  1. Dear Elaine,
    I am sooooooo tired. I just follow Mom around and fall asleep at her feet wherever she is. Mom thinks I am a bit depressed - what does that mean? I think she knows that I am missing the big black dog and the fuzzy dog. Just when I have finally gotten all settled in at your house she comes to get me. Why can't we all live together? Can't you people learn to get along like we dogs do?? I did get to go to the dog park today but I don't like that big German Shepherd that tries to bite me. I just want to play in the woods behind your house. Can I come back? Please? I'll bring Mom. Okay?

  2. P.S. It says Marian posted that last comment, but you know it was me right? KAYLEE! Not Mom. ME!!!!