Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time is RUNNING OUT!!!

It is now mere hours before our show starts and I'm still WAY BEHIND!!!!

Yes - do not forget to come to our quilt show this weekend.
That is the Brampton Quilt Show
April 30 (10 - 5)
May 1 (10 - 4)

Jim Archdekin Rec Center
292 Conestoga Blvd.

I will be there the entire weekend. Stop by and say hi!   I was looking  though the entries yesterday and OH MY GOODNESS - there are some interesting quitls. Close to 400 items will be on display. Bring your camera!!!!

The voting is now over for the FibreArts magazine. You know - the studio contest. And now the waiting begins. I am not sure when they are going to announce the results but as soon as I know - YOU will know. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

And now back to the homework for Elm Creek

54-50 or Fight

The peaky n spike section

Cut one rectangle from bottom left to top right (they are NOT on the cutting mat just so you can see better)

Cut another rectangle from bottom right to top left

You now have TWO left hand pieces and TWO right hand pieces

Lay out two long side triangles with the center triangle

Line up the points and sew with 1/4" seam

Looks like this

Line up the other side - matching the points

Looks like this when sewn


This is what the unit looks like. You will notice on the lower right side that there is not a lot of fabric. I have left some of the seam allowance because there wasn't enough of the fabric on the side. If you want more breathing room - make the rectangles a little wider than 1 5/8". Then you will have more to trim, but you will have enough to get the complete size. Yes it is lopsided!!!!   I must have been sleeping when I trimmed!!!


Yes - it happens - when doing the math, I sized it originally for a FOUR inch block!!!!  Don't worry - you have the measurements for the SIX inch block.

Card Trick

Card Trick - trimming up each of the units. It should finish 2 1/2" so use the intersection of the 1 1/4" lines on the ruler at the center of the block (the intersection of the seams)

Corn and Beans
Corn and Beans - layout of the center section. Sew it in rows!!!
Corn and Beans - center section

Corn and Beans - 1/4 of the block. Trim to 3 1/2" and repeat with the other three sections

 And that should conclude all the homework for this month. Yikes - that sure keeps me hopping!!!!

Let's see - Oh yes - I was trying to get a quilt quilted yesterday. Well that was just NOT going to happen. Between the phone, sorting out the hanging details for the quilt show (where are we going to hang all these quilts???), picking up kids (not even my own!!!!), visiting a senior's residence (for a quilt project), taking a tour of the city of Toronto (for the upcoming Marathon!!!) and yes - I couldn't even read ONE chapter in my book before I was OUT!!!!

Let's just say that today - well today is going to be busy. What is critical?????   I MUST get myself better organized for stuff like this. Too much left for the last minute and no time allowance for those last minute gotchas.

Have a great day!!!!



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