Friday, April 15, 2011

When you LOVE something - buy LOTS

Often I am asked how much fabric to buy. You know how it is - should I buy a FQ, should I buy a meter or more?

When I first started quilting, I was doing a lot of paper piecing. For the pieces I was working on and because I could get a LOT of different fabric for minimal cost - I bought a LOT of fat quarters (you know - one meter or one yard of fabric that has been cut into quarters - hence the name FAT quarters - a SKINNY quarter is just a regular cut (selvedge to selvedge) of fabric.

And this worked for a LONG time, but you end up with a LOT of non coordinated fabrics. And then one day you realize that if you are going to use your stash - a FQ is USELESS. OK - not exactly useless because is depends on what you are going to do. If you work on small quilts, scrap quilts, applique or paper piecing - FQs are PERFECT. But if you are making large coordinated projects, a FQ does not go far. You can't even make a binding for a lap sized quilt from the FQ. Needless to say - I rarely buy a FQ any more but depending on what it is (I buy novelties fabrics in FQ size.)

I now buy 1 meter cuts (usually) if I like something unless it has a specific purpose - then obviously I buy enough for that purpose. I DO NOT buy fabrics for backings any more - I have so many.

And what usually happens if you see something you like - you probably buy the same fabric TWICE.

So this morning, I found another box of Stack n Whack stuff. Look at these fabrics.......

Potential Stack n Whack/One Block Wonder
Potential Stack n Whack/One Block Wonder
Both of these had been purchased to make Stack n Whack, but I think I would prefer to make One Block Wonder instead. However before I cut up the second one, (it is from Quiltmaker's Gift - a line from a LONG time ago) - I might use it for the backing of a quilt made with that fabric - that is another story!!!!)

And then I also found this - obviously I LOVED this fabric or thought it would be very appropriate

Potential Stack n Whack/One Block Wonder
Do you remember this from a couple of days ago. Well apparently I bought TWO pieces that I could use. OK - so ALL Stack n Whack/One Block Wonder stuff is going in ONE spot. I will need a bigger container to hold it all. I have books, rulers, templates - you name it. They really are fun quilts because you never know what the end result is going to be.

Now let's critique the fabrics - the purple/gold one - BIG motifs with high color contrast. There will be splotches of purple, and splotches of yellow. I think it will be quite pretty. The second one - will be very subtle and on second thought - it really might be appropriate to use it as the backing for this other quilt.
And the bottom one - well I love the high contrast and I think it would work perfectly.

You know how we all have resolutions (OK - some of us do not call them that!), but you know things that we want to try to do to improve ourselves. I have several and I have learned that you cannot change yourself over night. But I am really really really trying to cut back on my fabric buying. For several reasons - I DO NOT need anymore and secondly I am going to use that money to whip myself into shape!!!!!  Yes - I signed up for the high altitude training!!!!!  I start in May so if I start to appear a bit hyper - you will know why!!!

Back to the resolutions - like everyone I would love to lose some weight. One of my inspirations is Mary. Now this is a complete turn of the tables. Mary has lost a lot of weight and is now running/walking FIVE K - five times a week. WHAT!!!!!!!!   That is WAY MORE than I am doing and I used to work out that often. No way - I need to get my butt out there. So yesterday - well I worked out with Alwin at the gym for one hour, then on my bike for 27 KM (crap - windy AGAIN!!!!, but at least warm) and then off to the chiro to get treatment on my wrist (separated ligament - likely), shoulder problem (old war injury) and of course - keeping the back/neck open - a side effect of cycling AND sewing. Do you wonder why I can home and needed a little nap!!!!!

But you know what - I FEEL AMAZING today. I always do so why can't I get myself motivated to exercise more?????   Well - I don't care if it kills me - I have to make that part of my day. Stretching, yoga, cycling - whatever - it HAS TO BE DONE!!!!!!

And something else in the resolution department is that DAMN hot chocolate. I decided that I wanted one yesterday afternoon. I almost couldn't drink it - it was VILE!!!!!!    Yes - I know - what happened? I was feeling so healthy after all I had done, that I couldn't stomach the sweetness. So NO ONE is allowed to buy me any more HOT CHOCOLATE. I don't know if I can go cold turkey on this or whether I will have to wean myself off. I don't mind the Tim's HC that you make at home, but the store stuff has become to sweet. The problem is that it is a HABIT to go there. That is going to be tough to break. Get the bike out - go for a ride instead!!!!  I could be doing a LOT of bike riding!!!!   And what a shame because look at all my winnings......

ROLL UP THE RIM - winnings
Well I will eek them out to M and hope she doesn't get addicted to the damn stuff.

And here is the progress report. I got one more block done on the Patchwork Sampler.

Patchwork Sampler, Block 33 - Big Dipper

 I did NOT get a chance to work on the red/white - had to get the binding sewn on a quilt so I will have something to do when I am sitting in the booth at the Creative Festival today. I will be sitting in The Needle Pulling Thread booth from 10 - 3 today. Come by and say HI!!!!   I am looking forward to it - always a good chance to catch up with people.

And I made some cute little things last night but I am still in the prototype mode - one more modification to make and then I can show you. I am making to sell them in the boutique at the Brampton Quilt Show - April 30 and May 1.

I only have one class to teach this weekend and a short one at that. I made a list of all the things that need to be sewn this weekend. It is going to be busy - but I MUST get out on the bike - rain or shine and it is going to rain. Oh goodie!!!!!

My advice today - think about your life and your life style. Make a list of things you would like to change. Don't make it in your head. You have to WRITE IT DOWN. Then break each one down into steps. And then figure out how you will accomplish those little steps. You may have multiple changes so pick the one that you are most likely to succeed at and go for that. Then you can pick a new one and so on. When I was at the doctor for my physical - I said I would like to lose 25 pounds. You know what her comment was - let's focus on the first FIVE. Oh yeah - she is RIGHT ON.

I will be making my list later today and breaking it down.

Have a great day!!!!!


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