Sunday, April 17, 2011



A while back the magazine Fibre Arts announced a contest for studios in the categories - Best Stash, Best Organization, Best Setting, and Best Use of Space. I submitted photos of my studio in the Best Stash category.

Anyway they had over 70 entries so they selected about half based on the quality of pictures (which Lisa took for me) - thanks Lisa and the content/context of the photos.

My STASH room got selected in the Best Stash category. Therefore - you MUST VOTE FOR ME!!!!!

To vote - go to the link above and click on the button that says "Let the Voting Begin". My stash room is the third one in the first category - it is the one with all the white baskets and the angle of the shots looks AWESOME. At the bottom of the page on the left hand is a pull down menu - choose the number (that's NUMBER THREE) and click on the NEXT button and choose your favourite in the next three categories. You can only vote ONCE.

This is exciting stuff - the voting is open until April 26th.

Please pass this on to anyone - you MUST VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!


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