Monday, April 18, 2011

What happened to Spring???

Well wasn't that interesting weather yesterday????   Lots of wind, cold temperatures and SNOW - big flakes. Oh yes - we also had sun. What a crazy day - Anna and I were supposed to go cycling, but we sure cancelled in a hurry when we saw the conditions. I was contemplating going to the gym, but then got caught up in sewing and tidying and well - there wasn't any time left.

I had an AWESOME day yesterday.

Progress Report::

Red/white - DONE (well the top, backing and binding)
Patchwork Sampler - TWO blocks done
Number of Tim's Hot Chocolates consumed: ZERO!!!!
Red/white top DONE
Left over blocks
So there were a few reject blocks. Some that I made at the beginning that were too small, some that were too big or some that just didn't fit in - and one block that hadn't been cut!  What to do with those extras???   Two choices - put them with the rest of the orphan blocks I have or piece them into the backing. I decided to go for the backing. Here is it.

Backing of red/white with leftover blocks inserted
The whole thing - the top, the backing, the binding (bias - no less) and that uncut block is going to become the label. NOTHING left over!!!!!

Ooops - these are left over
 I lied - yes there were some leftovers - these are the circles that were cut out from behind the applique pieces. There are labelled and in a plastic bag back in the UFO closet. I have an idea of what to do with them, but it is far down on the radar screen.

Our show n tell is TONIGHT - yeah - I made the deadline although now there are a ton of others looming.

 Here are the two blocks I completed for the Patchwork Sampler

Patchwork Sampler - Block 37 - Four X

Patchwork Sampler - Block 35 - Chained Star

 Only FIVE blocks left!!!!  I still have the half square triangles to piece. I have a few pieced and will be trimming them today. This is exciting stuff!!!!!  And I will have to make a decision about that missing fabric soon. I think I will just pick another light coloured one and mix it in.

And as for the Tim Horton's - I knew yesterday would be a tough day because it was a leisurely day - snowy and blusterly - the perfect day for a hot chocolate. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. And NO - I did not gorge myself on chocolate or anything else. This is easier than I thought it would be - but I think I am realizing that it was a psychological thing for me. A comfort thing - a BAD HABIT!!!!!!!

Let's see - what else did I get done - not nearly as much as I had hoped, but gosh everything seems to take way more time that anticipated. And we had to have a family meeting to discuss teenage issues!!!!!   Oh goodie - I just love those.

Speaking of orphan blocks - Ronda gave me some blocks a while back - extras from one of her projects. I had debated - do I do something with them or put them in the orphan box. They have hung around the studio for a couple of weeks. I made a decision - yep - they went into the orphan box.

Ronda's extra blocks

The orphan block box

I know - you are rolling your eyes at my anal tendencies!!!   You see - I am a Virgo and for several years - yes shortly after M was born - I think aliens invaded my brain and took all my organizational skills away. Now they are back!!!!!   I am ALMOST obsessive about it, and I am consistent. When the red/white quilt was done - I found a home for EVERYTHING that was left over. It is really making it nice to work when I know where everything is. 

HOWEVER - I am now looking for another ruler - a Tri-Recs ruler and do you think it is on the peg board with the other rulers????  NO - obviously I left it with a project and I can't for the life of me think which project that is. I might have to do some hunting because I need it for a class tomorrow. I DID FIND the iPad though - yes it was under something else - just like I knew, but where???  Well the ottoman that is in the kitchen of course!!!!!

Oh yes - I promised to show you the art pieces that I purchased from Manuel Marshall. Here is the first of the pieces - I will eek out the pictures. 

Hand coiled basket - VERY STURDY

Hand coiled basket - a GREAT place to collect scraps

Robyn (from Monday Motivators) suggested that I cut the scraps up and put them out for the birds. GREAT idea. When I was at the One of a Kind Show in the fall, I saw a round ball that had been made out of a wire coil. It was made specifically for this purpose. Put scraps of yarn, string, fabric for the birds to make their nests. Ack!!!!   I've seen it twice and did not buy it.  What else could I use????????  I could hang them in the trees or an onion bag - I do need onions so Steve can show me how to dice them. Any other suggestions?????

Anyway - the basket is GORGEOUS - and it is so sturdy - I can't believe it is made of a coil. I think I might have to get another one. 

Then DH got home and decided that we should start moving stuff back where it belongs. I agreed and I helped him move his desk which is a pain. However I think he was trying to kill me. We moved the top part of the desk into the office and it was very HEAVY. And we were going to have to lift it up ON TOP of the desk. I opened the doors to get a better grip and it is FULL OF STUFF. I told him to empty it and I would come back and help him. Good grief!!!!!!   Then he emptied it and threw most of the stuff away. GRRRRRRRR

Anyway - we moved one of my desks back into the dining room and the table so I would have room to work. Well I got on a roll and got a garbage bag which I was quite happy to put things in. The more I did - the more I was having FUN!!!!   We had moved a bunch of "to be sorted" stuff to the garage. These previously had a home in a corner of the dining room. I brought them all back in and plunked them in the dining room. I managed to go through quite a bit and I am NOT bringing anything else into the room until everything in there is dealt with. 

Dining room - or the SORTING room 

Boy - that picture turned out very ORANGE. Well the walls are orange and the furniture has an orange tint. I think I might have to buy a rug for under the table to break up the space!!!!  It is NOT nearly as orange in real life. Given the right mood - it shouldn't take long to complete this task. But I had to get back to the sewing room. Oh yes - here is a tip - it sure is easier and MORE MOTIVATING to empty a room - bring in the furniture EMPTY and then slowly bring in the stuff and it can't stay if it doesn't have a home. A lot easier than trying to deal with a room full of stuff. Something to think about as you contemplate your space. 

And yes - if anyone wants some help in sorting/cleaning their house or stash or studio - I can be HIRED. I'll drive you crazy, but you will absolutely be thrilled with the results. 

Oh yes - I wanted to welcome my new followers and my new readers. Don't be afraid to leave comments - I welcome them all - the good, the bad and the ugly!!!!

And if you haven't voted yet - don't forget to vote!!!!!

Go to 

Click on the "let the voting begin" button and vote. My stash is Number Three in the Best Stash category. 

Well I have to come up with a new project to work on. NOT!!!! I have a lot of things to get ready for the Brampton Quilt show - April 30 - May 1. 

But speaking of projects - more secrets. This time it is Sharron's round robin. It is now on the design wall so I can't show you that. It is looking so awesome, but I have to think of something to add to it. And I got a couple of blocks completed for the Elm Creek Quilters class which takes place tomorrow. Got to get that done tonight. 

On that note - I think that about covers it. 

Have a great day!!!



  1. You're so organized you're scary! I felt much better when you couldn't find the tri-rec though! I voted and can't wait to hear that you WON!!

  2. I love that coiled basket! I want to learn how to do that. I save the cut outs from behind circles and appliques too! Your red and white quilt is really pretty!