Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy days and even crazier days!

Yup - yesterday was no exception in my life!  It went from fun to lots of fun to VERY FUNNY as the day went on. Of course - guess who played a big part in my day?????

Have you guessed yet??????

That would be Marian and Kaylee!!!!!!   (Don't tell the big black dog and the fuzzy dog - because they will be jealous!!)

The DYNAMIC duo!!!!
Kaylee - the scouting dog!!!!

Before I get on with the rest of the day - here is my progress report.

Patchwork Sampler - Block 23 - Missouri Star

 Yes ONE MORE done and good progress on another one.

Red/white - center squares are done and started to sew the blocks together.
Well AFTER I finally finished all the stuff I was supposed to do, I just managed to get to the gym on time. And yes Alwin was in fine form. But I managed to zip through all the torture he handed me INCLUDING the 110 PERFECT leg lifts. No bent knees and I must say that I knocked through them pretty quick. OK - got to practice more at home. The best thing - I FEEL AWESOME this morning. Note to self: GET TO THE GYM more often.

Then since there was no time for lunch -I grabbed a protein shake for "lunch" and off to the car pool to meet up with the Dynamic Duo!!!!

We were heading off to pick up some art work that I had ordered. We got out the GPS, but when I told Marian the name of the town - wouldn't you know that a friend of hers used to live there so she drove in no time flat. Kaylee was in the back - supervising and I was futzing with the GPS because on the way we decided that we should be doing some geocaching. CRAP - left all the good stuff at home. But we had the internet on my phone and a car GPS and a pen. We were good to go.

Our first stop was the artists house. OH MY GOD!!!!!     This woman and her husband - whom we did NOT meet) were awesome. They are both artists - he is a painter and Manny - well she does EVERYTHING. I would show you what I bought - HOWEVER it is still in the back of the van. Yep - forgot to bring it home. DRAT!!!!!!!

But here is a picture of her house......

THE house
 What was so incredible about this house is the "granny suite" on the left hand side. And what was in the granny suite????   Well that is their studio. Let's just say that Marian and I were drooling the entire time we were there. She had lots of pieces sitting in the living room (which had BIG windows facing south and onto their big backyard - including a WELL STOCKED fish pond with BIG fish that she NEEDS TO GET RID OFF - I have to make another trip!!!!!!). Then she showed us her work room -

LOOK AT THOSE LABELS - I thought I had died and gone to heaven

The other side of the work room

Then we got talking about punch needle and got a quick tour of the house which was like walking through a gallery. There was stuff to see EVERYWHERE and she had pieces of partially finished work EVERYWHERE. OH MY GOD!!!!!!   And her prices were VERY reasonable.

Here is a link to their blog:

There are two parts -  a link to Peter's Gallery and one to Manny's work. We saw the Conga Line painting in person - it is STUNNING. I think he is going to add something to it. OH MY GOD - I think I want that painting.

Honestly - I am going to follow their blog - this is COOL stuff. Check out the blog entry on March 9 - there is my main piece. It is not in the correct colour frame yet, but AWESOME. And I think in her gallery - are the three small moss pieces I bought.

They are going to be doing a couple of local shows - I have forgotten which ones, but it is all supposed to be on the blog. CHECK THEM OUT - THEY ARE BOTH INCREDIBLE.

Then the Dynamic Duo and I went down to the river.

Ooops - let me back up a bit. So Marian is driving her new van. Do you want to see her old van?????

It appears that she met her match with a concrete barrier (those stupid flat ones in parking lots - obviously NOT SO FLAT). 

Anyway - the bumper which was hanging by a thread caught on the concrete THINGY and was totally ripped off. Well - most of it got ripped off - - Marian had to rip off the rest in order to get home. Luckily for her they had just purchased a shiny new van. A quick swap and she was on the road - this was earlier in the week.

OK - so we are in the NEW VAN. A BRAND NEW VAN. She had gone through the drive thru at Tim's and got a coffee for her and a hot chocolate for me. Both were drunk uneventfully - no spills. Then while we were visiting with Manny - I went back to the car to get my camera and guess what. Little Miss K had DEMOLISHED the hot chocolate cup all over the van!!!!   Oh yeah!!!!   Stupid dog!!!!!

Now there are cup holders all over this car. I placed my BIG protein shake in the cup holder in the passenger door. A brilliant place to put big things. Kaylee did NOT touch the shake. During the course of the day - I finished the shake and when we took a detour into Cobwebs and Cavier quilt shop - well guess what?????   When we got back to the car - Kaylee had DEMOLISHED the empty protein container!!!!!!   Stupid dog!!!!

At least she waited until the protein shake was empty cause that could have been BAD!!!!!!!

When I bought a sandwich at Tim's later in the day and we stopped at Fabricland - I TOOK the sandwich with me!!!!!   But Marian had bought a fruit smoothie and guess what - the empty container was DEMOLISHED when we got back to the car, along with the small container of Caramel dipping sauce from McDonalds!!!!!!   Doesn't she feed that dog??????   Of course - the big black dog would have done the same thing. The coffee cup remained UNTOUCHED through the entire day!!!!

And if that wasn't enough for the new van - guess where we took Kaylee?????

A river!!!!   Oh yeah!!!!!!!

And while she didn't go in all the way- good thing - a pretty strong current,  she did wade in and got wet!!!
Hard to see - but she got wet to her tummy

We made her run around for a bit chasing sticks (OK - so I throw like a girl!!!)

She wasn't that wet by the time we arrived at the van. But she didn't want to get in. Good dog.

Then we decided to go geocaching and guess what - GRAVEL ROADS to get to the cache. And then we had to walk on a rail bed path. So I put the GPS on pedestrian. We easily found the cache.


Kaylee is NOT a very good tupperware sniffing dog!!!

Back in the car to get to a bathroom as we were both in need at this point and the new van DID NOT have any TP in it. I think Jim is slipping - they had the van for several days and NO TP yet. Does he not know the adventures that happen with their vehicles?????

Well on the way to Tim's we took a detour - yes we can wait for the bathroom when a quilt store is calling. I plug in the destination on the GPS to see how far away it is. Only 17 KM, but the GPS said it would take THREE hours to get there?????   WHAT????   Then Marian remembered the GPS was on pedestrian mode. Well like I said - it was just one CRAZY DAY.

I sure hope Jim does NOT read this blog to read what happened to their BRAND NEW VAN. And of course there was dog hair everywhere. Well maybe it was just one of those days when you had to be there.

Bottom line - we had a load of laughs.

And that about wraps it up for me although there are still TONS of photos in that darn editor. Maybe tonight I can try to get them caught up. I am on my way to teach a class - I am sure the day will be very quiet compared to yesterday.

Have a GREAT day!!!!!   (Hey isn't everyday a GREAT DAY!!!!!!)


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