Thursday, April 14, 2011

I told you!!!!!

Yes - multitasking works for some things, but NOT when trying to play Scrabble and talking on the phone. Carol and I were playing a VERY TIGHT game and she played her turn and THEN CALLED ME. She was just slightly ahead of me and I think that she was trying to get me to play while talking to her on the phone!!!!   NO - I NEED TIME to think especially when the stakes are so high!!!   After I got off the phone, I managed to play an EXCELLENT  word - "defect" (on a double word space) and that was the clincher although I was worried because she came back with "fumy" also on a double word space. I plunked down my U (last letter) to spell UM on a double word space and eeked past her with a ONE POINT lead. Fortunately I went out first and I then gained TWO more points from what she had on her tray. OH BOY - talk about stress!!!!   I love those close games (of course I love them more if I win!!!!), but I prefer the close ones to the run away score ones.

Yesterday - well what can I say. I was teaching Braid Quilts at Cockadoodle. It was a BARREL of laughs the entire day.

First - here is my progress report.
Patchwork Sampler - Block 25 - Double Cross
There are EIGHT blocks left!!!!!   I am getting excited - the end is in sight.

Red/white - yes I know you are getting tired of seeing it - well it is ALMOST completely together. Yeah and then just put that border on and it will be done!!!!

OK - so you have to realize who was in the braid class. Karen (THE Karen who gave me the damn - I mean "MAGIC" apron), her Mom - Railli, and two of their friends - Tony (yes a man!!) and his wife Linda. Beth (ooops - she was "sick" - should I even mention her name??????  Well she had a fever of AT LEAST 104!!!!) and Sandra - who was our calm among the crazies!!!!

What were they supposed to be working on?????

Autumn Braid by Cozy Strip Club

Tony - hard at work cutting his strips. 
Tony has been quilting for TWENTY years!!!!!   I know and he is good at what he does. He has MANY sewing and quilting machines. He brought in some of his handiwork to show me.

Bears - embroidered quilt

Disney - embroidered quilt
Completely embroidered wall hanging
Completely embroidered wall hanging
 Pretty impressive - FOR A GUY!!!!!   Just kidding Tony - your work was amazing.

Close of Tony and Linda quilt
And ladies - wouldn't you like to have a Tony in your life. He CUTS ALL the fabric for his wife!!!!  Tony and Linda were using the same colours, but making TWO different quilts.

Show n tell at the end of the day (from left to right)
Tony and Linda (they got tons more done, but it didn't make it on the wall)
Karen really went to town and got a LOT of different lengths done
Railli got a few pieces together (she spent a LOT of time cutting)
Beth - got framing around two pieces and joined them with the background
Sandra got an entire row pieced.

Great job everyone - they look AWESOME. This is a GREAT scrap user. 

Karen blowing candles out
It was her birthday - she is 29!!!   AGAIN!!!!

 And well - there were times when it was pretty noisy in the room, so Karen demonstrated what one teacher (crap - I can't remember who now) used her hands to get the attention of the class for a "teaching moment".
Here is my class - hamming it up for one of their "teaching moments".

A teaching moment!!!!!

 All in all - it was an AWESOME DAY - thanks to all the students - it was FUN!!!!

Then home and that took TWO HOURS. I was pretty inspired when I left but by the time I got home - I was just glad to be home. Some accident (car on fire) on the stupid highway.

Got a few extra minutes to catch up some of the other pictures in the editor. These are pictures from the Sit N Sew day last Sunday.

Alberta - choosing fabrics for a 30s theme quilt. 

Linda - getting her quilt ready to load on the long arm. This is Patchwork Sampler and because of HER - I dug mine out.
Thanks Linda!!!
Here she is - ALMOST finished. 

Linda and her COMPLETED quilt. I hear she already has the binding on!!!!  
Mary completed a Miranda Bag (my favourite!!!)
Mary's show n tell - a VERY SIMPLE quilt, but it looks so beachy!!!!   Lots of great quilting will make this look awesome. 
Ronda with an audience. And why you ask?????   Well she brought the girls a TREAT from Tim's!!!
Ronda's miniature. It is so cute and she did the entire thing in one day. Didn't get a chance to get the last two border pieces on. 
Sharon was working on her nutcracker quilt and she also has TWO border pieces left to put on. 
Here is everyone hard at work. It was a crazy day with NINE people here. Hmmmm - do you notice that big WHITE spot in the background. Do you want to know why it is there????   Well Lynn was working on Carol's round robin and as I was preparing the pictures to post - I realized it was there. So I ERASED it!!!!
Oooops - I left just a smidgen of her center to tease her!!!!   Don't worry - that is the part that she did so she has seen that part.

Sparky (AKA the big black dog) did NOT like the thunder and ADORES Mary so Sparky was hiding beside and behind  Mary for most of the day. 
Sparky - zoned out. 
Sammy (AKA the fuzzy dog) was also zoned out but beside me.
 And where was Kaylee in all this????   Well after she got her Tim's treat and caused some chaos - it was time for a nap. She is NOT allowed on the sofa or chairs (at my house) so she took the next best thing - the ottoman. Right in the front window where she could lift her head if she choose to see what was happening.
Kaylee - zoned out on the ottoman. Notice that she has MY SLIPPER with her. 

 That about wraps it up for today.

Have a great day - I've got loads to do today - AS USUAL.


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