Friday, April 8, 2011

Domestic Goddess - NOT!!!!!

If you have been following along for a while you know that every once in a while I take a foray into the domestic world. And all because of that DAMN apron that Karen gave me!!!

Today and Sunday are Pampered Sit n Sew days at my house. All in the name of good fun and raising money for two good causes - The Ride to Conquer Cancer (Princess Margaret)

and Palliative Care (Credit Valley Hospital)

 I decided that instead of buying lunch - I would MAKE lunch.

Let me backtrack here a bit. Yesterday was one of those crazy days - to the gym for a great workout - thanks to Alwin. Why can't I push myself that hard when I am by myself. No - I have to pay someone money to make me grunt and groan. Am I a lunatic?????

Then off to the chiropractor to FIX the problems caused by Alwin and all those weights he makes me lift!!!!   And I have to pay the chiropractor as well - OK - there is something stupid in all this.

NO - it is all worth it. I can't imagine how bad of shape I would be in without all this. I have had a small VERY ISOLATED pain in my wrist. Do you know that after MUCH POKING and PRODDING and ultrasound and laser, my wrist feels brand new. It was the result of a tight muscle in my arm. Who knew????   But it made Sean dig out his anatomy book to try and isolate the problem. I know that if I did more stretching and more muscle manipulation (OK massage) that I would feel even better. I mean literally my body seizes up if I don't use it. For people who are less active than myself - I wonder how they actually get around. I really really need to work on my hips. My grandmother had problems with her hips and I think I will be prone to major problems if I don't get to work. It is NOT the hips per se, but the muscles surrounding the hips. TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT - got to get working on them.

The other thing that I noticed - when I threw that old pair of running shoes away that Kaylee help cover with mud - and I put on a GOOD pair. Wow - what a difference. OK - should have thrown them out a long time ago. Thanks Kaylee for the kick in the butt - literally!!!!!

Anyway - I digress from the day. Then off to Ruti's to peruse the shelves to see if there is anything I need. One of my favourite designers is Loralie. Her stuff is just awesome and very quirky and I tend to buy whatever I see. Check out this web site - all of her stuff is so COOL!!!!!!

And what did I buy - well this is the panel.....

Loralie cooking panel

The coordinates
I know - I couldn't help myself. Some of the coordinates - well I don't get them (as going with the panel) but still they are cool.

A quick lunch and then off to pick up M from school so we could go to the optometrist. I know - why I book everything on the same day is beyond me, but since I was already in the car - why not keep going.

We were very close to these buildings (they call them Marilyn Monroe or designed after Marilyn Monroe - curvaceous - I guess). I am totally fascinated with them. Although I don't think I would ever want to live there.
M obviously took the picture. Just in case you were wondering.

And still not done - off to the flooring place so I could pick up the pads to put under the furniture - yes we are  still in a mess, but getting used to it. No time, but I needed the pads before we could put the furniture back.

And lastly off to the grocery store to get the ingredients for lunch. By this time, I was tired and even though I had the intention of cooking the lunch last night, I just couldn't. I went to bed early - which was a mistake because then I was up early. And lying in bed - do I get up or do I just stay and enjoy the moment. I stayed!!!!
 Then I was up at 5 - madly dicing onions, cutting up chilies (the leftovers were cleaned and went into the freezer- thanks to whoever left me that tidbit). And when you are dicing onions - do you not ever wonder how the professionals do it????  Is there a faster way to dice onions???  I must remember to ask Steve one day. I am sure the way I dice onions would make the pros cringe.

After chopping, dicing, stirring, browning, etc. etc. - here is ONE of the pots of chili. I do not own a pot big enough to hold double the recipe so I just made two batches - one for today and one for Sunday. Let's just say the house is FILLED with WONDERFUL smells.

I DID NOT get any sewing done this morning. But that is OK - I had fun in the kitchen. Oh yes and while cooking the chili, I stripped the bed and washed the sheets. Move over Martha - I'm coming through!!!!!!

I don't think Martha need be afraid that I will take over her stardom. This DOES NOT happen very often in our house!

Oh yes - the world is very small. DH is away playing golf for the week. He went with two buddies so they needed a fourth. Guess who the fourth is??????  NO - not anyone famous. But turns out he lives on OUR STREET and apparently helped me one winter when my car got stuck in the snow. I remember that day, but I was ticked because I got stuck because of a DIFFERENT neighbour so I don't remember the neighbour who helped me. Anyway - what are the chances of that happening!!!!!

In case anyone is wondering about Anitia (Joyce's daughter who lives in Sendai, Japan) here is an e-mail that Joyce received from her AFTER the big aftershock of yesterday. It is getting pretty crazy - I'm not sure I'd be having fun if I lived in Japan. Let's just say that I hear my daughter say the same thing - don't worry. Well I'd be worried.

"Another big earthquake
Am okay but now my building has no water!!
Just moved back home today with Miko and spent five hours cleaning and replace my broken dishes and now the new ones are broken!! Good grief!!
However no major damage this time to my apartment but water tank on roof of building damaged, so I think I will have to go back to Minatos but the car is trapped in a parking lot, because was at a friends birthday party when the earthquake hit and power went out that area so electronic gate won't open to release my car!!
But don't worry it wasn't so bad"

Well that wraps up the day and I have to finish getting ready for the girls arrival. It is going to be a FUN FUN FUN day.

Have a great day!!!!!


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