Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dragon Star - Progress Report Number 1

Yes I plan my days (well for the most part I do), but no two days are alike. Yesterday I stayed home all day and sewed - today I am running around from one thing to another. But there are some constants in my life - I like to get up at 5 AM and sew until 6:30. Then I walk the girls - then breakfast while I check e-mail, Scrabble and blogs. Then I do my own blog until 9. Then the day goes uphill or downhill from there!!!!!   Sometimes those simple routines are very comforting and sometimes I think HOW BORING!!!!!   Of course -NO ONE else is up at 5 AM so I can't even call anyone!

However I can get some IMPORTANT uninterrupted time during those first couple of hours in the day. I have been working on the red/white quilt the last couple of mornings in between a few other things. I thought it would be fun to show you the progression of this quilt to date.

Red/white - Step 1 - THROW all the pieces on the wall
 At this point - it really did not look like anything. I was at a loss as to what to do with it. Then the organized part of my brain kicked in and I decided to put some order to the MESS.

I knew I was going to have to make extra pieces so I had made some circles but had not cut them. So step one - I cut up the big circles that you see in the picture above. Then I sorted the pieces so I had light centers with dark outers, medium centers with dark outers and a third group which was red centers and red outers. And those were VERY LOOSE guide lines. Once I did that, I had a better idea of what to do with them.

Step two - the design is starting to take shape

I cannot explain how I went from a group of pieces to this, but it sort of evolved. Well no - I can tell you. I have these proverbs on NINE small pieces of burgundy batik. I based the blocks around those little pieces of batik and the rest fell into place. 

Step Three - Most of the blocks sewn together

I have now got all the center blocks together (well in four patches). I have spent a fair amount of time switching around trying to position the pieces to get the best fit without remaking all the blocks!!!!   I was searching for a black with red on it and was going to have to go shopping today - but guess what!!!!   I found one in my stash this morning that I had not used. Yeah - now just need to figure out what to do behind the batik squares. Got some ideas. And I will get those last pieces for the borders done - now that I have the black/red fabric.

Give me another couple of days - got the backing picked out - just need to find something for the binding which I am sure I will find.

One of my $10 quilts that I teaching this year is the Dragon Star by Judy Niemeyer.

Dragon Star

Now I will try to be Politically Correct, but I was NOT happy with the amount of fabric required for this pattern. It was a LOT and after spending considerable time perusing the pattern, I was able to cut the quantities considerably. Although we started in January, there was a LONG learning curve for the students and myself as we worked through a combination of Judy's instructions and my REWRITING the instructions to make them more friendly for the group. And I am taking a BRAND NEW quilter through the process and some people who are fairly new to paper piecing!!!   Oh yes - you can DO ANYTHING if you have a goal.

Here is our first show n tell. I think they have all done a PHENOMENAL JOB!!!!!!

Anne's very subtle colours


Linda D.

Linda P. 




Pauline - this is her fabric
This is what Pauline did to help her choose colours. She took the diagram and coloured it in. I LOVE IT. 

Wendy - you did AWESOME!!!!!1

Now Pauline did get her pieces paper pieced on Monday and for some reason - I FORGOT to take a picture of that monumental moment. DUH!!!!!   Sorry Pauline. I'll get them later or send me a picture and I'll add them. And there will be TWO more people joining us. One person was ill that day and I am hoping the second person can catch up - I am sure she will. 

Oh yes - just so you know what is going on. This quilt is paper pieced and no we are not trimming and sewing together yet. We are simply getting the pieces together. 

Yesterday I also got the second place raffle quilt completed. Well the quilting completed.

Brampton Quilter's Guild 2nd Place Raffle Quilt

Brampton Quilter's Guild 2nd Place Raffle Quilt detail
 This quilt was made with the leftover blocks from the 1st place raffle quilt in 2009. I have to say that it turned out not bad. Then I got the binding on and when I took it to the meeting last night, Cathy offered to stitch down the binding. BLESS YOU CATHY!!!!!!!    One less thing for me to worry about over the next couple of weeks. Let's just say that I will be busy and probably shouldn't be working on that red/white quilt.

Binding on the Raffle Quilt

 Just a reminder that the Brampton Quilt Show takes place on Saturday, April 30 (10 - 5)  and Sunday, May 1 (10 - 4). The location - Jim Archdekin Rec Center, 292 Conestoga, Brampton.

It is going to be an AMAZING show - over 400 quilts including the Northcott Challenge. LOTS of mini quilts in the mini draw - around TWENTY DIFFERENT ones each day. Good excuse to come back! There are vendors - some from around here - come say hi to familiar faces and there are new ones that I am sure you will want to check out. There are some interesting things to buy in the members boutique including lots of gently used magazines and books and many many other items. It is going to be a fabulous show!!!!!!!

Bring your cameras or sketch books - a GREAT place to get ideas for quilting, colour schemes or new quilts to make.

Oh yes - you MUST read that book I mentioned yesterday - Everything I learned from Knitting. It is VERY FUNNY and can be substituted for quilters. The author - she is from TORONTO.

I see it is just after nine - time to get that day kick started.

Have a great day!!!!!!


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