Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hey everybody - guess who this is????????

Don't know - think hard!!!!

It's ME - KAYLEE!!!!!!


MOM - did you know that I am FAMOUS!!!!!!   Whenever I visit THAT LADY - everyone who comes to the door knows MY NAME. I am so excited to meet all these people and they love to meet me in person.

I am so glad that you and Dad went away for the weekend - I get to visit with the big black dog and the fuzzy dog. And we have so much fun together. And they have such cool things to play with here.

Big water jugs - it was empty - I DID NOT touch the full ones

Hot chocolate cups


Boy do I ever like to visit, but THAT LADY took all these things away from me. How dare she!!!!!

But after lots of playing it is time to rest.
Nothing like a good sleep. I'm exhausted!

I'm watching YOU - DO NOT take that cup. It is MINE. 
Ahhhhh - this is the life!!!!!!   I don't that fuzzy dog ever really sleeps. Her eyes are always open. 

See - even here. It looks like she is alert!  Look at those ears and I think her eyes are open. She is NOT as beautiful as me - she doesn't get enough deep beauty sleep!!!!

 Wow - but these ladies came over for a Pampered Sit n Sew. I WAS NOT pampered so what was the point?????

They were working on some pretty cool stuff......

Linda - working on Patchwork Sampler by Lori Smith

Linda - working on Patchwork Sampler by Lori Smith

 Linda had all her blocks cut out for this great quilt. Then she had taken pieces of fleece and used them as "boards" and laid out all the blocks (with the block number included). Then she could very easily piece them. That lady was impressed because she was the PRESSER of the day and when Linda gave her a block on the fleece - she could just press right on the fleece and return to Linda. A VERY NEAT TRICK. Thanks to Linda for showing THAT LADY something new.

That lady did this quilt as a $10 quilt a number of years ago. Of course she NEVER finished. So she dug out her quilt and she has TWELVE blocks to finish.

Twelve UNIFINISHED (yet CUT OUT) blocks

The 39 FINISHED blocks

Patchwork Sampler by Lori Smith
So MOM - if that lady asked MY ADVICE - I would tell her to cut those half square triangles in the border, piece them as enders and leaders over the next couple of days. Trim them on a Monday. She could sew up the twelve remaining blocks and the quilt at one of her upcoming retreats. But then I am JUST A DOG - why would she listen to ME!!!!!!!

Of course last time one of the Pampered Sit n Sew ladies came with a project that THAT LADY had been working on - she actually dug it out and got it done. Do you think there is hope this time?????

Now Ruth was here working on her Elm Creek Blocks, but somehow in all the commotion, THAT LADY FORGOT to take pictures of the blocks. And Daphne was working on a Miranda bag and YEP - she forgot pictures of that too. And MOM - I am not sure what you were working on - but THAT LADY did NOT take pictures of your stuff either. I will make sure that she takes pictures of what EVERYONE is working on at the next Pampered Sit N Sew.

Then Marg was working on ANOTHER $10 quilt (boy THAT LADY has sure done a LOT of $10 quilts - but I don't think any of them are completely done). This one is called Nana's Farm. Marg has done a FABULOUS job with it. But she isn't done yet - she has to add sashing.

Marg - Nana's Farm - the strips

Marg - detail of corn strip

Marg - detail of bull rush strip

Marg - close up of walnut strip (although we all thought this looked more like a marijuana leaf) 

Here is a picture of the pattern.

Nana's Farm by Patchwork Pumpkin

I know - you want to see how much THAT LADY has done on hers. Well IT IS NOT MUCH. Although she tells me that she has one of the applique strips in the hand applique process. Well if THAT LADY was asking for advice - I would tell her to forget the hand applique - whack it down with the machine (she is good at machine applique and THIS IS NOT an heirloom). But will she take my advice????  Let's see. All I know is that she left BOTH projects on the table last night. And she does have TWO retreats coming up. 

Nana's Farm - what THAT LADY has done to date. 
 Here is a picture of what THAT LADY did with the proverbs on the red/white quilt. She framed them with a small red/white border and then a bigger red border. I think it looks nice and she is not far from finishing this project - I think she will make her deadline.


So yesterday THAT LADY was pretty impressive. Every time she went to find something she was able to put her hands on it VERY quickly. The ladies were all impressed at how organized THAT LADY is. BUT - I have a story to share with you.

This morning, THAT LADY was getting ready for her class and she COULD NOT FIND a specific ruler needed for the class. Boy oh boy - she was not happy. She scanned the labels on pizza boxes - trying to remember what she had last used the ruler on. Then she started on the UFO closet. BINGO - she found it with a project that she had been cutting. Now if THAT LADY were to listen to me - she would put these blocks on the design wall, figure out how many pieces she needs to cut. Then cut the pieces at Monday Motivators and THEN PUT THE RULER on the peg board wall (which is the FIRST place she looked because that is where it is supposed to be!!!!!)  Again - let's see if she listens to me. After all - I am JUST A GOD - ooops - I mean a DOG. Got that backwards!!!!!!!

Oh yes - while THAT LADY was looking for this ruler - do you know how many projects she found that are ALMOST COMPLETE. Even THAT LADY was getting disgusted. I think she needs to be locked in the basement for a couple of days with NO PHONE and NO COMPUTER. I bet she could get LOADS done. And hey MOM - you should be locked there with HER!!!!!!   I know you have lots of projects that are almost done as well.

And look Mom - we found this picture of you!!!!!  Mom - you look AWESOME - GO MOM GO!!!!!!  And your leaves ROCK!!!!!!

Marian giving the long-arm a whirl. Daphne and Linda tried it as well. They LOVE IT. 

I am exhausted after all that running around this morning and giving all that advice. My body and my brain need a break.

Have a great day MOM - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

OH yes - THAT LADY says that you should all click on Heather's blog TODAY - she now has LIVE GPS SATELLITE TRACKING that shows you pictures of the mountains and exactly where they are. And you can do 360 degree views. IT IS AWESOME. But I don't see what the fuss is with climbing Mount Everest - I COULD DO IT!!!!   I AM STRONG!!!!!!

Love Kaylee

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